There is one yield from each of 5 shiitake mushrooms from here

When May Day was approaching, the old classmates intended to come to Beijing and said before departure that they would bring me a special food in Suizhou, Hubei, Hubei.

I quickly refused, I received my heart, and I was far away, big bags and small bags, too tired!

The old classmate smiled, bringing you some favorite food.

Is it …

Cycling a bicycle through 100 miles to make a foodie

The so -called mountains and sea flavors, in Suizhou, Hubei, Hubei, shiitake mushrooms are very well -known local "Shanzhen".

When I was young, I especially loved various mushroom foods, with shiitake mushrooms and flat mushrooms.Every time I eat shiitake mushrooms, the mellow and fragrant taste makes me sweet.

Of course, one of the most impressive things is that at the age of 17, I passed a journey of eating mushrooms with mushrooms in half.

My high school classmate, Xiao Lu, lives in Sanligang Town, the hinterland of Dahongshan, south of Suizhou. It is the core production area of Suizhou shiitake mushrooms, and his family is also planting shiitake mushrooms.

At that time, I lived in the central part of Suizhou. I went through half of Suizhou in Xiao Lu’s house. After several towns, there were 100 miles.

There is no mobile phone map navigation, there is only one paper version of Suizhou map. I stepped on a bicycle, with the curiosity of mushrooms, the joy of visiting my friends, and the excitement of the mountain climbing and wading.

But I greatly underestimated the hard work of this road, and it was no exaggeration to describe it on the road.

Along the way, a big slope is one of the big slopes, sometimes uphill, sometimes downhill, the mountain roads are rugged and bumpy, so that my back pain is tired.

Among them, one of the longest slopes, two miles long, I went up the way, panting all the way, feeling that the car was almost scattered.When going downhill, he ran high all the way, and the brakes couldn’t stop, which was really thrilling.

I don’t know how long it has been, I saw a small river flowing quietly, the green mountains on both sides were shrouded in the mist, a ray of smoke rose on the roof, and several houses were built on the mountains and rivers.Branches.

I realized that after more than 4 hours, I was at the Xiao Lu’s house.

Xiao Lu, who was sleeping in the room, heard me coming, and quickly jumped from the bed, "Come!Oh my god!Come and come!

Without much, his mother brought a plate of shiitake mushrooms and fried meat. The shiitake mushrooms and meat were fried together. The taste of the meat and nutrients were all infiltrated in the delicate and mellow mushrooms.

I was so happy that I swept this plate of shiitake mushrooms and swept away. The fatigue of my body disappeared.

That night, his mother made a mushroom banquet, and the authentic chick stewed shiitake mushrooms made me open the taste buds.

When I passed the situation, so many years passed, and the smell of mushrooms fried meat on that day always reflected in my heart.

Later, when I went to college, I went to work, sometimes I went to the restaurant for dinner, or when my relatives and friends met, I always habitually took a piece of shiitake mushrooms, and even later, when I went to the dining table, my friends helped me to order this early.Dish.

Each of the 5 shiitake mushrooms is produced in Suizhou

One side of the soil and soil has a treasure.

Shiitake mushrooms are precious edible bacteria that originated in our country. They are known as "Shanzhen". The mushrooms are delicious and rich in nutrition. They contain a variety of amino acids, fats, carbohydrates, protein and vitamins.The effect of nature is the treasure of nature.

The reason why Suizhou’s shiitake mushrooms are famous because of its unique geographical climate and environment.

Suizhou is located near 30 degrees north latitude. The two major basins of the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River are intertwined. Dahongshan and Tongbai Mountain are surrounded by north and south.The abundant rainfall brought by Rizhao and the northern Asian tropical season wind circulation has bred a unique "Ganoderma" shiitake mushrooms.

The "Suizhou shiitake mushrooms" handle is short, round, brown copper, delicate meat, and it is refreshing, especially white mushrooms. The patterns are carved, the color is white, and the fragrance is unique and rich.

Although Most of Suizhou can grow shiitake mushrooms, it is necessary to talk about the best growth, the most nutritious, and the most mellow taste, and it is still the Dahongshan and Tongbai Mountain area on both sides of the north and south.

Dahong Mountain in the south of Suizhou is a branch of the Dabie Mountain. It is located in the hinterland. It is the core origin of the shiitake mushrooms in Suizhou.The fog surrounded by the mountains and the temperature and humidity of the day and night all nourish the local shiitake mushrooms.

In 1978, Yang Xinmei, a professor at Huazhong Agricultural University, successfully sowed the seeds of shiitake mushrooms here, and eventually created a large industry for raising one side.

Since then, in Sanligang Town, Suizhou, almost every household has begun to grow shiitake mushrooms.

At Xiao Lu’s house, he took me to visit his home, visit rows of rows of shiitake mushrooms, as well as the chestnut pillars waiting for planting, and two shiitake mushrooms, which seemed to be a small mountain treasure house.

Not only his house, in their village, large and small shiitake mushrooms are distributed behind many people’s houses.

In 2008, the output of edible bacteria in Suizhou was 14,700 tons.In 2017, the number of shiitake mushrooms in Suizhou was 22 million bags per year, and 65,000 tons of high -quality dried shiitake mushrooms could be produced each year.In 2018, 90%of the townships in Suizhou, 30%of farmers, and nearly 300,000 people engaged in edible bacteria -related industries.

On July 3, 2018, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs approved the registration and protection of the implementation of agricultural product geographical indications for "Suizhou Shiitake"; on November 15, 2019, it was selected as a public brand of agricultural products with Chinese characteristics;plan.

Hubei Suizhou has become the hometown of Chinese shiitake mushrooms. The annual output value of shiitake mushrooms is as high as 30 billion yuan. Each of 5 shiitake mushrooms in the country is produced in Suizhou.

A small shiitake mushrooms affect the taste buds of the world.

However, at the same time, the crisis followed.

Accelerate growth through crisis

This time my old classmates came from my hometown, and I guess that I will bring the shiitake mushrooms I love to eat.

For many years, because the technology of shiitake mushrooms has been more common. In recent years, shiitake mushrooms have been commonplace in supermarkets. Even good mushrooms can be easily seen.

However, I am more grateful for this book of old classmates.

When he met, he mentioned a large box to me, saying that it was shiitake mushrooms. I couldn’t help but opened it and found that there was a shiitake mushroom sauce.

This surprised me.

In my impression, he will roughly bring fresh shiitake mushrooms or dried shiitake mushrooms, but he did not expect that it was another mushrooms to upgrade the shiitake sauce sauce.

After understanding, I know that this may be an inevitable.

Due to the high nutritional value of shiitake mushrooms and the development of planting technology, shiitake mushrooms are widely planted in many places in my country, which also brings a lot of problems to Suizhou shiitake mushrooms.

That is, the output of shiitake mushrooms across the country is too large. For fresh shiitake mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms in primary products, its competitive pressure suddenly came up.

One word: "Volume"!

At the crisis, Suizhou shiitake mushrooms opened a journey of upgrade development.

When other places are planting shiitake mushrooms, some mushroom companies in Suizhou begin to explore new shiitake mushroom products, and the mushroom sauce emerges.

In 2021, Pinyuan Co., Ltd. exported 250 million US dollars of mushroom sauce and shiitake mushrooms, and the export volume ranked first in the province in the same industry.In the Spring Festival of 2022, Pinyuan’s net red brand "Mushroom’s Spicy" shiitake mushrooms and mushrooms sold more than 2 million cans in 7 days.

This time, the old classmate brought me "the spicy card of the mushroom".

In addition, the concentrated juice of shiitake mushrooms, shiitake mushroom polysaccharides and other products developed by another agricultural leader in Suizhou, which are well received by the market. Among them, the mushroom mushroom products have been exported to more than 900 million US dollars in two months.Nearly $ 800 million.

Today, Suizhou’s modern shiitake mushroom greenhouses are spacious and bright. The roof is opened by electric control. It is already intelligent, large -scale, and factorized greenhouses. It is very suitable for large -scale shiitake mushroom planting.

It is in this comprehensive upgrade that the value of the mushroom industry in Suizhou has become more and more valuable that it has become an important starting point for local farmers to become rich and agricultural modernization in Suizhou.

Author: Liu Debing

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