There is a feeling of falling in the lower abdomen in the early pregnancy, is it an abortion?Let’s do these 4 decisions first

As we all know, after women are pregnant, they will have many symptoms. For example, some women may have a feeling of falling abdomen in the early stages of pregnancy.In fact, this is not a good phenomenon, because this may be a sign of a threatened abortion.Therefore, it must be paid attention to after this symptoms, and should be checked and daily conditioning and maintenance measures should be taken.So, there is a feeling of falling in the lower abdomen in the early stages of pregnancy. What should I do?

1. Go to the hospital for examination first

Although the body is not adapted in the early stages of pregnancy, the uterus will gradually grow after the growth of the gestational sac in the uterus, which may cause the lower abdomen to fall.However, when there is a clear sense of lower abdomen, you cannot despise the intentions. You should go to the hospital for detailed examinations, including B -ultrasound and endocrine examination.To grasp the actual situation of the body and the condition in the uterus, see if it is caused by a threatened abortion.

If you are just a pregnancy reaction during pregnancy, don’t worry too much, just go home and raise your fetus.If it is caused by a precious abortion during examination and diagnosis, and there is a condition of insufficient progesterone secretion, tire protection should be considered.However, when there is insufficient HCG secretion or backward development of the gestational sac, and the gestational sac is stopped growth and development, do not blindly protect the fetus.Because this may be caused by abnormal growth and development of the gestational sac or suffering from congenital diseases, the effect of blind tire protection is not great.

2. Crime rest

Regardless of what causes the lower abdomen in the early stages of pregnancy, it is caused by the fall of the lower abdomen. At this time, expectant mothers should rest more in bed and wear comfortable and loose clothes.Do not stand, walk for a long time, and do not conduct severe activities, let alone overwork.Secondly, it is best not to perform sexual life in the early stages of pregnancy, so as not to cause the symptoms to become more serious.

3. Reasonable diet

Women after pregnancy should pay attention to supplementing nutrients, but they should try to focus on light diet. They can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, lean meat, eggs, milk, various coarse grains, nuts, seaweed, etc.These foods are conducive to improving physical fitness and alleviating reactions during pregnancy.

The prospective mothers who have a feeling of falling under the abdomen can eat more soybeans and soy products, which can help the body supplement natural plant estrogen, make up for the defects of lack of progesterone, and can prevent a threatened abortion.Secondly, eat less spicy, pickled, barbecue, various fast food, puffed foods.These foods are relatively small in nutrients, and they may also cause some bad substances in the body, which may cause the growth and development of the baby to be affected.

4. Relax mental state

Pregnant women usually relax their mental states and try to maintain their emotional stability and optimism.Believe that the vitality of the baby’s baby is very tenacious, and we must work hard to defeat all difficulties with the baby.Do not always be in a state of depression or over -anxiety, otherwise it will affect the endocrine level and cause adverse reactions to worsen.

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