There are three fear of marriage: no love, no sex, no money

Someone asked on the Internet: "What is the most desperate in marriage?"

The highest praise of these is: "Emotional has no love, there is no love in the body, and there is no money to live a good life."

There is no love for love, just like a dead water, it is uninterested.

With less sexual adjustment, the husband and wife will inevitably be alienated.

And the lack of money to escort, life will eventually work hard.

The most terrible marriage in marriage is: no love, no sex, no money.

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At the age of 27, because of her peers around her, most of them entered the palace of marriage, and her parents also opened a marriage mode to her.

Therefore, she chose a person who was not bad in all aspects from many blind dates.

I thought that feelings can be cultivated slowly, but after marriage, she discovered that this was just her wishful thinking.

No matter how she paid her carelessly, the man was indifferent.

She was so physiological that she couldn’t sleep all night. Instead, her husband had no half comfort, but she scolded her.

Then turned over and continued to sleep.

After having a child, the situation did not improve. The two often made a red ears and red ears.

She has also thought about divorce countless times, but watching her young children, and never coming.

Have you ever heard such something:

Woman, can’t be too picky.

This life is the same as anyone, what does it matter if you love or not!

Have you ever felt anxious?

But single is just lonely, but it will be tortured.

There is no love for love, like a cup of sugar -free coffee.

No matter how you stir, it will not have the slightest sweetness.

Zhang Boju, one of the four sons of the Republic of China, and a little story of his wife Pan Su.

Once, Zhang Boju saw an antique calligraphy and painting.

But the economy at that time was no longer before, and Pan Su was a little hesitant.

At this time, Zhang Boju, who had passed the flower armor, was like a child like a child.

Until Pan Su agreed, he would go back to the house with a piece of jewelry to buy calligraphy and painting.

From the perspective of others, Mr. Zhang may be a little naive, but his wife is still willing to coax.

It is because of love in my heart that all is willing to tolerate and patience.

The host Lu Zhirui said: "The cornerstone of marriage and family is love."

There is no love for love, and it is difficult to have a long time in the end.

Whenever there is contradictions and disputes, you will regret it. All details will be enlarged infinitely.

Many problems are diluted due to marriage combined.

Based on the love in the bottom of my heart, I am willing to move and tolerate, and to fulfill each other.

There is only the relationship of marriage in this world, and there is no age to get married.What does it matter if you meet later?I would rather be lonely and not violated.

There is a very hot online: "Middle -aged couples have everything, there are parents, children, car insurance, and mortgages, but there is no sexual life."

With a few words, he exhausted the sadness of the middle -aged husband and wife.

A netizen named@一 said that she and her husband were also a loving couple.

But since she was pregnant, she has passed a sexual life for seven years.

At first, because of pregnancy, the number of lives of husband and wife gradually decreased, but later, her husband did not touch her.

She has also tried to get close to her, but her husband always shirk away indifferently.

Frankly I am too tired, even dreaming at night, I can’t be interested in anything, including women.

There is no third party intervening, no hysterical quarrel.

It was just when the hot passion retreated, the days returned to the bland, and they could not lift the ripples at each other.

The saddest in the relationship is the most intimate lover, but the most familiar stranger in time.

Zhang Ailing wrote in "Half Life": "Middle -aged men often feel lonely, because as soon as he opens his eyes, people who want to rely on him around, but there is no one he can rely on."

There are old age, young age, and entangled by the trivial matters of all kinds of life. It is really difficult to take care of the intimacy between husbands and wives.

How many husbands and wives do they treat their partners as roommates?

Do not call during the day and do not send information at night; if you have something to say, you can play with each mobile phone.

But as the saying goes: "Men are not sex, no iron is not steel; women are not sex, rotten like hemp sugar."

Asexual marriage is often a prelude to loveless marriage.

The alienation on the body is the silent cold violence of the partner. The subtext behind it is "I no longer need you."

Writer Lian Yue also said: "In marriage, maintaining sexual life is also a responsibility."

Sex is the best blending agent for marriage, which can make feelings more harmonious and make marriage sweeter.

I really like the classic line in "Desire City": "How do we perform in bed, it means how we live?"

Love is not a noun, but a verb. How can TA sleep you how to love you alone.

Some people asked on the Internet: "What determines the happiness of marriage?"

One of the most praised answers is: "Material, the economic foundation determines not only the upper building, but also about the happiness of marriage."

I have watched such a video.

A wife yelled at her husband with her mobile phone, and her husband kept explaining.

The wife still pushed her husband from time to time, and snatched the oranges in her husband’s hand and threw it on the ground.

Later, he walked into the house, leaving her husband alone outside the door, secretly wiking the tears in the corner of the eyes with her head hanging down.

It turned out that her husband did not discuss with his wife, and bought thousands of yuan for his parents on the Internet.

Both husbands and wives are foreigners, and work in Beijing is not easy. Her husbands have been unemployed three months ago, but various family expenses are still constantly.

The husband spent thousands of pieces at once, which really made his wife a little bit unbearable.

In the comment area, someone left a message saying, "As for, isn’t it just a few thousand dollars?"

However, if you do n’t know if you do n’t know, love is the romance of the wind and snow, but the marriage is going to be practiced in the dressing.

Pile piles in marriage life cannot be removed from money.

If it wasn’t for life, who would be willing to hurt the harmony between the husband and wife for the sake of the silver?

Wickerlin said: "Life is a sea, money is a boatman, if there is no boatman, the world is difficult."

Poverty is the most terrible enemy of marriage. 99%of the quarrel between husband and wife stems from no money.

Remember the Guo Haiping couple in the hit drama "Snail House"?

Because the husband lost a dollar, the two had no quarrel, and even divorced.

At that moment, all the disadvantages of the other party were amplified hundreds of times, and all the advantages were forgotten.

Money is tacky, but it is the biggest confidence in marriage.

There is no material marriage, like a bubble, as long as there is a little external force, the feelings can be separated.

Those poor sadness brings to the relationship between husband and wife subtlely.

And you can only watch, watch those cracks and problems expand, but you are always incomparable.

Tolstoy said: "Happy marriage is similar."

All happy marriages are inseparable from these three things: emotional foundation, material foundation, and harmonious sex life.

I’m not afraid to meet you late, I hope that the rest of my life is you.

The road of life is long, and you can reach the other side of happiness with those who love each other.

No matter how busy the days are, don’t be indifferent and perfunctory.

Make money well, use economic strength, build a copper wall and iron wall for marriage, covering the wind and rain for the family.

May you find a good companion and enjoy the fish and water on earth.

Author | Su Yan, want to cure the desolation in your heart in words

Picture | Visual China

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