There are taboos to eat fruits during pregnancy.

The state of expectant mothers is now in the state of "one person, two people supplement", which may be easier to feel hungry. On the basis of ensuring a balanced three meals, it is necessary to prepare some "meals". Fresh fruit is a good choice.

However, there are many fruits categories, and not all fruits can be eaten by expectant mothers!How to eat fruits correctly during pregnancy?Remember these 5 guidelines:

Most expectant mothers like to eat fruits. If you eat one or two pounds a day, you can sometimes take fruit as a staple food; some people have heard that "eating more fruits during pregnancy, the baby’s skin will be better and whiter."You stipulate that the "fruit task" that is overly over -a day …

In fact, pregnant women should be controlled by eating fruits!It should not exceed 500g a day.

According to the latest "Maternal and Child Diet Pagoda Maps" released by the China Nutrition Society Maternal and Child Nutrition Branch: The early pregnancy diet and pre-pregnancy are consistent, the daily fruit consumption is 200-350g, and the daily fruit consumption of fruits in the middle and third trimester of pregnancy is 200-400g.(1 medium -sized apple is about 200g)

The content of carbohydrates in some fruits is very high. If it is consumed for a long time, it may lead to the increase in weight too much, and at the same time increase the risk of gestational diabetes.Besides, there is no experimental data proof that "eating more fruits can make your baby’s skin be good."

Pregnant women eat fruits. It is recommended to choose categories with low sugar content and low GI values such as grapefruit, strawberry, papaya.

Note: GI value, that is, blood sugar generation index, is an indicator that reflects the degree of blood sugar caused by food.Foods with high GI values have been digested quickly and completely after entering the gastrointestinal tract. The glucose quickly enters the blood, and the blood glucose peak is high;

We always say "eat more fruits and vegetables", so is these two categories of food almost the same?

of course not.

Vegetables and fruits are similar in nutrients, and they contain carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals … But the types and quantities of the nutrients of the two are large, and they cannot replace each other!

Vegetables and fruits are essential parts of daily diet.Vegetables can increase the capacity of dietary fiber, help promote gastrointestinal motility, and alleviate constipation problems.If the expectant mother eats fruits without eating vegetables, it will directly reduce the dietary fiber intake, which is easy to induce constipation!

Under the "call" of many Internet celebrity diets, many drinks such as juice and tea have been spawned.Some pregnant mothers may choose to drink fruit juice instead of fruit, or even instead of daily drinking water. Here I want to remind you of pregnant mothers.

Generally speaking, eating fruit is better than drinking juice.When the fruit processing juice, some nutrients will be destroyed and lost. The first thing that is the dietary fiber and vitamin C.Even if you want to drink fruit juice, it is best to choose freshly squeezed juice with fresh, without any additives, and do not exceed 150 ml a day.

· Keywords for selected fruits in the early pregnancy: tonic acid

At this stage, pay special attention to supplement folic acid to help prevent neural tube malformation.It is best to start supplementing folic acid from 3 months before the plan to be pregnant. During the pregnancy, 400 micrograms per day, and 600 micrograms per day in the early pregnancy.

Orange fruits (such as orange, grapefruit, sweet orange, lemon), kiwi, and bananas are a good choice to supplement folic acid.

· Keywords for selected fruits in the middle of pregnancy: Diverse

This is the fastest period of weight gain during pregnancy, which meets the peak period of nutritional needs.

It is recommended that the category of prospective mothers richer the category, the better, which is conducive to ingesting a variety of nutrients.

· Keywords for selected fruits in the third trimester: Low sugar

It’s a critical period to control weight.If the pregnant woman’s weight is excessively increased, diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia are easily induced; excessive nutritional intake causes fat accumulation, and the fetus often grows too much, which can easily cause dystocia.

It is recommended to choose fruits with low sugar content and rich vitamins such as orange, grapefruit, papaya.

Hawthorn: Although hawthorn has an appetizer and promotes digestion, it also has the effect of qi activating blood circulation and dispersing blood stasis. Pregnant women with a history of abortion or aura abortion do not eat hawthorn.Essence

Even hawthorn products with low hawthorn content, such as hawthorn drinks, hawthorn tablets, hawthorn paste or canned hawthorn, are not recommended to eat pregnant women.

Apricot: Chinese medicine believes that apricot taste is acidic.The fever of pregnancy is heavier, and the principle of medicine and food should generally follow the "prenatal should be clear".

Mango, pineapple: high sugar content and high GI value.Specific mothers with high blood sugar should eat less or not.

Watermelon: It has the effect of quenching thirst and diuretic. It is one of the summer foods in summer, but watermelon is a high GI value food, which can easily cause blood sugar to rise rapidly.Specific mothers should eat cautiously, do not eat too much, especially do not eat frozen.

Guiyuan: It is longan.During pregnancy, it should be supplemented according to physical fitness, and yin deficiency has hot ban, especially within 8 months of pregnancy.

In our diet pagoda, fruits occupy a very important part, but it cannot replace any type of food (such as meat, eggs, milk, vegetables, grains, etc.).In order to maintain a reasonable and balanced dietary structure in order to give the baby’s baby enough nutritional care, you must not pick up eaters.

Throughout pregnancy, the baby’s brain and body will develop rapidly and require diversified nutritional support.

After reading the article, do you know what fruit should you eat today?

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