There are pregnant mothers in the parenting classroom.

Mom is the greatest woman in the world.Women who are pregnant are happy and hard.In October, there will be many reactions during pregnancy. Swelling is one of them.Swelling during pregnancy during pregnancy will cause very inconvenient activities. If severe may also affect walking.Pregnancy is originally a hard work. Coupled with swelling, it will only make it difficult for pregnant mothers.How to solve the problem of feet during pregnancy?

1. The cause of the swollen feet of pregnant women

1. After pregnancy, the blood capacity will increase slowly. It is known that it can be recovered 2 weeks after giving birth. Increased blood capacity will lead to increased tissue intercourse fluids, which will cause foot swelling.

2. After pregnancy, the uterine increase will increase the pressure in the pelvis, which will affect the blood flow of the lower limbs, which will cause swelling of the foot. It is normal physiological.

3. Due to the increase in blood, the increase in plasma is more than the increase in blood cells, and the blood composition will be relatively diluted, and the penetration pressure during pregnancy is lower than that of non -pregnancy.In this way, the moisture in the blood flow is easily penetrated into the tissue intercordnic fluid, causing swelling of the foot.

Second, the hazards of swelling of pregnant women

1. Increase the burden on the heart

The increase in blood capacity of pregnant women’s heels after pregnancy is related to increased blood capacity. Due to the increase in circulating blood capacity, the blood volume of the heart will increase, which will increase the burden on the heart.

2. Complication

Specific mothers with severe foot swelling during pregnancy may also have symptoms such as dizziness, palpitations, shortness of breath, increased blood pressure, and less urine. Pay special attention.

3. Affect the fetus

Some pregnant women have severe foot swelling, and the skin cortex metabolic malnutrition may occur, which will directly affect the growth and development of the fetus, and the baby’s skin will also be affected.

Third, the solution to the swelling of pregnant women

1. Pay attention to rest.Most women are still working in work after pregnancy. If they are pregnant women who have been standing for a long time and sitting for a long time, the swelling of the foot will be serious. It is best to change the posture and activity.

2. Sleep on the left.When pregnant women sleep, try to sleep on the left, so as to avoid compressing to the lower limb veins, which has a better effect on relieving swelling of the foot.

3. Soak your feet.Before the pregnant woman goes to bed at night, it is best to use warm water to bubble their feet, and then massage gently to relieve swelling.

4. Stop belt.The use of the belt can reduce the pressure, make the feet less tired, and reduce the swelling of the feet.

5. Raise your legs.Before going to bed, try to raise your legs for 15-20 minutes, which can not only alleviate edema during pregnancy, but also prevent the lower limb veins.

6. Early low salt meal.After pregnant women’s foot swelling, remember to be too salty. Be sure to control the daily intake of salt. Excessive intake of salt will make the swelling situation more serious.

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