There are nine "fear" of the fetus. Each stage of pregnancy is different. Pregnant mothers should treat them with caution

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When I went to the birth check, I met an old colleague who hadn’t seen him for a long time. He took his daughter -in -law to do abortion. At that time, it was more than 7 months. Because some things were not noticed, the fetus could not continue to develop.I am sad when I listen to them, how unfortunately it is!

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers are also like a thin ice, and they will be afraid of some abnormal problems in the fetus.Pay special attention to every movement of the fetus, and even think about it day and night.The fetus does have nervous problems during pregnancy, but if we care carefully and pay attention to some special matters, we can protect the safety of the fetus.What is the most afraid of the fetus during pregnancy?Different monthly fear is different, let’s talk about it in stages.

The first month of pregnancy refers to the beginning of the day when the last menstruation comes, and a month.The current baby cannot be called a fetus. It is a process of developing fertilized eggs to embryos. It is very fragile. At this time, the most afraid of high temperature is high.If the pregnant mother is in a place where the temperature is too high, it may affect the development of fertilized eggs and bed.Many pregnant mothers have the habit of taking hot baths, feet, and hot springs. Doing so, when she is pregnant, she may have abandoned.So at this time, be careful not to bathe with high temperatures of more than 39 degrees. Do not press for more than 30 minutes when bathing. Do not soak your feet for more than 20 minutes. Do not steam sauna or hot spring.

In the second month of pregnancy, the baby slowly changed from embryo to fetal, which is also a critical period for the development of the nervous system. 80%of the brain and spinal nerve cells began to form, so this period is very important.After pregnancy, the mood of pregnant mothers is easy to be unstable. If the mood of the pregnant mother is not good, it is easy to cause the fetal’s palate development, so the pregnant mother must maintain a happy mood.The prospective father should help pregnant mothers to resolve bad emotions in time, accompany the pregnant mother, talk to pregnant mothers, go out and go, so that they are best helpful for pregnant mothers and fetuses.

In the third month of pregnancy, 90%of the organs of the fetus have been established, gradually becoming humanoid, the limbs are gradually stretched, and the bones begin to develop. The fetus must take a lot of calcium from the pregnant mother’s body.The fetus will decompose calcium from the mothers of mothers to make the pregnant mother lack calcium.If pregnant mothers are particularly serious, they should pay attention to whether calcium should be taken.You can usually eat more soy products, green vegetables, small fish, milk and other foods to supplement calcium.At the same time, more outdoor activities should be performed to ingest vitamin D and promote calcium absorption.

In the fourth month of pregnancy, the fetus began to grow rapidly, the nutritional increase required, and the increase in the blood capacity of pregnant mothers, and more iron was needed.If the pregnant mother consumes insufficient iron, the fetus will give priority to obtaining iron from the mother’s body, causing the pregnant mother to be iron deficiency.At this time, pregnant mothers will feel headache and dizziness. I don’t know what causes it, then you should check the blood routine.If you determine that hemoglobin is insufficient, you need to replenish iron.Foods containing more iron are animal liver, beef, pork lean meat, lamb, chicken, duck meat, etc.These foods contain heme iron, which is easier to absorb.

In the fifth month of pregnancy, the hearing development of the fetus is relatively complete. In addition to the sound of the mother’s heart beating and intestinal peristalsis, the sound of the outside world can be heard.If the outside voice is particularly loud, such as fierce quarrels, the roar of the machine, and the fierce impact sound, these sounds will cause the fetal discomfort, the fetal fetal movement disorders, and developing problems.Therefore, pregnant mothers should live in a quiet environment to avoid places with great noise, such as singing halls, dance halls, etc., to prevent the development of fetus.

In the 6th month of pregnancy, the fetus gradually increased, and the fetal movement was more frequent. Many pregnant mothers were easily disturbed by the fetus while sleeping at night.For example, the police were kicked by the fetus and stirred a good dream.For example, the stomach is too big, and the pregnant mother will insomnia when she sleeps too much.Some pregnant mothers are worried about the fetus too much, and they dream of dreamed of daily thinking. They often have some strange dreams so that they can’t sleep, so sleep is always insufficient.Insufficient sleep, insufficient growth hormone secretion of the brain, and the lack of growth hormone in the fetus, it will be prone to slow development.Pregnant mothers should pay attention not to eat too much at night, go to bed early, and try to ensure sufficient sleep. If you can’t sleep well at night, make up for noon.

In the seventh month of pregnancy, the fetal brain development has entered a mature period. At this time, you need to add "oil" to the fetal brain, eat more walnuts, peanuts, fish foods, supplement fatty acids, and help the fetal brain development.Avoid foods that cause damage to the brain for a long time, such as too salty foods, foods with more MSG, smoked grilled foods, popcorn and other leading foods, fritters and other aluminum -containing foods.Ensuring a balanced diet, it has a positive impact on both pregnant mothers and fetuses.

In the eighth month of pregnancy, the stomach is already very large. The pregnant mother must mainly protect her belly. Do not go to the crowded place. Pay attention to the pedestrians around us. Do not be hit suddenly.Okay, I am worried.At this time, it is only suitable for proper exercise. Don’t be too tired. Pay attention to rest. To accumulate physical strength for the next childbirth, it also prevents unexpected accidents that are not easy to control.

In the ninth month of pregnancy, the fetal child childbirth entered the countdown. Many pregnant mothers began to be anxious. Is there too much fetal movement?Is it abnormal that there is too little fetal movement?When will the fetus start?There are also some physical discomfort, such as poor breathing, frequent urination, pubic pain, etc., and they are worried that it will hurt during childbirth, so it is particularly anxious.This increases the chance of dystocia, and it is also easy to cause problems such as premature birth and hypoxia, which is extremely detrimental to the fetus.Therefore, pregnant mothers should learn more about childbirth knowledge, prepare for the birth package happily, and welcome the baby’s arrival!

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