There are many benefits to drinking "soy milk" often, but these 5 people may not be suitable for drinking soy milk. It is recommended to understand

Soy milk is also known as "plant milk". It is a drink that everyone often drinks. It is the primary raw material for soybeans.According to pre -immersed and grinding drinks, which retain the sufficient nutrients of soybeans, many people choose to drink soy milk often to nourish their bodies.When eating breakfast, you can choose to use soy milk to eat with fritters. The two are called the best partner. Drinking soy milk often has some benefits for the human body.Although soy milk is good for the body, not everyone is suitable for drinking soy milk, so when you drink soy milk, you should pay attention to whether you can drink soy milk.Next, see which friends are not suitable for drinking soy milk!

The main component of soy milk is moisture. 100g of water contains 96g of moisture. The solid substances contain 1.8g of protein, 0.7g of fat, dietary fiber 1.1g, and 90 μg of carotene. The content of other nutrients is less.It is worth noting that soy milk is a soybean product, which is made after dilution of water.Soy milk contains phospholipids, plant proteins, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, tobaccoic acid and various minerals, which are rich in nutrition.It can promote the normal development of the human body, drink for a long time, can strengthen the body and improve the body’s immunity.Contains vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and other antioxidants, which can remove harmful free radicals in the body, promote cell development, delay aging and prevent dementia.

1. One of the most common consequences of bone loose disease after menopause is the decline in estrogen levels, and osteoporosis seems to be a small problem.However, if it is not improved for a long time, problems such as low back pain, affecting breathing, shortening, and easy falling will have a great impact on health.Soy milk has many protein, nutrients and calcium, which can supplement what the human body needs. Drinking soy milk can help protect bones and prevent osteoporosis.2. Care cardiovascular soymilk can protect cardiovascular, soy milk, have the effects of flat liver and kidney, anti -cancer to enhance immunity, and have a certain health effect on cardiovascular disease.Patients with cardiovascular disease can often drink some soy milk. Soy milk can supplement the protein needed by people’s body. Usually, they can drink more soy milk.Frequently drinking soybean slurvan can maintain normal nutritional balance, comprehensively regulate endocrine systems, reduce blood pressure, blood lipids, reduce cardiovascular burden, increase cardiac vitality, optimize blood circulation, and protect cardiovascular.It also has the effects of flat liver and kidney, anti -cancer, and enhanced immunity, so scientists call soy milk as "cardiovascular health liquid".3. Supplementary estrogen soymilk is rich in plant isoflavones. For female friends, drinking more soy milk can supplement estrogen.Especially for female friends with irregular menstruation, it can help regulate menstruation and regulate endocrine levels, which is more conducive to physical health.4. Reduce cholesterol If you can drink soy milk every day, you can reduce the cholesterol content in the body well.Mainly, soy milk contains a lot of soy protein and soy lecithin. These substances can reach the body, which can play a role in purifying the blood and strengthening the body’s metabolism.5. Prevention and treatment of protein, selenium, molybdenum, etc. in cancer soy milk have strong ability to suppress and treat cancer, especially for gastric, bowel cancer, and breast cancer.According to investigations, the probability of cancer who does not drink soy milk is 50%higher than those who drink soymilk.6. Supplementary nutrition soymilk is usually made of beans as the main raw material.It is rich in nutrients such as plant protein, multiple vitamins, cellulose, and minerals. Usually, drinking some soy milk appropriately can supplement nutrition to the body.7. When women enter the menopause, their skin will gradually age, wrinkle, and deteriorate. Soymilk is rich in nutrition and rich in various amino acids and vitamins.Frequent drinking can help the body delay oxidation, delay skin aging, prevent wrinkles, stains and old spots, and make women look better.

1. Patients with kidney stones are not suitable for drinking soymilk. Soy milk also contains some calcium. If you drink soy milk frequently, causing too much calcium intake.These calcium is easy to precipitate with excess oxalic acid or uric acid in the body, which will cause the symptoms of kidney stones to worsen.Therefore, people with kidney stones or stones in other parts should drink less soy milk. Other foods with high calcium content or high uric acid and high uric acid also need to be taboo.2. People with zinc deficiency are generally not suitable for drinking soy milk if our body is deficient in zinc. People who want to drink soy milk for a long time should pay attention to zinc supplement.Beans contain inhibitors, saponin, and exogenous condensins, which are substances that are not good for the human body.The best way to deal with them is to cook soy milk, and those who eat soy milk for a long time remember to supplement the trace element zinc.3. Although the soy milk with a bad stomach is good, soy milk is a cold food.For people with spleen and stomach deficiency or poor stomach, it is not recommended to drink soy milk, otherwise it will easily cause diarrhea or indigestion.It is not recommended to drink soy milk for people with gastritis, otherwise it will stimulate gastrointestinal secretion more gastric acid to aggravate the condition.4. People who are taking antibiotics should not take antibiotic drugs when drinking soy milk.Especially erythromycin, because the two will have a chemical reaction after contact between the two to affect the health of the body. People who take antibiotics are best to drink soy milk one hour after taking the medicine.5. After the soy milk is made of soy milk, the content of purine will be relatively high, so if it is some patients with gout and high uric acid, it is not suitable to continue drinking soy milk.If this type of gout and high uric acid people drink soy milk during the onset, it will also cause the danger of worsening symptoms.Therefore, everyone must also control their appetite. For high purine drinks like soy milk, they should still avoid it as much as possible.

Soymilk’s calories are not high. It belongs to a low -calorie, high -protein food. Each 100 grams of soy milk contains only 14 calories of calories.In addition to quality, soy milk contains a large amount of sterol, potassium ions, sodium ions, dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C.Drinking some soy milk in appropriate amounts can effectively enhance the human body’s immunity, promote intestinal motility, and relieve constipation.It can reduce the probability of hypertension development to a certain extent, and can enhance myocardial function and reduce the probability of cardiovascular disease.Soymilk is rich in nutrition and has many benefits to the human body. Everyone can drink a little more, but don’t drink it blindly, but also pay attention to its taboos.Source: Dr. Jiong Shen talked about Shi Jiong Kun, the attending physician Jinshi Maternal and Child Health Hospital

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