There are countless enemies and treasures of Cixi. Where do these property come from?Relying on pregnancy?

Under the influence of many costume palace dramas, our generation knows more or less "the law of survival" about ancient court women, that is, children, especially the ancient royal family’s emphasis on children, just as treasures.IntersectionOn the one hand, the ancient medical environment is poor, and children are not easy to survive. On the other hand, it is because the child is a cow.Especially for ancient people, being able to give birth to a boy is even a treasure.

If you are fortunate to be a concubine in ancient times and were fortunate to be by the emperor, the most important thing is that if you find that you are pregnant a few months later, then your good days are coming. Simply put, you are going to get big.According to historical records, when a concubine is pregnant, the emperor will reward the concubine in the solar terms of Xiaoman. It is said that it is dozens of good cloths on dozens of good cloths, some gold and silver jewelry, supplements and other things.These things are a small "income" for concubine!

Such examples were very common in ancient times. Even the Lafayette of the Qing Dynasty Cixi also "started" with a child. At that time, after Cixi was pregnant with Emperor Tongzhi, the Emperor Xianfeng was overjoyed, and it doubled on the original reward.This is Cixi’s first small vault.Later, after the diagnosis of the mother and child’s peace, it was a wave of rewards. It seems that in ancient times, especially the royal family, pregnant and having children were the fastest way for women to "make money"!

In the ancient society with a high mortality rate higher than the birth rate, for the royal family, the son -in -law is the most important. Therefore, the treatment of Cixi during pregnancy is better than the emperor.Many people sent by Emperor Xianfeng accompanied her to amuse. What she wanted to eat is even more urgent than the emperor. It can be said that the entire Yanxi Palace was serving her alone, and the emperor was in her in herWhen I was about to come to the basin, a few maternal women and medical women were added. The reward was also entered her palace like flowing water.

But this is nothing. After Cixi gave birth to the child, that was the formal entered "time to collect money".Xiangui is here to participate in this three -ceremonial ceremony. The same is empty. The valuable gifts they brought are left to the child’s mother, that is, Cixi. Think of those things must be the best.Is it for the prince after all?It will be a few full moon next. This is another day of receiving gifts. After that, there are hundreds of days, age, and the birthday of the prince every year.They are all receiving gifts.

There are as many as fifteen people who take care of her fertility during Cixi during pregnancy. The significance of these people is to ensure that Cixi can give birth to the royal family smoothly.Finally, in June of Xianfeng, after nine months of pregnancy, Cixi gave birth to the future Emperor Tongzhi.Emperor Tongzhi had a younger brother, but it seemed that Cixi’s child died less than a year after birth.At that time, Cixi was distracted because of the child’s death. For this reason, Cixi ordered the entire Forbidden City to ban the sound of a baby crying after the power of the Forbidden City.

It was not long before the birth of Tongzhi Emperor at that time, which was fed the so -called "Fushou Dan" by Yusi. Although this kind of elixir had a certain effect on the weakness of the baby, its main component was that it was a heavy metal substance such as cinnabar.Emperor Tongzhi can survive, and growing up is due to his own strong physique!After all, not everyone can survive after eating these toxic substances, but in the other way, his early death should also have this period.

After the successful birth of the prince, Cixi followed the postpartum recovery, and the importance to the confinement was no less than the preparation of pregnancy.In terms of diet, Cixi, as a concubine, can enjoy the "eight treasure rice" and "four boxes of sesame" of the ultimate taste every day. Such special treatment can only be enjoyed in a special period.It can be seen that eating the royal bowl of rice still has to give birth.

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