There are "white frost" on the surface of chocolate, is it deteriorating?

Eating sweets can make people feel happy, and chocolate is loved by many people.Especially every Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc., chocolate can be said to be a good product for gifts.

The rice balls who love chocolate may find that some chocolate surfaces will end a layer of white frost.Is this deterioration?


Is chocolate white frost? Is it deteriorated?

The white frost on chocolate is generally not deteriorated!It can be divided into two categories: frosting, frost.



The main component of frosting is sugar. Often, the storage environment is very humid, or chocolate has experienced severe heating up in a short time. For example, the refrigerated chocolate is easy to get frosting at room temperature.



Fast cream is more common, and its formation has two sayings:

① A small amount of low melting point cocoa butter in chocolate melted at a higher temperature and became larger, which was "squeezed" to the surface of the chocolate;

② The second statement believes that the chocolate of the frost is its ultimate stable form.

In general, no matter which kind of cream above is, it is not a deterioration. Chocolate can be eaten safely, but the taste may decline.


More alert to these two types of chocolate


Album cocoa chocolate

The real chocolate should contain "cocoa fat"!

It is made of pure cocoa beans as a raw material, which is made of a series of processes, but because of limited output and difficult to save, the price is expensive; and it contains unsaturated fatty acids is beneficial to health and has antioxidant functions.

However, when the "album cocoa" in the ingredient table exceeds 5%, it belongs to the album cocoa chocolate.

Cocoa butter is an ingredient that uses vegetable oil as raw materials and uses hydrogenation or non -hydrogenated methods to make it similar to cocoa butter.Its cost is low, and the price is not expensive. It also contains a large amount of trans fatty acids, which not only easily gets fat, but also hurts cardiovascular health.

Not only can it be fat, the less intake of substances such as fat -planting, hydrogenated vegetable oil, and refined vegetable oil, the better not to eat.

How to choose chocolate?

Comprehensive health index and taste, it is recommended to choose low sugar content, cocoa content (cocoa butter+cocoa powder) at 70%~ 85%of dark chocolate. This type of chocolate not only has a strong aroma, but also the taste is not too sour. It can also avoid it.We take too much sugar.


Chocolate with abnormal texture

If improper preservation, chocolate will also cause acid defeat, or moldy or obvious changes in texture, it is best not to eat.


Should chocolate be refrigerated?

The chocolate contains high fat. If it is placed in a low temperature environment, it may crystallize and destroy the taste; and chocolate flavor, it is easy to skewers after putting it in the refrigerator.

[Suggestion] Around 20 ° C, you can save the light and save it.However, some special chocolate products require a specific preservation method, which can be stored according to the recommendations on the packaging.

Source: CCTV home for dinner

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