The woman who wanted to have a baby in that dream, became pregnant before dying


For rural areas, having a child is a big deal; for rural women, having children is even bigger than heaven.

The Zhenfa seller has recently had an additional woman. To be precise, Zhenfa married his wife.

Although this village is small, it is common for marrying his wife, but Zhenfa’s marriage to his wife is a sensation in the village.

I heard that he quarreled with his wife again. His wife cried back to his mother’s house. His wife ran away …

The other women and men in the village were idle, and when they were piled up, or when they were tired in the fields, they broke these things.

It is conceivable that this new woman this time automatically becomes a crowd.

As soon as you enter the Zhenfa Seller, you can see a gourd -like, dark -skinned person, holding his chin with a small black hand, just like the soul of the grandson monkey.

Someone came to buy things, hello, she returned to her original state after speaking.

She seems to have a name, but the villagers are used to calling her to Zhenfa’s wife.

"Zhenfa wife, how do you sell this?"

"Zhenfa wife, you can marry Zhenfa, you are really blessed!"

"Zhenfa wife, everyone is so familiar, can it be cheaper?"

People shouted like this, after buying things, they all smiled and left.


Although Zhenfa’s seller is small, it has all the internal organs.

You come to buy a fresh, Zhenfa happens to be there; you come to buy a word, Zhenfa is just there; you come to buy Hongta Mountain, Zhenfa happens to have …

Anyway, you have to buy it now, and there are Zhenfa; you will buy it in the future.

As far as Zhenfa himself is concerned, in the face of the gossip of the villagers, he is honest and honest, and he will be ashamed and angry when he hear it.

But he also knew the principle of "customer is God". The villagers were God and had to pretend not to hear, but always felt that it was not a taste.

I heard that I was used to it later, and I even saw that people would say that my mother -in -law ran away with others.

When he saw someone, he said that when he encountered kindness, he would comfort him a few words, "Nothing, as good as your conditions, don’t worry about no woman."

After the new wife came, she rarely saw the figure of Zhenfa in the small sales department.

Zhenfa bought a large truck and was responsible for the purchase.

Occasionally, the couple unloaded in front of the small selling department, and the hair was delivered in the car, and her wife continued underneath.

After the incident, Zhenfa drove away. Zhenfa’s wife returned to collect the money, holding her chin in a daze.

These two have no quarrel, the two seem to have no story, Zhenfa’s wife is still …

It stands to reason that there is no good gossip in such a boring life.

I don’t know from one day, rumors have ran out again.

"Zhenfa’s wife is Tu Zhenfa’s money. Zhenfa’s wife used to sell it before!"

This inference was quickly denied because of its appearance.

"Zhenfa’s wife is a mental retardation …"

These gossip should also be passed to the sellers quickly.

However, the small sales department didn’t seem to hear the ears.

People in the village are happy, go to the small sales department to buy things, "do it cheaper!"

Look at the listless Zhenhua wife, holding the price of soy sauce, cigarettes, and other things to walk a little disappointed.


Just a few months of passing.

Until one day, the village came out that Zhenfa’s wife could not be born, and the stomach could not sound!damned!Can you kidding such a thing?

In this small village, you cannot give birth to children, and you cannot pass on to the sessions. This not only makes the parties shame, but also shame the entire family, which means that you will stay here soon.

"Which day is killed, your mouth is so unscrupulous, your stomach can’t sound, your whole family can’t give birth, your whole family has collapsed in a stone …" The dazed wife yelled at the air outside the window, scolded and happily, Extremely.

I’m still angry. Someone came to buy things. It was the six aunt in the village.

Because before marriage, Zhenfa told her that the customer was God and the villagers were God.

Only by doing this can she marry her into the door.

I saw Liu Au picking up in the small sales department and looked right.

"It seems that it has been sold." Liu Au said to the peanut oil on the shelves, "I will buy it next time, yes, Zhenfa’s wife, is that thing true? Just that, you … can’t … not …ring."

Zhenfa’s wife was like a scared black cat, and his body stood up.

The short gourd was still a little short.

The wife Zhenfa took a deep breath: "You see everyone joked with me again, what happened, you also know, Zhenfa is busy, we have no time to that."

"It’s not good, it’s not good, my wife lives a lot, can I not know if a woman can give birth? Zhenfa wife, you can have me, you can believe it! You don’t take those farts seriously!"

Liu Aunt walked away with his mouth and walked for more than ten meters, muttering in his mouth: "The dwarf can’t sound, the butt is difficult to sound."

After seeing Liu Aunt’s leave, Zhenfa’s wife took a deep breath: "Heaven kills! This group of heavenly killed …"

Suddenly, the voice softened.

In fact, for the answer, she knew that ginseng was mixed with water.

Over the past few months, I have been with Zhen’s distribution room more or less than ten times, but this stomach is not fighting, no response.

I really want to stuff a child in and then regenerate, she thought so.

Suddenly I thought, would it be his problem?No, Zhenfa has had children.


In the next days, the dazed wife began to think.

From time to time, Zhenfa’s seller will walk in some strange faces, presumably her mother’s family.

There are things to come back to my hands.

People in the village observed like this. After observing, they reserved their respective information, and waited until they were idle and exchanged information with each other.

Facing those who went in and out, people just speculated.

Will it be pregnant? Congratulations on the family?But should the maiden family come with eggs?

Will it be her back to the ground with others?

The villagers are talking about it.

Late at night, the village shrouded in the night finally returned to peace.

The dog next to the window was barking from time to time. The ghost knew what was barking, and the barking thief barked a good person, or the circle moon hanging on the treetops.

Fifteen today, Zhenfa’s wife looked at the round moon, and suddenly thought of his belly, how good it would be as round as the moon.

He reached out and touched it again, trying to find a circle or protrusion on the belly of Pingzhan.

She woke up and fell asleep.

"I have tried all kinds of secret recipes. I also drank the cow dung soaking honey. The grass was also tried before the grass of the boy’s urine.… You said, do you just do it? Simply let me die. "

Holding the fist tightly against the belly of the folds, the belly of only folds, "You are loud, you don’t fight out! Would you like to try again tonight?"

The Yuanyue in the square window sprinkled the essence of the earth, the barking dog sucks, sucks, the bullfrogs suck, the trees are sucking, and the two people are fulfilling their great mission.


I heard that my mother -in -law came to the store to make trouble. What did she say about it?

Knowing this is enough, this is the lead, and it is also the strongest explosive.

"I can noisy, I heard it, I scolded her to give birth, and let her go back to her home."

When the villagers went to buy things again, they turned their gaze against the woman supporting the table.

After walking, sighed, and there were secrets that secretly left a note with a secret recipe.

Anyway, people are staring at the small sales department, and they want to see her away and want to help her, and then work hard.

Some people think so, this woman’s life is really bitter.

Some people fell off with tears.

I don’t want to, in this weird atmosphere, Zhenfa’s wife is strange.

The villagers saw her and vomited from time to time.

When Liu Aunt went to buy things, she told her that this was a sign, "I am missed this kind of age."

Zhenfa’s wife was sorrowful and smiled: "Really, six aunts! Really? I have. Men, you are coming back, six aunt said I have it, I actually feel it."

Immediately, the mother -in -law and sister -in -law were surrounded by the small sales department, and the small sales department suddenly became chickens, dogs, goose and ducks.

"Have you been vomiting frequently recently? Do you want to eat sour things? Is it no longer that?" The family was concerned, and his eyes were full of love.


Since that day, Zhenfa’s wife became Beichen Xing at home, Midtian Moon.

The people who came to mention were eggs. The sister -in -law often brought the stew soup, and Zhenfa’s wife had a smile on his face.

This time it is true. This woman has it. This woman does not need to leave. Somehow, the villagers are mixed with something in the tone of the villagers, like a loss.

In this world, people will not regret their sympathy for misfortunes, but when this misfortune disappears, people will start to be unaccustomed, they will lose, and they will look forward to the emergence of misfortune again.

What a contradictory thing.

But this world itself is contradictory. In a contradictory world, contradictions are reasonable.

After that, the battlefield of the gossip entered a short period of peace.

The calendar was getting thinner, and it was a hurry to see.

It stands to reason that there will be some changes in a certain period of time, such as the stomach of pregnancy.

One day, Zhenfa’s wife touched her belly and fell into contemplation. How did it sound different from others?

Before that, she also paid special attention to the pregnant woman she passed.

Will it be different if it is me. Forget it, don’t think so much, I know it is very clear.So I won’t think about it.

Until one day, when Zhenfa was in the shop, he had a pain in his stomach. After hearing the phone, Zhenfa rushed over, and the big truck drove towards the county seat.

During the day, people who came to buy things ate closed doors.

Where did the two in -laws go?

That night, Zhenfa leaned against the window, spitting the smoke rings at the darkness in the distance, spit all around, and suddenly smoked.

Zhenfa’s face is looming in the smoke, as if to turn off the feathers, as if being swallowed by darkness.

Lying on the bed was Zhenfa’s wife. At this time, the eyes were still red.

"Zhenfa, sorry."

"Zhenfa, I don’t know if it would be like this. I thought it was a sound.

"Ah, do you have so teasing people? Zhenfa, what should I do in the future. Or should I get something to get something in my stomach?"

"Zhenfa, you say something, otherwise, you’re rest."

Zhenfa did not speak, returned to the other side of the bed from the dark, and slept on the pillow arm sideways.

"Sleep." Zhenfa said.

That night, Zhenfa’s wife had a nightmare.

She dreamed that the people in the village became a villain who had a teeth. She was asking her, scolding her, and accusing her of insulting her. Zhenhua watched aside and silent.

She struggled and fled around, but the small sales department was so small that she could escape.

She shouted around her, her voice was quickly swallowed by darkness.

She covered her ears, and her nails inserted into the meat.She covered her ears and curled up in the corner.


The next day, I don’t know where to leak the news of Zhenfa’s pregnancy oolong, and the village exploded.

"I’ll say, the dwarf cannot sound, the butt is difficult to sound, this is experience, it is accurate in anyone."

"This woman is too bad, and I have cheated us to turn around, what is the most poisonous woman’s heart."

"Zhenfa is really pitiful, rest, it’s really shameful."

"Anyway, Zhenfa is not worried about the wife who can not marry. I heard that there was a woman who had just left the village next door …"

Zhenfa’s wife, sitting in a chair blankly, seemed to look at something.

Rather than sitting, it is as if being placed there, as if in any corner.

A stray dog sniffed on the front corner of the seller, turned his body, raised his left leg, and sprinkled a beacon of turbid water.

"This dead dog, roll!" Liu Gu threw a stone to the water.

"Zhenfa wife?"

Zhenfa’s wife should not.

"Zhenfa wife?"

Zhenfa’s wife should not.

Six aunt had to give up and said it casually: "It is normal to not sound, you are still young, some are opportunities."

Although this sentence was casual, Zhenfa’s wife’s face was tightly frowned, and his eyebrows yelled at Liu Au: "You killed this day! You can’t ring! I have been tolerated you for a long time., Long Tongue Woman, Poisonous Snake Old Woman, why don’t you die?

Then he grabbed the broom, fell on his hand, and slammed the six aunt who was shocked.

Six aunts ran out subconsciously, and shouted while running, "Crazy, Zhenfa’s wife is crazy!"


The Zhenfa Sales Department was forced to suspend business for a few days, and people in the village were forced to buy things far away from the seller.

Just every time I passed that, looking at the two small iron doors that had been closed tightly, there was always an unspeakable taste in my heart.

After speeding up the pace, the red pair of red pairs that lacked the corner of the iron door floated in the wind, and the word "business is booming" is blurred.

The heavy rain dropped that day, and the electric flashed thunder.

Zhenfa was guarding in front of the bed, and his eyes looked at him with a fasculaating manner.

The doctor said in the most compassionate and indifferent tone: "Your wife is already advanced gastric cancer. In addition, the fetus in the belly can’t keep it. Please sign here."

When Zhenfa’s wife heard the word of the fetus, she suddenly had a spirit, grabbed Zhenfa’s hand, and said, "Zhenfa, hear it? The fetus, sorry. Zhenfa, tell them, my belly,"

In the spring of the following year, all things recovered, and those curled up in winter began to stretch.

New green appeared on the tree branches, swallows hovering under the blue sky, and the people in the village became spiritual again.

The exterior wall of the Zhenfa Shipping Department was renovated, anyway, everything showed a new weather.

Recently, there has been another woman in the Zhenfa Sellers …

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