The woman was not full when she was arrested for drug trafficking during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

We do n’t understand the world of addicts. Women are still taking drugs during pregnancy and frequent drug trafficking. Drug trading various tricks, wrap paper towels into a cigarette case, and then seem to throw it to a jeep tire at will.They live a day without tomorrow.On June 26th, it was the 31st "International Anti -Drug Day". The Hangzhou Intermediate People’s Court held a conference on a concentrated conference on drug criminal cases. A total of 16 defendants were pronounced publicly.The drug trafficking mother was sentenced to 13 years, and her younger daughter was not at all age when she was arrested.

After the concentrated pronouncement, the Hangzhou Intermediate People’s Court held a press conference, Bao Yipeng, the vice president of the first court, informing the trial of drug criminal cases of Hangzhou Intermediate People’s Court over the past year.

From June 26, 2017, Hangzhou Intermediate People’s Court has concluded that there were 53 drug crimes in the first instance of drug crimes, of which 80 were sentenced to more than 15 years of severe punishment (statistical data did not include drug -related crimes tried by the grassroots courts in Hangzhou).

The characteristics of the cases of sorting out, including the emergence of criminal means, and female drug trafficking worthy of attention.

During her pregnancy, she was still drug trafficking

For example, a female drug dealer named Liu in the case today is 33 years old and has a long history of drug use.Since 2012, she was repeatedly detained for drug use and was pregnant in 2013.However, it was during 2013 that she sold drugs crazy.

On the rivers and lakes, she was called "jumping". Sometimes she took thousands of yuan from the upper house, packed into small packaging, and sold it to the lower house.There are also a few "fellow" driving directly to Wuhan to "buy".It cost more than 30,000 yuan to buy more than 700 methamphetamine, and then brought it back to Hangzhou to sell it.

Even she and her associates rented a house to pack and store drugs.Sometimes she will make an appointment with the house directly to the hotel room, and then everyone will "skate" there together.

It is precisely because she has purchased and trafficking drugs many times, including she was still selling drugs during the bail pending trial because of breastfeeding, so she was sentenced to 13 years.And her ex -boyfriend was sentenced to a drug trafficking earlier.Now, Liu’s two daughters are 5 years old and 2 years old.

Drugs are carefully wrapped in dog food bags to express delivery

In the case characteristics of the case of Bao Yipeng, the deputy president of Xingyi court, one thing is that the current means of drug trafficking crime is hidden, which increases the difficulty of evidence collection, and the difficulty of trial has also increased.

For example, some drug dealers mail to the rendering after the Internet trafficking, or take the "buried mine" and do not deal with transactions.

At 16 o’clock on April 11, 2017, the drug dealer Yu was arrested when the courier was extracted in the small supermarket in Sanliting, Jianggan District, Hangzhou.What "express" was he took?Open it, it is actually a total of nearly one kilogram of methamphetamine.

Yu Mou was sentenced to death today, sentenced to death, executed for two years, deprived of political rights for life, and confiscated all personal property.

As for drug trading methods, it is becoming more secretive.The common ones are talked about first, and then drive to a certain place.A car parked there, and someone "passed" directly into the window.And put it in the green belt.Put a small amount of transactions in a cigarette box.Another addict explained that one time was to get a cigarette case on a stopped jeep tire, took out the "objects" inside, stuffed the money in, and then put the cigarette case back to situ.

These people were sentenced to death today, fifteen years, and ten years in prison.

Drug crimes are high

The number of drug crimes has risen year by year and high. The number of drug crimes concluded in the first instance of the Hangzhou Intermediate People’s Court is second only to intentional homicide crimes.The crime of drug -related is crime of smuggling, trafficking, and transportation of drugs. Most of the crimes of illegal holding of drugs and tolerance for drugs are mostly crimes. Among them, the cases of smuggling or trafficking or transportation of "hidden drugs in the body" are adopted.The number of drugs in the eight cases exceeded 300 grams of methamphetamine. Except for one person was identified as a threatened criminal, the rest were sentenced to more than 15 years of severe punishment.Most of the defendants of such cases are young people who have debt. They search for high -paying part -time opportunities through the Internet to get risks to make huge profits. Plastic granules with drugs will be used to help drugs from taking drugs from Guangxi, Yunnan and other places to HangzhouIn the end, I was caught.

From the perspective of the person involved, the rate of crimes is high, and female drug trafficking and young people are worthy of attention.

According to statistics, among the 137 defendants concluded in one year, the number of recidivists and drug reinforcements was 33, accounting for 24%, and most of the defendants were drug users.27 women defendants, accounting for 19.7%.

The age structure of the defendant of the drug case has changed, and began to change from the "post -60s" "post -60s" to "post -80s" and "post -90s".Seeking sensory stimulation.

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