The woman was beaten by her husband ’s domestic violence during pregnancy.

In October, for each woman, it is one of the most worthy of her husband’s care and care for each woman.Enjoy the "queen" -like treatment.But these pictures were a woman who was violent by her husband during the birth of October.

Zhang told reporters that she had been married to her current husband Cai, but she had been suffering from her husband’s frequent domestic violence, and even her husband would violence her during pregnancy.

Zhang said that after mediation by the relevant departments, her husband had promised that she no longer had a domestic violence and wrote a guarantee.What she didn’t expect was that the child was just born for more than a month. When her body was extremely weak, her husband’s domestic violence began again.Zhang said that the child was crying at that time, and she was going to cook, and her husband asked her to hold the child to coax, and she thought that the child could not cry as soon as he cried. For such a small thing, the husband directly pressed her up his neck.Come.After that, for the first time, there was a second, or more, Zhang was beaten into a commonplace.

Speaking of being beaten for the second time, Zhang was helpless. She said that she was worried about her husband’s body. Unexpectedly, her husband flew up with a bad temper.At that time, she was beaten by her husband’s blood, which injured her body and mind, and the shadow still failed to dissipate.The middle -aged man in front of him was Zhang’s husband Cai. When he saw us, he was walking around the roof of the old house.Knowing our intention, Cai said that his wife was not coming.

Cai told reporters that he climbed the asbestos on the top of the low -loading house every day. The work was very dangerous and very hard, but after a day of tiredness, he returned home, and sometimes he had to cook.His wife was annoying because of small things, which was annoyed.Cai acknowledged the fact that he had hit Zhang, but in his opinion, it seemed that it was not wrong to hit someone.Cai Kun said that his wife is actually a person who is irritable and likes to find faults.

Unexpectedly, Cai had to divorce his wife.In Cai’s opinion, that time, the wife was not a trivial matter that his wife said, but caused by his long -term dissatisfaction with his wife. Because of his poor personality, he had the idea of divorce.

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