The woman was addicted to a luxurious life, and asked her husband to have a fetal fee without pregnancy. She also cheated her friends.

In order to buy luxury bags

Famous name cosmetics and frequent access to luxury hotels

Women Wang not only applies for online loans

I also switched my ex -husband and friends

Keep "borrow money" to them

Used to return online loans and apply for new online loans

Various "routines" are endless

What is staggering is

Before Wang and his ex -husband Mr. Qin got married

"Borrow" about 1 million yuan from the other party

After marriage, you ask for money in various names

Even when you are not pregnant

Just ask the other party to "getting tires"

As a result, he was pierced on the spot in the hospital

Causes the two to divorce

The marriage has only been maintained for half a year


The suspect, Wang, was criminal due to suspected fraud

Criminal compulsory measures have been taken by Xuhui police

At the beginning of January this year, Mr. Gao, a citizen, came to the Tianlinxin Village Police Station to report that he was deceived by a female friend of nearly 200,000 yuan.He recalled that in June last year, he met Wang, who was working in the wedding company at his work and became a friend.

After that, Wang contacted Mr. Gao, saying that he was in contacting a wedding business, and his funds were insufficient. His husband was on the plane and was inconvenient to transfer himself. He needed 75,000 yuan to turn on.Mr. Gao turned the money without hesitation. I didn’t expect that this was just the beginning.In the next few months, from time to time, Wang Mou had a total of more than 35,000 yuan for Mr. Gao for the fact that the company’s funds were not spiritual and the bank card frozen.When Mr. Gao realized that Wang had owed more than 110,000 yuan, she started not to answer the phone.

In anxiety, in early November 2022, a stranger named Ma added Mr. Gao as a friend.He claimed to owe Wang’s money, and Wang owned Mr. Gao’s money. The three belonged to the relationship between the bougainvillea. As long as he mortgaged the car to Wang, Wang could repay the money.But now Wang is sick. One is that there is no way to answer Mr. Gao’s call, and the other is that he cannot immediately take out the mortgage loan, so you need to borrow a 20,000 yuan surgery fee from Mr. Gao first.In order to give Wang Mou’s early money, Mr. Gao had to turn his head and turn 20,000 yuan.Later, Ma Mou also borrowed more than 69,000 yuan from the reasons such as vehicle mortgage agencies, misappropriation of public funds, and his wife’s movement of fetal gas.

At the end of December 2022, Mr. Wang, who "healed", called Mr. Gao that he had loaned 180,000 yuan and would immediately return him to borrow. However, after a long time, Mr. Gao’s bank card did not move at all.When Wang said that because the loan was not compliant and needed to apply for a loan again, Mr. Gao woke up to be a bottomless hole in this year, and finally decided to report the case in January this year.

After receiving the report, the police of Tianlinxin Village Police Station visited the investigation and found Wang’s ex -husband Qin.When Mr. Qin heard that Wang might have cheated others’ money, he also trapped the bitter water of being deceived.

It turned out that in 2022, Mr. Qin quickly confirmed his love relationship after he knew Wang through the Internet.During this period, Wang had repeatedly borrowed a total of more than 1 million yuan from his mother’s illness and business loss.In order to show the sincerity of repaying money, Wang said that his family was willing to sell a property as a dowry to repay the debt, so the two married in June last year.

After the marriage, Wang had nothing to do all the day. He was silent about selling houses and repaying the house. He often made a name for Mr. Qin to ask Mr. Qin.What was most annoyed by Mr. Qin was that Wang asked for surgery on the grounds of pregnancy. Mr. Qin accompanied him to the hospital for examination.With the gradual expansion of the distrust between the two, the contradictions continued to deepen. In December last year, the two agreed to divorce.Although Mr. Qin felt that he had encountered a wedding scam, he still read the old relationship of the two husbands and wives. He wanted to make Wang slowly pay back the money. He did not expect that she was difficult to move in nature and continued to borrow from borrowing.Report the case.According to the clues provided by Mr. Qin, the police followed the line and rushed to the general provinces and cities to capture Wang.

After the case, Wang confessed to the criminal facts of fictional facts for maintaining a high -quality life for many times. She also explained that the so -called "Ma" is also her fictional "trumpet" to deceive Mr. Gao.At present, the criminal suspect Wang has been taken criminal measures by Xuhui Police for suspected fraud, and the case is further investigating.

Xinmin Evening News

Reporter: Sun Yun

Correspondent: Chen Yong

Source: Xinmin Evening News

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