The woman was 8 months pregnant and admitted to the hospital due to abdominal pain. She found that the fetus was gone?Surgery stunned the doctor

Yunyun was 34 years old and married her husband for many years, but she had no children. The two went to many hospitals and took a lot of medicines. They had no effect. They had to give up. Yunyun was pregnant.

The ecstatic couple was terrible to the child’s baby. I did not expect that it was unexpected. Yunyun suddenly felt that the stomach was particularly painful. After going to the hospital, the doctor did not find the child in her uterus.Yunyun checked it carefully and suspected that it might be ectopic pregnancy.

For Yunyun, the two were tantamount to the thunderbolt. Not only did she not follow the doctor’s suggestion, she also ran home.It didn’t take long to go home, her stomach was not so painful, and she felt the fetal movement, which made the Yunyun couple think that the doctor had misdiagnosed before.

Whoever thought, when Yun Yun was 8 months pregnant, she felt the strong pain again, even more powerful than before, and her family hurriedly sent her to the hospital.After the doctor’s examination, the fetus still could not be found in the uterus, but he could hear a very weak fetal heart. It was confirmed that it was no doubt that ectopic pregnancy was undoubted. You need to perform surgery in time.

After opening Yunyun’s abdominal cavity, the doctor was stunned because they needed to find a small fetus in many organs in Yunyun. Fortunately, they successfully found the little lucky little guy, the mother and child were safe.Here, we must remind you of pregnant mothers and family members to be vigilant about ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy, also known as ectopic pregnancy, means that fertilized eggs do not bed in the uterus, but grow and develop in other tissues or organs. Among most ectopic patients, fertilized eggs have more pregnancy in the fallopian tube.

If you want to know why this happens, we need to understand the role of female fallopian tubes.Female fallopian tubes have two main functions. One role is to pick up the eggs from ovarian, provide a place for sperm and eggs, and the other is to transport fertilized eggs and allow fertilized eggs to enter the uterus of women.

However, in order to allow fertilized eggs to enter the uterus normally, the primary condition is that the fallopian tube is unobstructed, but female friends often block the fallopian tubes for various reasons.

Some are due to congenital fallopian tubal stenosis, and some are infected with some viruses or bacteria, which damage the fallopian tube mucosa, inflammatory reactions, and adhesion and blockage of fallopian tubes.

If this blockage is completely blocked, it will cause patients to suffer from infertility, but if it is not completely blocked, it will easily induce ectopic pregnancy.This is because the ability of the fallopian tubes that exist in inflammation will deteriorate. In addition, the fallopian tube lumen is too narrow, and the fertilized eggs are difficult to reach the uterus. They can only be forced to bed in the fallopian tube, causing patients to suffer from ectopic pregnancy.

Of course, the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy is not only related to fallopian tubes, but also has a lot to do with other factors, such as incorrect contraceptive methods.

Some women do not understand contraceptive measures for various reasons. After each relationship, they choose to use emergency contraceptive contraceptives. This contraceptive pill contains a large amount of estrogen.The hormone balance affects the transportation function of the fallopian tube, so that the fertilized eggs cannot be bed in the uterus and induce ectopic pregnancy.

In addition, IVF is also an important factor that triggers ectopic pregnancy. IVF technology is mainly a technology developed by the unable to give birth to fertilized eggs through in vitro fertilization. After that, fertilized eggs are implanted into women’s uterus.

However, when the fertilized eggs enter the uterus, they will not go to bed immediately. It will be free of 2-3 days. At this time, once the fertilized egg moves to other parts outside the uterine cavity, ectopic pregnancy may occur.

In general, the causes of ectopic pregnancy are more complicated, and they will be affected by many factors, and after ectopic pregnancy, it will have a serious impact on women’s health, so do not ignore the incident of ectopic pregnancy.

The current incidence of ectopic pregnancy is between 2%-3%. Although this chance is not high, once it occurs, it will cause double damage to women’s physiology and psychology.

The most direct impact of ectopic pregnancy is that there are very few cases of successful births like Shangwen Yunyun. Most of the embryos of most ectopic pregnancy patients are difficult to develop and mature.Because fertilized eggs are wrong, it does not have enough space to grow, causing fertilized eggs to develop dysplasia and induce abortion.

In fact, the result of abortion is still milder among the many hazards of ectopic pregnancy. If there is no abortion, the fetus continues to grow in women’s body, which can even lead to the death of the mother.

For example, when the fertilized eggs are bed in the fallopian tube, there is no abortion due to various reasons, the embryo will naturally grow, the volume will become larger, and there will be more demand for space.However, the lumen of the fallopian tube is only so large, the greater the embryo, and the pressure on the lumen will become greater until the pressure exceeds the tolerance of the lumen, and the fallopian tube will rupture.

Once the fallopian tubes of female friends are broken, they will immediately feel severe pain. At the same time, they will be accompanied by bleeding and coma. If they are not rescued in time, patients will cause life danger due to excessive blood loss.

Even if the fertilized eggs are not ectopic pregnant patients in the fallopian tube, they cannot escape the threat of excessive blood loss.

Because the free fertilized eggs may be bed in any woman’s organs. Except for the uterus, the organs in the human body cannot provide the environment of the fetus growth and development.The rupture causes patients with acute bleeding.In this case, even if rescue is timely, it will cause certain damage to the patient’s organs, which is life -threatening and affects the patient’s future quality of life.

These problems are just the impact of ectopic pregnancy on women’s bodies, and it will also cause a great blow to women’s mental health.

Many families have high expectations for the arrival of this little life, just like Yunyun, even if there is a problem, they are unwilling to give up the child.However, ectopic pregnancy is either aborted or has a great threat to the safety of the mother’s body. In any case, pregnant women will feel strong.

On the one hand, this pain is based on the reluctance to the child, and on the other hand, it is based on the fear of death. Even if the pregnant woman and the child eventually survive, it is likely to have a psychological shadow on the childbirth of pregnancy.Care, even suffer from postpartum depression.

Therefore, we should not ignore the incident of ectopic pregnancy. The correct approach should be to find a way to reduce the chance of the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy. Even if the patient is suffering from ectopic pregnancy, we should find it as soon as possible to prevent the patient’s physical and mental health as soon as possible to cause great great health to the patient’s physical and mental health to greatly cause great great health to the patient’s physical and mental health.Impact.

1. Pay attention to the hygiene of private parts and actively treat gynecological diseases

Women’s reproductive organs will be more open and easier to enter some bacteria compared to men. These bacteria can cause female friends to suffer from various gynecological diseases. Once the bacteria are up, infected with uterus, fallopian tube and other parts, women will greatly increase women.There is a chance of ectopic pregnancy.

Therefore, it is recommended that female friends use warm water to clean the vulva every day, replace the underwear in time, and try to keep the vulva dry. If the lower abdomen or genitals appear, do not taboo for the doctor because of shame., Treatment as soon as possible, stay away from gynecological diseases, and reduce the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

Special reminder, the hygiene of private parts relying on women alone is difficult to fully protect. Male friends should also participate. In the life of husband and wife, male friends must clean their reproductive organs to prevent some germs from bringing some germs intoIn women, female friends have gynecological diseases.

2. Don’t abuse emergency contraceptives

Although emergency contraceptives can allow female friends to avoid accidental pregnancy, this does not mean that we should use it as a long -term contraceptive method. Long -term use will increase the risk of female friends in the palace. The correct approach should be that after the contraceptive failure failsUse it as a remedy.

At present, many research data and documents have shown that women taking emergency contraceptives at the highest frequency is once a month, and it cannot be more than 3 times a year, and it cannot be used continuously. Female friends should strictly follow this frequency of taking.Prevent adverse effects on the body.

Of course, if you can, you should still stay away from the use of emergency contraceptives. Conventional contraceptive measures are still recommended to be condoms. This method can prevent some sexually transmitted diseases and will not have a great impact on the body of both husband and wife.It can be said that the simplest and safest contraceptive method of all contraceptive measures.

Don’t think that the matter of ectopic pregnancy will not threaten our lives and health. In fact, there are cases that can be successfully produced in the end of ectopic pregnancy like Yunyun.Fragmentation, organs rupture.Once ectopic pregnancy occurs, not only cannot we meet new life, but it will also cause severe damage to the mother.

Although the chance of ectopic pregnancy is not as high as imagined, there are many reasons, such as fallopian tubes blocking, incorrect contraceptive methods, and IVF technology. These influencing factors can be controlled by many things. Some ectopic pregnancy occurs.Can avoid or reduce the chance.

Such as paying attention to the cleaning of private parts, active treatment of gynecological diseases, and avoiding abuse of emergency contraceptives can help female friends stay away from ectopic pregnancy. In the process, not only female friends need to pay attention, male friends can also do something to help protect women’s health.For example, actively use condoms, and pay attention to clean reproductive organs before life.

Finally, I hope that every little couple can stay away from ectopic pregnancy and have a baby smoothly!


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