The woman was 6 weeks pregnant, saying that she was stolen by her boyfriend, and did she want to tie her boyfriend with a child?

Is it right or wrong before marriage?Not many people in today’s society care about this problem, because cohabitation before marriage has become a common phenomenon.

It is not important to be or wrong. What is important is to take precautions. If you encounter problems, you should make a decision from a rational perspective.

Don’t impose your own will on the other side. Besides, moral abduction is outdated.

For people who do not talk about morality, moral abduction is a joke, which will only bring more pain to themselves.

The reason is simple, but some people just don’t want to face reality, and they still expect that the other party will change with their wishes.

On July 5th, Ms. Chen issued a statement saying that she had called the police and still hoped to keep the child in her belly.

First of all, it is necessary to confirm that everyone has the right to fertility, and it is based on personal wishes.

However, having a child is just the first step of the Long March. Raising children and educating children is a big project. When it is not capable of raising and educating children, it is still not good.

Ms. Chen obviously did not recognize this. Whether it is the economic foundation or the emotional foundation, neither she and her boyfriend have reached the point of having children.

But she was pregnant without hesitation. She learned that she was pregnant. Her boyfriend immediately tried her best to let her give birth, because the economic foundation was not mature.

She was unwilling to give up the child in her belly. The two kept stumbled. When she was 6 weeks of pregnancy, there was a problem.

Ms. Chen said that if her boyfriend was not informing, she might always be in the drums. The boyfriend said that the fetal medicine and antibiotics were placed in the sugar water brewed in the front.

As she said, her boyfriend was iron -hearted to make her fetal fetus, but she was unwilling to accept this reality and ran to the hospital for tires as soon as possible.

Doctors are not very optimistic about the development of fetal and baby, but they cannot give accurate prediction. They can only tell the risks and let her consider itself.

Is Ms. Chen’s operations out of time?not enough!She ran to the police again and wanted to protect the child with legal weapons and let her boyfriend accept the child.

To be honest, Ms. Chen has been confused for so many years, and this thinking ability can not even compare elementary school students.

Boyfriend does not want to have children, let the police as a father as a boyfriend?If she said that the fetal medicine was true, it means that her boyfriend did not see the child and her.

It is a dangerous operation to take medicine by yourself. Once you can’t stop blood, you can’t even keep your life.

She wants to complete the dream of being a mother, but this idea is indeed selfish, and the child does not have the right to choose his parents.

Can’t even do self -reliance, do you take your child to this world to suffer?

Whenever she has the ability to stand at all, she can leave her boyfriend to live alone and raise children alone.

Want to tie her boyfriend with a child?This kind of thought will only push her and the child into the fire pit. Such an irresponsible boyfriend is too late to stay away from, don’t think he will be responsible.

Her insistence is meaningless, and the alarm is also a joke. If she is sure she wants to have a child, she will leave her boyfriend herself.

When the child is born, he will ask his boyfriend to bear his legal responsibility. Even if the boyfriend does not want to live with her, the support fee always gives.

What do you think of your boyfriend?Now that I dare to start with the children in my stomach, I may not dare to start with her next step.

People with such psychological problems have spent their lives for the rest of their lives and make such psychological problems as their father’s father. Ms. Chen’s brain circuit is indeed different from ordinary people.

In the final analysis, this is still a matter of emotion, indicating that she has no weight in her boyfriend’s heart. The twisted melon is not sweet, and it is better to accept reality.

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