The woman wants to be on the position after pregnancy, and if she lost her money, she can’t keep her job at work

Talk about the price and give a miscarriage of 200,000, otherwise go to Dr. Lu’s wife and talk about how the children in her stomach deal.

This happened to a nurse in the hospital.Nurse Liu and the attending doctor hooked up, and everyone in the hospital knew.

When the night shift, many people saw that the nurse Liu and Dr. Lu closed the door in the duty room.

Everyone is understanding, and I don’t understand when I see it.

Dr. Lu’s wife is a middle school teacher and is also a big beauty.Nurse Liu couldn’t catch up with half of the beauty of Dr. Lu’s wife.

Teacher Hu and Nurse Liu lived in the hospital’s family. The two were almost old and often went shopping together.

Nurse Liu mostly made a meal and went to Dr. Lu’s house for dinner.She didn’t want to eat it alone. She was too lonely, so she went to Dr. Lu’s house and fight for a table.

Sometimes Nurse Liu did not come to eat at home. Teacher Hu asked Nurse Liu to come over for dinner.

Nurse Liu has been divorced for many years and has no children. She has always been single.

Dr. Lu and Teacher Hu’s children went to high school. When they lived in grandparents’ homes, children rarely returned to their family members to live on their holidays.

The hospital’s family and hospitals are not good. Dr. Lu’s family of several generations of medicine has a strong family.

At the beginning, the nurse Liu and Dr. Lu had to have a backer. Don’t look at a small hospital.

Nurse Liu and Dr. Lu were together. Half of the money, half of them really fell in love with Dr. Lu.

The two have maintained such an unfair relationship for almost ten years.Everyone in the hospital knows that neighbors nearby know that they have not been passed into Teacher Hu’s ears.

This confidential work is not generally done.

In February of this year, this incident was shaken out, and it almost made a lives.Nurse Liu was fired. Dr. Lu did not get any penalties and went to work as usual.

Nurse Liu was pregnant. The two people talked about the conditions. Dr. Lu gave Nurse Liu 200,000, and the nurse Liu had aborted.

Nurse Liu agreed that the two went to other hospitals and aborted, and everyone was going to enter the operating room. Nurse Liu regretted that she ran away.

Nurse Liu went directly to Teacher Hu to show off, and she was going to marry Dr. Lu.

Nurse Liu said to the hospital’s family hospital."Dr. Lu was so unfaithful to Teacher Hu, presumably Mr. Hu, you won’t ask him anymore, and divorce quickly."

Teacher Hu may be really angry. He ran back to his home, took out the knife, and went to Nurse Liu, and the knife faced the lower body of the nurse Liu.

The family members held Teacher Hu so that she should not be too impulsive.Don’t punish yourself with others.Think about the children in school, don’t let the child have stains.

Nurse Liu was carried to the hospital for surgery. Dr. Lu received a notice from the hospital. He did not go back, but asked for leave and did not come forward.

Dr. Lu’s parents and uncle Uncle Uncle came to the local hospital to deal with Mr. Hu and Nurse Liu.

Dr. Lu’s father told the dean to deal with good things and I donate a building for you.(That is, the current popular rib clinics.)

Nurse Liu didn’t know why, without alarm, he was resigned by the hospital, and he did not make trouble.

Later, when I heard others mentioned, the nurse Liu took 50,000 yuan and left with a nurses who went to the township.

After Nurse Liu left, Dr. Lu returned to the hospital to work again, as if this incident did not happen.

Teacher Hu moved out of the house family house, and her father -in -law bought her building for her in the local community.

Listening to others, Mr. Hu’s father -in -law told Teacher Hu that he could not live for more than three months. When he was in a good mood, he lived in the housekeeper of the hospital.

I told the husband who worked again, why did Mr. Hu not divorce.Husband said, "Mr. Hu also dares to divorce!" If she divorced her front foot, she couldn’t even have the teacher’s qualifications.

I don’t understand what it means, divorce is still related to a teacher?

My husband said that Dr. Lu’s family was so powerful and how many things did good things do.In a word, Mr. Hu’s teacher’s career was gone.

I don’t understand, the family is so powerful, all of them are several generations of medicine. Why do Dr. Lu arrange at Xiaocheng Hospital.

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