The woman stole her parents’ pension money, and the family members demanded severe punishment. The procuratorial organs filed a public prosecution

"Daily prevention and night defense, family thief is difficult to prevent." Aunt Wang dreamed that she did not expect that her hard -working queen who had a hard -working and big nourishment actually stole the 150,000 yuan pension money that she and her husband had saved them for many years.Two nets.What makes Aunt Wang even more angry is that her 90 -year -old mother -in -law’s 30,000 yuan "coffin book" was also stolen by the nursing queen.Now Wang’s behavior has become the last straw that crushes with his family for more than 30 years …

Flying on the sunny day of the thunderbolt

Earlier on March 8, 2021, Aunt Wang carefully came to a remote corner of Dongxiang House, leaning down his body at a pile of stones on the corner of the wall.Aunt Wang moved away and looked at it, and then moved away again. He repeatedly moved several times, and his heart gradually became nervous.

"It’s obviously here, why isn’t it?" Aunt Wang anxiously turned the stone through the stone, and still didn’t see the bank card and passbook hidden here.She hurriedly returned to the room and asked her husband Yang, the eldest daughter Wang, and the mother of the mother Wang, who had taken the bank card and passbook. Several people said no.Wang quickly called the young daughter who occasionally went home on the weekend of the dormitory of the ordinary living unit and asked her if she saw it. When she heard the little daughter, she didn’t know, and the aunt Wang thought about it.You have to go to the bank to lose the loss, in case the thief cracked the password late.

But when Aunt Wang came to the bank for inquiries, what she worried about it happened. The bank teller told her that the bank cards and the money in the passbook were taken away, and nothing left.This result was like a shocking perturbation, which made Aunt Wang unacceptable. She was a stingy, her whole body was paralyzed, leaning on the seat, and then wept a lot. "My pension money is stolen, who is so lacking …… "The bank staff came over to appease, and after understanding the situation, she persuaded Aunt Wang to call the police quickly. Then Aunt Wang slowed down and immediately went to the police station to report the situation.

Family thieves are hard to prevent coquettishness and dysess

The police retracted the surveillance videos of the counter and ATM machine and the bank returning orders signed by the withdrawal. After comparison, the case immediately broke.Not others, but her eldest daughter Wang.

Aunt Wang knew that her eldest daughter Wang had always had the habit of touched the thief, but she did not dismantle Wang after discovering, but she hid the money at home again and again.After the alarm this time, Aunt Wang also found Wang, saying that as long as she returned the money, she could do something, but Wang not only denied it, but also quarreled with Aunt Wang.Essence

After that, the police caught Wang to the case, but the money had been splurked.The old couple of Aunt Wang had a hard time, saying that she would not forgive Wang, and asked to investigate her criminal responsibility in accordance with the law.

After the case was transferred to the procuratorial organs, in order to properly handle the case, according to the relevant spirit of the judicial interpretation of close relatives’ property, the prosecutor heard Aunt Wang’s opinion on the case handling and further understood the ins and outs of the case.

It turned out that the criminal suspect Wang was a child raised by Aunt Wang and husband. After the husband and wife had a biological daughter, they cared more about Wang’s emotions.However, the excessively spoiled growth environment has affected the development of Wang’s personality. With the growth of age, Wang has become admirable, irritable, and even starting to steal.In retrospect, Aunt Wang feels regretful that if he will be admitted to Wang as early as possible, he may not be able to go to this step with Wang to completely break with Wang.

I can’t regret it again

Before Wang committed the crime, he had been sentenced to two punishments for crime of fraud and theft.After being released from prison, Wang did not job in his parents at home.However, Wang was not grateful to his family’s tolerance and dedication, but extended his hand to his closest person.

After Wang arrived in the crime, he detailed the crime, saying that when he accompanied Aunt Wang to the bank deposit, he took the opportunity to remember the password, and another chance to discover the location of the mother’s possession and bank card, so the mother was incomparable.Secretly took the bank to the bank to take the first money, and then put the passbook and card back to the original place. After the money was spent, she saw that her mother did not notice it. She re -applied her four times until all the money was taken out.

Wang has a criminal plot. In order to guide his sincerity, the prosecutor and Wang talked about her relationship with her and adoptive parents.At first, Wang was a little evading and did not want to examine his harm to the family, but the prosecutor patiently carried out education transformation, and he knew the reason from the most basic criteria for being a person. Wang finally moved.The behavior flowed for the tears of remorse, expressing his willingness to confess and confess his punishment, strive for a good transformation, and re -become a person.

Judgment result

In the end, the procuratorial organs made comprehensive considerations based on factors such as the amount, number of times, subjective malignant and attitude of relatives, and the procuratorial organs.Four years and six months, and fined, Wang did not appeal.

Theft of close relatives not only violate morality, but also may violate criminal law and constitute the crime of theft.In family life, when family members, especially minors stealing the property of the family, should stop, criticize education, and prevent problems in time.

Source: Shijiazhuang Pu Law

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