The woman lived with her boyfriend for one year. After 6 weeks of accidental pregnancy, her boyfriend stole medicine in brown sugar water

On June 30, an incredible news spread on the Internet.

During a young woman getting along with her boyfriend, I did not expect to get pregnant unexpectedly!The joyful event that was originally a very happy thing became a nightmare for women.

Because the woman’s boyfriend does not want this child, she even mixed with "rice non -ketone" in the woman’s brown sugar water, causing a woman to collapse.

The woman in the picture below, she confessed to her boyfriend on the Internet.

From the picture, although the woman wears a black mask, from the wet and red eyes, it can be seen that the woman’s behavior of her boyfriend is sad. When reporting her boyfriend, she choked a few times.

According to this woman: She has been with her boyfriend for more than a year. During this period, they knew each other, and they were very happy to get along. Her boyfriend was pretty good to her.

Moreover, the two sides have no prevention of their parents.Unexpectedly, the woman suddenly found that she was pregnant. The woman was very happy about this sudden life, and she felt that her boyfriend should be very happy.

So she was about to surprise her boyfriend and tell her boyfriend about the good news.

However, I did not expect that her boyfriend seemed extremely calm, and then told the woman, "I don’t want this child, I suggest that the woman will kill the child!"

The woman was sad when she heard her boyfriend said this. She never thought that her boyfriend didn’t want this child, but this was the crystallization of their love!

As a result, the woman insisted on giving birth to this child.When she was pregnant for 6 weeks, that night, her boyfriend gave her a glass of brown sugar water gentle.

Because her boyfriend has always been very good to her, she did not skeve her boyfriend, so she was relieved to take her boyfriend’s brown sugar water and drink happily.

I never expected that in order to not want this child, such a deep -beloved boyfriend secretly added meterone to brown sugar water without knowing it, as well as promoting blood circulation and cold.

The man also told the woman!The woman was dumbfounded.She didn’t expect to dream, the man in front of her was so cruel!

Subsequently, the woman immediately went to the hospital to hang the emergency consultation. Although the doctor prescribed her recipe to eat, she could not ensure whether the child could keep it.

Then, the woman consulted the doctor’s fetus is there any danger?However, the doctor said: This situation is only 6 weeks, and the fetus is too small. As for whether it can be kept, he is not allowed to know after a period of time to go to the hospital for examination.

At this time, the woman was heartbroken with the fetal herbal medicine prescribed by her and returned home.For a moment, she felt that the sky was about to fall!

Because she feels that this is a small life after all, even if her boyfriend doesn’t want it, she wants to keep the child anyway.

Then she cried and said, "Suddenly this kind of thing, she doesn’t know what to do now? There is a blank in her mind."

For her boyfriend’s behavior of being harmed, she was full of resentment, so she consulted the lawyer and said that she would pay for her boyfriend to pay.

In this regard, netizens are very sympathetic to women’s experience!Everyone thinks that her boyfriend is so cruel, why is it going to give birth?If you are born, it will also bring misfortune to the child.

Of course, a netizen who opened a pharmacy said: "Mi Fuzhone" is not allowed to be sold on the market.As for how the boyfriend gets this prescription medicine, he should be tracked to the end and then asked the other party to pay compensation.

But in the netizens, they made suggestions for the woman, and they were unusual, but this incident reversed!

Dare to perform such a TV series!Some netizens unexpectedly discovered that when the woman complained her boyfriend through short video, she increased the fan that day.

Unexpectedly, when netizens were sympathetic for her, she used her social account to open the window!

Moreover, she immediately released a short video claiming that she was taking fetal protection.For this reason, netizens do not buy it, do you think everything she does is a script?

Many netizens have received the sound of wind, and they are all saying: This woman opened the window, and then it was a bit hot now and started selling goods on the window!

Moreover, netizens were very angry about this woman’s deliberate tragic behavior and wanted to scold her a few words.

As for whether this incident is true, it has not yet obtained evidence to prove it, but this has caused netizens’ uproar!

If the suspicion of netizens is true, then this woman is really strong enough. In this case, she can still endure the storm of the Internet and open the window to sell goods.This incident to get the sympathy of netizens, so as to hype themselves, and smoothly live and bring the goods. This trick is really high!

Well, this woman is doing nothing to violate her conscience and has no moral bottom line.One day, she will get the resentment of the world!

And the woman’s boyfriend treats the fetus in the abdomen so cruelly enough to explain that the man has no love. Even if the woman really married him in the future, it will cause the misfortune of marriage.

At the same time, we also advised us that when looking for objects, we should really brighten our eyes, do not love their brains, look at feelings rationally, and establish a correct view of love.What do you think?

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