The woman is 6 months pregnant, half of the abdomen is the fetus, half of the "grapes"

Breeding a new life is a very happy thing for women.From the beginning of the joy of pregnancy, to the expectations of the lower abdomen, to the happiness of the fetal heart and fetal movement … Every step has made pregnant mothers look forward to it.However, for Ms. Liu (pseudonym), 33, this pregnancy is like a nightmare.

Half a year ago, when she learned that she was pregnant with "Erbao", she thought that she was already an experienced mother. Ms. Liu was full of confidence in the road of breeding.However, there are a small amount of vaginal hemorrhage in the early pregnancy, which still scares her and her family.After arriving at the hospital, the ultrasound examination showed that the blood was under the pelvic membrane blood, and she began to protect the treatment in the outer hospital.

After a period of treatment, NT screening is normal, the effusion in the uterine cavity is gone, and the fetus is developing normally.However, the condition of interrupted bleeding has not been controlled, and Tang’s screening is prompted as high risk.When Ms. Liu was 18 weeks pregnant, the ultrasonic examination found that most of her placenta turned into a honeycomb -shaped effusion echo, and the placenta increased significantly.Because she has been bleeding and could not do amniotic fluid puncture, the anxious Ms. Liu found Xue Xiuzhen, director of the obstetrics of the Kaiyuan Hospital of Henan University of Science and Technology at the 21 weeks of pregnancy.

After Xue Xiuzhen took the clinic, he asked the patient history in detail. Considering that he had subordinate blood hematoma, combined with the increasingly obvious ultrasound examination characteristics of the current honeycomb -shaped change, and testing the hemosilica gonadine to promote the significantly increased, greater than 200,000 mLUIn the case of /ml, the diagnosis of patients with partial sexual hydatidians is a pregnancy.

After informing the patients in detail about the various situations and risks that may occur in pregnancy, Xue Xiuzhen suggested that the patient understands whether the fetal chromosome is abnormal through amniotic fluid puncture, and then decide the fetus to stay.But at this time, both patients and their families were worried about the next danger and asked to terminate pregnancy.

"Actually, for this patient, there is indeed a great risk to terminate pregnancy at this time. Scar uterus and hydatidal tires will increase significantly during the process of induction of maternity, caesarean section, and nourishing cell pulmonary embolism.After informing the patient and family members, he was understood by the patient and family members. In order to reduce the patient’s pain, he was induced for the labor after being prepared for all the surgery. "Xue Xiuzhen explainedMost of the placenta are blisters with different sizes, and the appearance of the fetus is still normal.

Xue Xiuzhen introduced that pregnancy is extremely common in clinical clinical clinic. Most of the main manifestations are vaginal bleeding and early pregnancy reactions. Some can see ovarian cysts. Some patients are accompanied by hyperthyroidism with hyperthyroidism, and hypertension during pregnancy.It can be divided into two types of tweezen tires and partial sexual hydatidal tires.The latter often combines the abnormal fetal chromosomal. Whether the pregnancy terminal is clinically terminated depends on the nucleus type of the fetal chromosome.It is necessary to prevent the occurrence of hypertension during pregnancy.For example, fetal chromosomal abnormalities or pregnant women with a large amount of vaginal bleeding and early eclampsion, etc., need to terminate pregnancy.

Xue Xiuzhen reminds female friends that if repeated vaginal bleeding occurs after pregnancy, she must go to the doctor in time and detect and treat early to avoid delaying the condition.

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