The woman has a "ball" in the stomach, and the culprit is actually it!Don’t eat these plants randomly

It is said that rock sugar gourd sour

It is sweet in the sour

The thought of hawthorn, sweet appetizer, appetizing little red fruit

It is estimated that many people’s mouths have shed saliva ~

But how much do you know about it?

If hawthorn eats too much

Do you know what the consequences?

Recently, Ms. Zhang suddenly had abdominal pain at home and was unbearable. She was sweating and her stomach was swollen like a stone. She was rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment by her family.During the gastroscopy for Ms. Zhang, the doctor found that Ms. Zhang was full of food in the stomach cavity, and there was a spherical object with a size of 5*8cm.

It turned out that she had a bad appetite for the past two days. She bought some frosting hawthorn appetizing and ate nearly a pound in one breath, which became the "culprit" of abdominal pain.Because if you eat a large amount of empty stomach, the unexplained tannic acid, pectin and cellulose in hawthorn will be combined with protein under the action of gastric acid to condense into pieces, which will easily form gastric stones.

Precautions for eating hawthorn

1. It is not suitable to eat a large amount of empty stomach.

2. Hawthorn contains a large amount of acidic substances, which will corrode the teeth, which is not conducive to oral health. You should rinse your mouth immediately after eating.

3. Hawthorn can stimulate a large amount of gastric acid secretion. Patients with stomach disease should eat less or not eat hawthorn.

4. People with weak spleen and stomach should not eat hawthorn.

The edibleness of hawthorn is exquisite

Pay attention to scientific consumption

Anti -drug king reminds you

There are also some plants not only eating it will hurt the body

And it will also violate the law

Naked mushroom

Naked mushrooms, also known as magical mushrooms, psychedelic mushrooms, and mushrooms, are crickets containing psychedelic substances such as naked mushrooms and naked mushrooms.Most naked mushrooms have white umbrella handles and brown umbrella caps, and the appearance looks flat.

Naked mushrooms contain Selosin and unstable intermediate Saloxin, which is similar to psychedelic drug LSD.Both substances belong to the first type of psychotropic drugs in my country and are strictly controlled.

The abuse of naked mushrooms is generally manifested as the expansion of pupils, blurred vision, irritability, accelerated heartbeat, and increased blood pressure. It may also cause the whole body to twitch, high fever, unconsciousness, arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, etc.

Poisonous umbrella

The poisonous fly umbrella is one of the bacteria containing a burden of neurotic poisoning, one of the genus of the goose cream.

The fungus has a beautiful appearance, with bright red or orange -red surface with white or slightly yellow granular scales. The fungal pleats are pure white, the bacteria are white, and the red cover is red.

It contains fascinating poisons such as flies, fosteric acid, and poison. After being eaten, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dizziness, mental disorder, visual and hearing distortions, sweating, pulse pulse, pulse pulseSymptoms such as slowing.


Poppy is a year -old herb.The leaves are green, the flowers are colorful, the plants are sturdy, the fruits are high, and the summer flowers are blossoming and the single branches are top.There are four petals, red, purple or white.Fruit spherical or oval shape, small and many seeds.

Poppy is the main raw material for opium. The juice extracted from the fruit can be processed into opium, morphine and heroin.Poppy is an important source of drugs in the world, so it is called the flower of evil.


Cannabis is an annual plant and contains more than 400 chemicals, with more than 60 of which has similar chemical characteristics, so it is collectively called marijuana.Those who absorb marijuana will have serious health problems, such as bronchitis, emphysema and bronchial asthma.

Long -term large doses of marijuana can cause brain degeneration brain diseases, severe behavioral injuries, immune system suppression, and neuropathy.

Qutel grass

Chateca, also known as Arabic tea, Yemen tea, Ethiopian tea, and ingenious tea, is a plant of Qiaobia Tea, which is distributed in tropical Africa, Ethiopia, Arabian Peninsula, Hainan, Guangxi and other places.

Chateca is exactly like the common amaranth on the market. If Qutcao is dried, the shape is like tea, but whether it is eaten raw or dried and grinded, the effect after taking is almost the same as heroin.High addiction.

Facing plants that are unknown or different from the origin

Never eat casually

If there are plants with suspected drugs

You can directly call 110 to call the police

Source: Guangning Public Security

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