The woman gave birth to a child on the top of the big model, and she even broke the condom and gave birth to a child. The ending was very miserable.

Why can’t I eradicate erotic transactions such as the shampoo and massage shop. Today, this case will show you how a woman uses her body and conscience to make fast money.

In order to go to the big model, the post -90s girl Ms. Luo sold her body at the expense of her body. In the end, in order to get more money, she pierced the condom in secret, just to conceive the child.

Unfortunately, the agencies have been exhausted, and they lose all over the market. Although they are pregnant with their children, they have a name of "single mother", and only 2,000 yuan per month.

The incident happened in the summer of 2020. Ms. Luo took the sunglasses hat to the Hangzhou Women’s Protection Association. She didn’t say a word, and she cried first until the staff took her to the office for a while to stop.

In the office, Ms. Luo told her experience intermittently. In her eyes, she was the victim and lost her wife and folded the soldiers.

Last year, Ms. Luo had been working in Beijing, and Beidiao was very hard and could not make money.Ms. Luo planned to go home to see her parents during a holiday. Just on the plane flying to Zhengzhou, her life will change significantly in the future.

Ms. Luo is a post -90s. She is white and beautiful, and she can’t see the traces left on her face. She is also very hot and often becomes the goal of men’s conversation.

As soon as she got on the plane, several eyes had been on her. Ms. Luo did not reject it, but liked the feeling of hitting the light light on her body.

The man sitting next to her was obsessed with a face, and kept talking with her, asking her to contact her, Ms. Luo turned her head, and saw the man’s face vicissitudes, and there were a lot of wrinkles on his face.Talk to him.

This man is not angry. Obviously, he is talking about the veterans. The re -exit starts to talk about how his company is, how tired the employees are managing employees, and so on.

As soon as Ms. Luo heard it, a good guy, it turned out to be a big boss. He immediately had a interest in chatting. Through talking, he learned that the other party was the owner of an advertising company. There were many employees under his hands.

Ms. Luo thought of her wandering days in Beijing. She was greedy for black every day, crowded the subway, took the bus, and held a meager salary. In fact, she had had the idea of making fast money, but she had no chance.

Although the other party was a bit old, Ms. Luo left a phone call with each other after the plane landed without working in the future, and learned that the other party surnamed Zhang.

The two talked hot on the mobile phone. Boss Zhang invited Ms. Luo to eat that night. Ms. Luo dressed like flowers and jade. She had dinner with Boss Zhang and drank a little red wine.

After dinner, Boss Zhang deliberately or unintentionally said that he was a little tired. He wanted to go back to sleep. Ms. Luo also said very much. The two sat on the same taxi and went back to the hotel.

One night passion, Ms. Luo had grasped the heart of Boss Zhang. Boss Zhang was also generous and often gave her a lot of gifts such as brand -name bags and watches.

After the time, Ms. Luo had other thoughts. After the passion of the two, Ms. Luo asked: Do you want to marry me.

Unexpectedly, it was this sentence, and Boss Zhang took the door out.Since then, the world evaporates.

But Ms. Luo was crazy. She knew the company where Boss Zhang was located and found Boss Zhang, but on this day, Mrs. Yang, the wife of Boss Zhang, also knew the rape of the two. Mrs. Yang faced Ms. Luo.Big mouth.

This time, Ms. Luo’s mind completely embarked on the road.

She bought a condom and filled the small hole on it, and then continued to seduce the boss Zhang.It turns out that derailment is only zero and countless times.

Boss Zhang hooked up.A few months later, Ms. Luo watched the two bars on the pregnancy test stick and couldn’t help laughing. She called and told Boss Zhang, but only the cold one was cold: beat it out.

The stubbornness of her heart made Ms. Luo give birth to a child. When she hugged her child to find Boss Zhang, Boss Zhang confessed everything. The company could not work anymore and was about to face bankruptcy.It’s the last left.

At the cost of the next half of his life, the child was broken, but the wealthy dream was broken. The realistic blow made Ms. Luo unacceptable. She found the media to expose everything, and prosecuted Boss Zhang in the court.

Through the final ruling of the court, Boss Zhang needs to provide a support fee of 2,000 yuan per month, and Ms. Luo proposed a million yuan in compensation and was rejected by the court.

The money trading has continued, and the facts have proven that the short passion cannot be gambled with a lifetime. The ending is doomed. Ms. Luo’s story also tells us that we want to go to shortcuts.

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