The woman ate a dragon fruit, and unexpectedly raised bowel cancer!The 4 manifestations of going to the toilet are the precursor of bowel cancer. Don’t think it is just a minor problem

There is a kind of cancer. Doctors take it nicknamed "fool cancer" because it is recognized as the most easy to prevent, early discovery, and the easiest treatment for treatment. It is -bowel cancer.

Before the occurrence of bowel cancer, there are usually some signs. As long as you pay a little attention when you go to the toilet, you can find it.No, an old lady in Zhengzhou discovered the signal of bowel cancer.

The woman ate a dragon fruit, and unexpectedly raised bowel cancer!

Things, start to start with a dragon fruit.

An old lady in Zhengzhou, Henan, is 63 years old and has always been healthy.

One day, the old lady ate a red heart dragon fruit. As a result, when she went to the toilet, she found a red "blood stool."

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This scared the elderly, and was very worried that there was a problem with the gastrointestinal tract, and quickly called the daughter far away in the provincial capital.

The daughter dared not take it lightly when she heard it, and quickly took my mother to the hospital for a series of inspections. The test results showed:

Physical examination: The conjunctiva of the eyes is not pale, and the skin is not available in anemia; no block and tenderness are seen in the abdomen; routine blood test: blood conventional blood pigment is still in normal range; anal aids: Surgeons believe that there are blood on the finger.

However, the old lady ate the red -hearted dragon fruit. The piglets that the dragon fruit was not absorbed would be excreted with the feces, causing the illusion of "blood stool", so it was difficult for doctors to confirm whether it was a gastrointestinal problem.

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However, because the elderly have a family history of the family of close relatives and have never performed gastroscopy, the doctor still recommends that the elderly will conduct a gastroscopy and colonoscopy.

No abnormalities were found during gastroscopy.

During the colonoscopy, the doctor found an ulcer -like lesion with a diameter of 3 cm diameter at a distance of 17-20 cm from the anus. With the experience of the doctor’s experience, it should be cancer!

As a result, the doctor immediately arranged the disease to transform the tissue, sent it to a pathological examination, and finally diagnosed with sigmal colon cancer.

Because the old man found it earlier, he had achieved good treatment effects through surgery resection and comprehensive treatment.

The old lady’s experience also reminds us that the most direct way to prevent bowel cancer in daily life is to observe the stool.

Because some of the "wind and grass movement" are likely to be the signal of intestinal cancer, such as these types–

Go to the toilet 4 performance, beware of heart cancer to knock on the door!

1. Change of defecation habits change

This is the most common manifestation of bowel cancer.

How can I change the habit of stool?

For example, the bowel movement was very regular before, but for a long time, the diarrhea or constipation was very frequent; or the bowel movement only once a day, but now it has to run the toilet three or five times a day.

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2. Bloodpool

When the stool can be rubbed on the surface of the lesion through the existing cancer intestinal tract, blood stool may occur.

However, many people encounter blood stools and they will be considered as hemorrhoids, and they are not taken seriously. As a result, the treatment time is delayed.

Therefore, if there is a long period of blood, go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

3. Constipation and diarrhea alternate

There is also a common manifestation of bowel cancer: constipation and diarrhea alternate.

It is usually because the cancer is near the anus, and the intestine becomes narrow, it is difficult to pass, and it is easy to cause constipation.

At the same time, in order to overcome the difficulty of the intestinal narrowing, the large intestine had to work hard to promote bowel movements. The intestinal movement became active, and diarrhea appeared.

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4. Suddenly thinning

If the feces that are usually rowed are thicker, and suddenly it becomes a fine stool in a pencil, which may be caused by colorectal cancer.Once the tumor becomes larger, it will affect the excretion of the feces, making it thinner, and it cannot be completely exhausted at a time. I always feel that I want to discharge and it is not clean.In short, once the above performance occurs, don’t think it is a trivial matter, it is best to go to the hospital for examination in time.

Colonoscopy: found the most direct means of early bowel cancer

Intestinal examination is the most direct and effective means to find early colorectal cancer.

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In addition, if you can detect the premium lesions of colorectal cancer early, it may also be removed directly under the colonoscopy, and the treatment effect may be better.

This is also another significance of colonoscopy health examination, that is, it can be discovered that and endoscopic minimally invasive intestinal polyps, especially adenoma polyps and other cancer diseases.

Who needs to do a colonoscopy?

According to the "China Early Colorectal Cancer Screening and endoscopic diagnosis Guidelines", and the "Premature Early Treatment Technical Plan" published by the National Health Family Planning Commission, it can be divided into-

General population: It is recommended to start screening of colorectal cancer at the age of 50. Generally, every 5 to 10 years is performed. The method of inspection mainly includes stool hidden blood and colonoscopy.

High -risk people: Start receiving screening of colorectal cancer around 40 ~ 45 years in advance, and accept an average of every 3 to 5 years.

And those who meet any of the following items or more are high -risk people–

① The first -level relatives have a history of meal colorectal cancer;

② I have a history of cancer (any history of malignant tumor disease);

③ I have the history of intestinal polyps;

④ At the same time, they have the following two and more than two items: chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, mucus blood stools, bad life events, chronic appendicitis or a history of appendix cutting, history of chronic biliary disease or gallbladder resection.

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