The wife’s belly becomes larger. When the doctor’s examination was pregnant, her husband: born

When the disease strikes, it seems to be a high mountain, which makes people breathless.People lying on the bed are all eager to see the warm sunlight through the window, longing for one day to restart the healthy land and enjoy the baptism of the sun.Especially vegetatives, they may be able to feel the pain and warmth of the body, but they are powerless to everything around them. This state is sad, and people can’t help but think about the meaning of life and the fragility of human beings.

However, it is gratifying that sometimes vegetatives will also wake up miraculously.For example, a woman in Jiangsu in 2010, after a car accident was diagnosed as a vegetative, she could still be pregnant and have children.In addition to bringing some comfort to the patient’s family, this unexpected surprise will still bring more impact on the patients themselves.So in the face of this surprise, what choice does the husband make, and can this surprise really bring an unexpected miracle to the family?Today we will understand this miracle that is loved.

One day in 2011, Gaodejin in Jiangsu was taking care of his wife who was not saved in the hospital. He carefully helped his wife to massage his body. Although he knew that the probability of the botanical wife woke up was slim, he still expects that his massage can really start.To the role, wake his wife from "sleeping".

When he massaged, he suddenly found that his wife’s lower abdomen was not a general drum, just like a 4 -month pregnancy belly.So he asked the doctor to check his wife.After some B -ultrasound examination, the doctor found the fetal fetal movement on the abdomen of his wife. The original vegetative wife was pregnant miraculously, and the doctor speculated that the child might have been four months.As soon as Gaodejin was calculated, the child should already exist during a car accident.

Gaodejin should have been happy for her second child, but she is not happy now, but she is a little worried.Not to mention whether the child can be born, even if he can give birth, for the wife who has already entered the ghost gate in half, this will undoubtedly push her to the edge of life and death again.

Looking at the frowning Gaodejin, the doctor couldn’t speak the words of blessings, because in his opinion, the physical condition of Gaodejin’s wife is not suitable for delivery at all.Moreover, when they rescued their wives, in order to keep their wives’ lives, they used some drugs that were not suitable for pregnant women without knowing that the patient was pregnant. Therefore, the child’s health was unknown and no one could predict.

Since the wife’s body is not suitable for delivery, abortion is the only way out.But the doctor told Gaodejin’s miscarriage is not a good way, because ordinary abortion will affect the body of pregnant women, let alone the wife of a vegetative wife, and there will be a problem of life hanging.

Doctors advise Gaodejin to do their minds as soon as possible. After all, the older impact on his wife will be more serious.Looking at the wife on the bed, Gaodejin was in trouble. He was reluctant to be reluctant to die, and he did not want his wife to face the dilemma of life and death again.

Gaodejin knew that his wife Zhang Rongxiang paid a lot for the family. After all, his family was not wealthy. His parents were also involved in the disease all year round. In order to reduce the burden on the family, he gave up the opportunity to study and came to Jiangsu to make money to support his family.Live.And he also met Zhang Rongxiang here. Originally, Gaodejin thought that the other party didn’t look at himself. After all, his family background had persuaded many blind dates, so he didn’t have much hope for this relationship.

Who knew that Zhang Rongxiang got along many times and was moved by his sincerity, so the two went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register and get married soon after they knew it.After marriage, Zhang Rongxiang not only accompanied him to live a difficult life, but also took care of his parents for his resentment. The most important thing was to give him two daughters for him.

The arrival of her daughter made Gaodejin feel very happy, so in order to give her daughter a better life, he and Zhang Rongxiang saved money to buy a three -wheeled truck to maintain their livelihood by delivery.On weekdays, Gaodejin stormally gave people to earn money outside, while Zhang Rongxiang took care of his daughter and father -in -law’s diet at home, took care of housework, the two were clearly divided into work, and their lives were very comfortable and happy.

However, all this happiness was suddenly broken by an accident.One day at the end of 2010, Gaodejin delivered goods to people outside. Zhang Rongxiang handled the work at home. When she was idle, she decided to deliver people with Gaodeka, and the two also discussed the delivery of the delivery and returned the trip.Zhang Rongxiang’s mother’s house.

The couples said and laughed along the way. At this time, Zhang Rong’s little daughter was also on the tricycle, and their family of three walked on the road.Soon they walked at the crossroads of the Industrial Park. The traffic at this crossroads was not much and the road sections were newly developed, so there was no time to install traffic lights here.

Gaodejin often passed here, so he did not step on the brakes with his familiarity with the road conditions.But who could think of his own arrogance, he buried his happy family.

When Gaodejin was driving to the middle of the road, a car suddenly rushed out of the intersection. Gaodejin was caught by a sedan before he could avoid his tricycle, and he hit the air.Under the huge impact, Gaodejin was too late to protect his family, and fainted on his seat first.

When he woke up again, Gaodejin was lying in the ward. He was bandaged in his whole body. The fractures on his body made him unbearable, but compared to the pain on his body, at this moment, his most concerned about life and death was unknown in life and death.Wife and daughter.He struggled to ask the nurse beside him, his wife and his little daughter.

The nurse told him that the little daughter was basically not harmed under the protection of his wife, but the wife’s injury was much more serious. At this moment, she was still lying in the ICU without any signs of soberness.

Gao Degin remembered that their family did not wear helmets in the car. At the moment of accident, Zhang Rongxiang leaned on her mother’s instinct, and immediately held her daughter beside her in her arms to protect her tightly, but she herself.After being thrown out, his head was on the flower bed rock on the side. Under the action of gravity acceleration, Zhang Rongxiang’s injury was worse than Gaodekin’s injuries with his daughter.

At this time, the doctor also found Gaodejin and told him that Zhang Rongxiang’s head was severely damaged in intracranial intracranial, and now he was rescued by Zhang Rongxiang.Plants, if you are lucky, have the opportunity to wake up, but unfortunately, you have to spend the second half of your life by various instruments.

Gao Degin felt half of the sky when he heard this. After all, Zhang Rongxiang helped himself to take care of his family in recent years, and supported half of the sky. Now Zhang Rongxiang fell down, and immediately he felt that his burden was a lot of weight.

Looking at Gaodejin’s sadness, doctors and nurses comforted him for a long time, and Gaodejin suppressed his sadness.After emotional stability, Gaodejin proposed to see his wife, but the doctor and nurse considered that he was also a full -body fracture and could not get up and walked, and rejected his request.It really couldn’t get up, so he gave up.

During his recovery, the doctor repeatedly issued a notice of illness with Gaodejin. Zhang Rongxiang was also sent to the operating room again and again, and he could not undergo surgery rescue of more than a dozen times.Maybe Zhang Rongxiang couldn’t rest assured that her husbands and daughters were reluctant to be reluctant to be in the world, so she stood strongly after each rescue.

Gaodejin also distressed his wife to be tortured many times. He also thought about giving up. After all, the economy at home is limited. If Zhang Rongxiang really becomes a vegetative person, he can overwhelm the medical expenses alone;The secondary intubation was uncomfortable. He looked painful. Maybe he let go of Zhang Rongxiang.But as he saw his wife work hard to survive the life and death again and again, he decided that even if he smashed the pot and sold iron and emptied his family, he would also keep his wife’s life. Since she did not give up the hope of life, he would not give up to saveHer hope.

Fortunately, the driver did not shirk responsibility, but instead compensated them. Gaodekin used this compensation to pay medical expenses for his wife.But after a period of treatment, Zhang Rongxiang still did not show signs of soberness, and even Gao Dejin had no response in her ear.

But Gaodejin did not give up. Instead, in the future, he took care of his wife with a crutch and dealt with the follow -up problems of the car accident. Fortunately, their eldest daughter was 17 years old.EssenceWhen the Gaodejin family tried to accept the hardships of life, I did not expect that at this moment God gave them a special "gift".

Gaodejin and Zhang Rongxiang were looking forward to a son before. After all, they also wanted to live the children of their children. Now God gave them another chance. Although he didn’t know the child’s health, he wanted to bet.He decided to let Zhang Rongxiang give birth to the child. Because both birth and no life will bring harm, Gao Dejin hopes that the mother and child will be safe.

For a period of time in the future, Gao Degin took care of his wife, help her massage, wipe her body, and even accompany her to talk and chat. As long as Zhang Rongxiang can give a little response, he can be happy all day, but unfortunately this is a pityDuring the period, Zhang Rongxiang had no reaction at all.Fortunately, Zhang Rongxiang’s indicators are normal, and the children are growing up normally.

In July, Zhang Rongxiang was promoted to the delivery room and prepared to give a cesarean child.During her operation, Gaodejin was suffering very much. He kept pacing in the corridor, and he had been praying that children and Zhang Rongxiang could cross the difficulties safely.In just a few hours, he seemed to be like a year, and the moment the operating room door opened that moment, he heard that the doctor himself said that his mother and child were safe, and his heart was hanging.He was crying, and immediately felt that the son was a gift from God to his husband and wife, so he named his son "God".

But the arrival of his son could not awaken Zhang Rongxiang who was sleeping. In order to be able to take care of their mother and son, Gao Dejin brought them back to home for recuperation. At this time, they could not think that Zhang Rongxiang would have a sober day.

Gaodejin is busy and earning money every day while taking care of his wife and son. When the eldest daughter is too busy to see her father, she takes the initiative to take the responsibility of taking care of her younger brother and sister, giving Gaodejin a chance to breathe.However, when I had time, Gaodejin still sat with his son with his wife, accompanied her to speak, and taught God to shout "Mom".

2014 should be Gaodejin’s most memorable year, because in this year, there was a big surprise waiting for him.The young heavenly God was lying beside Zhang Rongxiang and playing. Suddenly he stared at Zhang Rongxiang and shouted "Mom" softly. After hearing this sentence, Zhang Rongxiang slowly opened his eyes.

The news of Zhang Rongxiang’s wake -up made the whole family very excited, especially Gaodejin.Gao Degin’s thousands of days and night massage and prayer finally received the reward at this moment. When Zhang Rongxiang woke up, Gaodejin felt that the efforts in these years were worth it.

In the future, although Zhang Rongxiang still couldn’t get out of bed due to the atrophy of the limbs, she was able to soberly chat with Gaodejin and watch her children grow up together. Gaode Jin was very satisfied.Moreover, Zhang Rongxiang’s complexion is better every day. Sometimes she laughs with her son, and she eats the food that her son hands to her mouth.One day I will return to the happiness of the past.

Zhang Rongxiang’s life hung a line, and her life did not guarantee, but she gave birth to her son.Perhaps it is the call of his mother’s selfless love and returning to the mother with love and care. This sincere love moved to heaven and let the miracle come.

Gaodejin and their daughters guarded the little family with their weak power.They treat their wives and mothers with love and patience, giving them endless support and warmth.In the predicament, they move forward side by side to face the challenges of life together.Their love shows the warmest and tough side of human nature.

This story tells us that there is true love in the world and true love on earth.In the face of adversity and difficulties, the power of love can overcome everything.Whether it is Gaodejin’s selfless dedication or Zhang Rongxiang’s stubborn life, their stories inspire us, and let us believe that miracles may happen under the power of love.

Let us draw strength from this warm story, cherish family and love, and use true love and true love to warm the people around us.No matter what dilemma encounter, I believe love can defeat everything and bring hope and miracles.The true love and true love in the world will always be the shelter of our soul.

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