The whole network scolded the scumbag!After the women’s campaign, I realized that the other party was married and also "stepped on three boats"

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I thought I found "True Life Emperor"

As a result, I discovered it after I was pregnant

The other party not only concealed the fact that the marriage was already married

Also "three boats" …

This magical plot happened in Ms. Liu, Chongqing

A few months ago, Ms. Liu, who was single, met a 33 -year -old man on dating software. The two talked very well. After confirming that the other party was unmarried, the two quickly determined their love relationship.

"I definitely want to marry him in love, otherwise I won’t ask him if he is a single unmarried question."Ms. Liu said that she asked the other party for many times, and the other party’s confirmation attitude also let her go down.

Subsequently, the two also started intimate behavior quickly. When talking about why there were no contraceptive measures, Ms. Liu said that the man and him would guarantee that there would be a child, so there was no need to take contraceptive measures, and he did not need to take contraceptive measures, and he did not need to take contraceptive measures.Essence

Soon, Ms. Liu found that she was pregnant, and after she told the man with joy, the other party’s attitude reversed.

"After confirming that after pregnancy, he told me to kill the child. The next day I asked him if he was married, and he confessed to me, and he was married."The other party even admitted that she was married until she was pregnant, which caused her to hit her.

Not only that, the man also confess to Ms. Liu that in addition to Ms. Liu, there are three people who maintain this derailment in marriage, and they say that they are not harmonious with their wife’s life, and they will "seek excitement."

Subsequently, the reporter also called the man’s call to verify the situation.

When the reporter asked whether to conceal the fact that he was married, the man always flashed his word, "Two people talk about friends, mainly because you are in love." And under the repeated question, the other party admitted "married, I concealed this fact, I concealed this fact. "When the reporter asked him if he had multiple derailment objects at the same time, the man also admitted.

After negotiation, the man said that as long as Ms. Liu was born, she would pay 80,000 yuan of "losses compensation".

Due to the tubal of tubes on the side of the external pregnancy removal

The chance of pregnancy is only half left

Surprisingly, Ms. Liu’s examination results were shown as ectopic pregnancy. The doctor suggested that she is hospitalized immediately, otherwise she might have bleeding and life.

Through treatment, Ms. Liu completed the abortion surgery with the irreversible injury of the fallopian tube on one side, which means that her future pregnancy probability may be reduced by 50%.

What is even more angry is that Ms. Liu said that the man’s 80,000 yuan agreed to compensate only 10,000 before surgery. He claimed that the rest had to ensure that she had done the operation before she could pay it.

Now that Ms. Liu has been discharged, she has not received the other party’s 70,000 yuan "compensation end".

When the reporter called and asked about the incident, the man said that he had already paid the remaining 70,000 yuan to Ms. Liu, and said that Ms. Liu refused to admit that the money was "premeditated to have a premeditated fraud", and claimed that she wanted to wantThe report was reported to Ms. Liu to extort.

In this regard, lawyer Tian Xiaojiang said that in this matter, the men’s subjective fault is significantly greater, and the woman can properly ask the man to give the proportion of compensation more.At the same time, if the man has no evidence that he has paid 70,000 yuan in compensation, he can only determine that he has transferred 10,000 yuan in compensation.

Netizens talk about

Sandry the man for irresponsibility

In this regard, most netizens believe that the man is really morally corrupted, and some netizens think that the woman should let his wife know that he cannot be deceived together.

Azhai Niang: Mainly this man’s concealment of his marriage, neither loyalty to his wife nor can it be responsible for a series of tragedies.

Spring’s_spring: Ms. Liu is too much at the price. Even if it is compensated, the physical injury is irreversible. Like this kind of person, the original match should be sued him for the crime of marriage.

Little hate su: This should go to the man’s house and the company goes to make trouble.He made him divorced and lost his job.Isn’t life too bland?Add some of the feed.

Some people think that no matter men and women, they should light their eyes in love. Do not over -"love the brain" and trust lies.

33_Mansi Dharani: Girls and boys, please be careful to make friends!IntersectionIntersectionBe cautious!IntersectionIntersectionCareful marriage!IntersectionIntersectionIntersectionDon’t agree with the brain thermal hormones for a while, many of them will have problems!IntersectionIntersection

Junjun Meow, who loves sleepy: Don’t be in a hurry. When the relationship between men and women enters marriage, you must fall in love with love and protect themselves.

Some people also discuss whether there is a link to check the other party’s marriage status to avoid these problems.Some netizens said that they could find marriage registration information in Alipay.

Meiyeeeezi: It is recommended that the state has a query system about marriage, just like anti -fraud centers and personal credit query.

Witary and invincible Xiaohuang: Why don’t you check whether the other party is married if you get married.

Fat slag is not fat: family, Alipay’s document can be checked whether it is married, I tried it, I got a certificate the day before, and found my documents, ID cards, hukou books, passports, passports, passports, passports, passports the next day.Marriage certificate, divorce certificate, and academic degree.

Similar events often occur

We warned everyone to be alert to the emotional scam

In fact, Ms. Liu’s experience is not alone. Many legal cases have shown that whether men and women are in love and marriage, they must brighten their eyes and be alert to their emotional scams.

In September 2021, the Hyundai Express also reported similar incidents. Zhang Yun, a single woman from the other place, gave up her work to Nanjing for her boyfriend Ahao, who was 3 years older than her.When she was pregnant and was full of joy to get married, a person who claimed to be Ahao’s wife found her on social software.After Zhang Yun was abused, he found that he was deceived. Ahao was not divorced. He had a contradiction with his wife and pursued Zhang Yun during the separation period.

Zhang Yun, who suffered a huge blow to his body and mind, explained the man to the court after performing the induction of labor and asked for compensation.Finally, the Liuhe Court of Nanjing decided that the man would compensate Zhang Yun more than 30,000 yuan.

In March 2023, the Ningdu County People’s Court concluded a criminal case that implemented telecommunications network fraud in the name of female anchors.

The incident originated in May 2022. The defendant Xiao Mouli met Zhou on the live broadcast platform. Because Zhou often brushed her gifts, Xiao Mouli concealed the fact that she had married, lied that she was single and Zhou Mou.Determine love relationship.

In the subsequent exchanges, Xiao Mouli used the "impact monthly list" and "lied that he would return the income of the gift to PK" and other reasons to deceive 109409.98 yuan.After being summoned, Xiao Mouli actually confessed the above facts and returned a total of 100,000 yuan in loss of the victims.

In the end, the court was sentenced to the crime of fraud in accordance with the law, and the defendant Xiao Mouli was sentenced to two years in prison and fined 10,000 yuan. He continued to recover his illegal income of 9409.98 yuan and returned to the victim Zhou.

In response to such incidents, Xiaobian still reminds everyone that love and friends need to be cautious and maintain a good social attitude.Everyone should polish their eyes and be alert to "love brain" to prevent falling into the emotional "trap".

On the other hand, Xiaobian also tried to "query whether it is married" in Alipay and find that when the ID number matches the facial recognition, it can indeed distinguish whether it is married!Friends with doubt can try according to this method.

Open Alipay-Certificate Center-Add IDs Select a marriage certificate, choose to go to get it, and perform face recognition verification in the case of determining me, you can inquire whether you have received the wedding certificate!

Source | News Morning News (Liu Yiming) Comprehensive Chongqing Radio and Television-No. 1 Eye, Guangxi Pushu, Ningdu County People’s Court

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