The weight of pregnant mothers exceeds the standard, and three methods allow you to get rid of the harm caused by high weight during pregnancy

Now that everyone’s life is becoming more and more convenient, every time you want, the shopping website searches for purchases directly, and it will go home for two days. Because of this convenient and fast lifestyle, more and more people live in life.Unhealthy.

When the pregnant mother was pregnant, the family started to let her eat more, but is this really good?In fact, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should control weight more stricter than usual, because if the pregnant mother is healthy, it will threaten the child.How should I control my weight during pregnancy to make myself and the baby healthier?

1. Perform weight every day

It can be called once a day to let the pregnant mother understand the changes in her weight during pregnancy.Good weight control can reduce the risk of gestational diabetes during pregnancy, reduce the growth of stretch marks, and control the weight of the fetus within the normal range; let the pregnant mother reduce a certain amount of pain in production.

Studies have shown that the production and weight of stretch marks have a certain relationship. Therefore, the sudden increase in weight during pregnancy will cause the stretch marks of the lower abdomen and thigh roots. Once the stretch marks grow, it cannot be recovered.Therefore, we must strictly control the weight during pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers can understand their weight changes, and control their weight as appropriate, so that pregnant mothers can be healthier during pregnancy.However, I still want to remind the pregnant mother that when we say weight, they must be stabilized and beware of falling.

2. Reduce the intake of beverage juice

After pregnancy, it is best for pregnant mothers not to drink drinks, and do not drink freshly squeezed fruit juice.Basically, you can do it basically, but sometimes you make a cup of freshly squeezed juice, so that he is healthy and hygienic.

Actually not!The sugar content in the juice is very high.For example, you may hesitate to be full of an apple machine, but if you make fresh juice, you will put two apples, so that you will take one more apple’s calories than usual.A lot of calories should not be consumed.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should eat a balanced diet during pregnancy and eat less sugar -containing food.

3. Exercise

Appropriate exercise can not only help the production of pregnant mothers, but also allow the pregnant mother to consume excess calories, which will not only help control weight, but also make the skin of the pregnant mother more tension and reduce the occurrence of stretch marks.

The simplest way to exercise is walking.Persist in walking for half an hour every day. At the beginning, you can take a slow walk, and then gradually increase some speed.In addition to walking, you can also choose to make yoga to increase the amount of exercise.

In fact, the weight of pregnant mothers is very important during pregnancy. This is not only related to the health of the pregnant mother’s own physical health, but also closely related to the health of the fetus.

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