The way to conceive the fish is really strange, and some we can’t imagine!

Photo/Fish Raising Old Tao Original

There is no strange world. Although fish are not too unfamiliar with us, we don’t know some fish.

Due to the years of raising and breeding ornamental fish for many years, I still know the way of breeding of fish. The main way I know is divided into two types:

1. Ovocilities

The way they conceive are directly fertilized in the body, and the motherfish can also give birth to a small fish directly, that is, male fish, like us humans, need that, but time, just in the second minute and seconds, as an elephantObservation fish, peacock fish, red arrow fish, Mary fish, peony fish, etc. If we do n’t observe it carefully, we really ca n’t find them.

2. Evarfish

The method of reproduction of oval fish accounts for a large proportion in the method of conception of fish.

Most of them need to be attached to the eggs, and then the females lay eggs on the attached objects, and the male fish fertilize. The fish eggs can hatch small fish fry after a certain incubation period.

Our most common ornamental fish and carp. They need to spawn and reproduce under the appropriate water temperature and reproductive environment. Like koi, the spawning place is relatively large. Generally, ponds are better.The place can be relatively reduced. When spawning, water plants are required as attachments for fish eggs. About a week, small fish can be free to foil water.

As for the breeding method of tropical fish, some need to dig sand and breeding, such as many varieties of three lakes.

Some are breeding on the water plants on the surface, such as fighting fish, fork tail bucket fish, and other fish climbing.

Some are breeding on the wide -leaf water grass in the slate and water. For example, a large number of cichlids, swallows, maps, Luohan, and Red -tailed Crown. Their parentfish have the habit of protecting the young.

Some small oval fish are spawning directly on waterweed or small stones. Barbaria has the habit of swallowing fish eggs, such as zebrafish, tiger skin fish, black skirt fish, and so on.

Like a special colorful camus, after the little fish is swimming, the mucus secreted on the pro -fish, so they are also called milk fish.

Many ornamental fish also have the habit of hatching small fish, such as some varieties of arowana and three lake fish. After the fish eggs are fertilized, the parent fish will incubate the small fish in the mouth until the small fish grows from the pro -fish mouth.

There is also a relatively special fish. The old fish farming is forgotten what fish is called. The motherfish can jump up and lay eggs on the leaves.On the leaves of more than one meter, they will also take turns to use their tail to mobilize the water to ensure the humidity of the leaves. It is really amazing. After the small fish hatch out, it will automatically fall into the water.Did the fish friends know what the name of this fish is?

Sometimes the fun of breeding and ornamental fish is to be able to reproduce. Looking at our fish grow up day by day and reproduce, this is the biggest return for us. They have been well protected and growing in our hands. SomeThe varieties are also endless because of the vast viewing fish enthusiasts.

I am the old fish farming, so please pay attention to more ornamental fish, thank you!

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