The uterus is about fetal and self -health, and "6 behaviors" hurt the uterus.

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Introduction: The uterus is not only the cradle of life, but also a sign of your own health. The uterus can take care of it. In your 6 behaviors in life, you may hurt the uterus and avoid it.

For women, uterus is an important organ, not only related to its own health, but also the health of the fetus.We must take care of it. The following 6 behaviors are very bad.

1. Caesarean section

Caesarean section is inevitable for some pregnant mothers with special circumstances. This method can avoid the danger caused by difficulty.However, some pregnant mothers are afraid of pain to choose a cesarean section. In fact, the caesarean section is very harmful to women, because opening the uterus directly will leave scars, and some will also have scar hyperplasia.If it is not recovered, it will affect the next conception.If you can give birth smoothly, you can still give birth.

2. Artificial abortion

For artificial abortion, if it is not cleaned or operated properly, it can easily lead to uterine cavity infection, adhesion, etc., and it is easy to cause infertility.Artificial abortion hurts the body. The number of abortion within one year should not be more than 2 times, and more than 3 times in a lifetime.Women should cherish their bodies and usually take pregnancy preparation measures. If they are not needed, they must go to a regular hospital.

3. Multiple pregnancy

Once pregnant, the uterus will increase a point of risk, especially for mothers who have a cesarean section. It is also dangerous to become thinner in pregnancy.

4. Do not check

After pregnancy, you must check the physical condition of the fetus and pregnant mothers in time, and you can also find the condition of the uterus.

5. Do not pay attention to your body after giving birth

After giving birth to a baby, pay attention to rest. Even if there are children making themselves very hard, when children fall asleep, don’t take care of playing mobile phones, it is better to rest.Some people see the best of the child, then rest should be rest. Proper activities are conducive to the recovery of the uterus.

6. Don’t pay attention to hygiene in the same room

Women should pay attention to the same room in the early trimester and the same room during menstruation. In addition, they must do a good job of sanitary work before and after the same room, otherwise it is easy to infect and cause gynecological diseases.

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