The upstream of help 丨 Rabbing dogs who have been raised for 6 years are about to give birth to a pregnant woman’s house?

Can pregnant women’s homes raise cats and dogs?On the Internet, there are divergent opinions on this issue; in reality, if you are pregnant, how to settle your own cats and dogs …

The fetus affects.Ms. Huang was very reluctant, so she searched the Internet on the Internet to raise dogs. As a result, she searched and various information was overwhelming.Therefore, Ms. Huang called for help and hoped that authoritative experts would answer questions.

Ms. Huang’s dog "durian".

Xunzi is pregnant

The dogs that have been raised for 6 years have to give away

Ms. Huang’s dog called "Durian". Six years ago, Ms. Huang adopted "durian", and "durian" brought her a lot of happiness."Because I live alone, I often travel on a business trip. Sometimes it is more than 10 days when I go on a business trip. When I am busy, I really can’t take care of the" durian ‘. "Even so, Ms. Huang never thought of transferring it to othersThinking about it, she decided to send durian to her parents’ house.

"My parents raised ‘durian’, and it was raised for almost 6 years as soon as it was raised. There was also deep feelings between people and dogs. In particular, my dad particularly liked ‘durian’.There is no loss to the dog at all, and it is even more meticulous to take care of it. "Ms. Huang told upstream journalists, but last year, my brother got married, and Xunzi announced her pregnancy this year.In order to better take care of the sister -in -law during pregnancy, my brother -in -law decided to move back and live with his parents temporarily. In this way, the sister -in -law will contact the "durian".But in this way, pregnant women will contact the dog. Although they are reluctant to "durian", they dare not neglect in major pregnancy events, so they fall into dilemma and don’t know what to do.

Pregnant women with these situations

Not suitable for raising cats and dogs during pregnancy

So, can dogs contact pregnant women?Upstream journalists contact Professor Yan Baigang, the leader of the Third Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, Professor Yan Baigang, the leader of the Animal Injury Injury Team of the Chongqing Medical Society.Cats and dogs are reported in case of illness.So, when pregnant women are pregnant, what are the cases of cats and dogs?

Yan Baigang introduced that those who had severe allergies to cats and dogs in the past have skin reactive diseases, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, bronchitis, asthma, and those with low immune function are prone to infection and are not suitable for cats and dogs.In addition, if there are no cats and dogs at home for the time being, there is a pregnancy plan recently. It is recommended to wait for the baby to be raised after a period of time.And if there are cats and dogs in the family, during this period, after the pregnant woman, after contacting cats, dog urine, saliva, secretions, dandruff, they should clean their hands in time, and the breeding environment should be disinfected regularly.If pregnant women have symptoms such as rash or itching, runny nose, dyspnea, breathing difficulty, cough, sputum, conjunctival congestion and swelling, they should seek medical treatment in time.In addition, the cats and dogs at home must be injected with animal rabies immune prevention, and the feeders need to vaccinate (prenatal immunity) in advance.

Upstream journalist Fan Shengqing intern Ji Jialin

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