The throat hurts after "yang". It is recommended: use less medicine and atomization, and the nutritional doctors recommend 7 types of foods

Unconsciously, the new crown virus has been with people for nearly three years. In these three years, human beings "fight each other" with the new coronal virus, and the new coronal virus has also mutated different types of species.

Today’s new crown virus has greatly reduced the pathogenicity of the human body. Therefore, many places in the country have implemented a "comprehensive release" policy. In the early days of fully liberalizing, many people have infected the new crown virus because the new crown is now the new crown.The spread is very strong, and you may accidentally infect the new crown when you go out to buy a dish.

There are many positive patients that the throat will be very painful after infection with the new crown, and even the symptoms of "blade cut the throat" will even occur.

When this happens, people often do not know how to deal with it. Many people choose to use medicine or atomization to improve the symptoms of throat pain, but in fact, after "Yang", throat pain insists on eating seven categories a few times.Food can relieve the symptoms of throat pain.

As far as the disease is concerned, the current new crown pneumonia Omeck Rongzhu always attacks the upper respiratory tract. The virus will cause the immune response of the white blood cells in the throat, increase the permeability of the blood vessels in the throat, cause the cell component and tissue liquidThe exudation caused the throat swelling, and finally caused pain due to long -term nerve compression.

New coronary pneumonia can promote the release of a variety of inflammatory medium in the immune system. These media can stimulate the end of the nerve, which causes or aggravate pain.

1. Sydney

Sydney is the seasonal fruit of this period, but Sydney is cold and cold, rich in juice, and 95%of the water content.

The weather in autumn and winter is originally dry. It is a high incidence season for upper respiratory tract infections. If the upper respiratory tract infection is prone to dry throat and hoarse sound, you can eat Sydney appropriately to relieve such symptoms.

2. radish

Radish is a kind of home -made vegetable, which has a crispy taste and high medicinal value. When there is a sore or uncomfortable feeling, you can also improve it by eating radishes. Radish can relieve sore throat and inflammation.

Moreover, radish itself is a kind of benign vegetable that can moisturize the throat, clear heat and detoxify, and often eat fresh radish or raw radish juice to help relieve and treat cough.

3. Honey

Honey contains a variety of nutrients, which can achieve the effect of anti -inflammatory and sterilization. Honey is sweet and flat, can moisturize the lungs and relieve cough. People with sore throat can be improved by drinking honey water. Honey water can relieve the symptoms of dry throat and itching.

4. Lotus root

Lotus root is sweet and cold. It has the effects of strengthening the stomach and spleen, nourishing blood, and relieving diarrhea. It is mainly used to treat lung heat cough, irritability and thirst, spleen deficiency diarrhea, and loss of appetite.

In addition, lotus root has high nutritional value, rich in trace elements such as iron, calcium, rich in plant protein, vitamins, and starch. It has obvious effects of qi and blood and enhancing human immunity.Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine said that it is mainly to make up Chinese medicine to nourish the spirit.

5. Ice cream

Many experts claim that eating ice cream when sore throat can help throat reduce pain and swelling.

When people have a sore throat, they can achieve the effect of local cold compresses by eating ice cream, which can reduce the symptoms of sore throat. Therefore, people can try properly when sore throat.

6. Ginger

Ginger has been dual -use food since ancient times, which can not only help regulate the taste of food, but also achieve good medicinal value.

Ginger can be used as medicine, which can generally be used to solve heat, sweating, expectorant, heat preservation, anti -inflammatory and other problems. Eating ginger can help improve the fever and sore throat caused by fire.

7. Mint sugar

Eating mint sugar can make the throat cool and relieve the symptoms of sore throat.

Studies have shown that mint has the effects of antitumor, dermatological absorption, anti -inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial and antiviral effects, and has a certain effect on the central nervous system, digestive system, reproductive system, and respiratory system.

The reason why mint has these benefits is probably related to the volatile oil contained in mint. The main component is mint, also known as "mint brain".Mint alcohol stimulates the new secretions of the trachea, so that the sticky mucus is easy to discharge. Therefore, consumption of mint or mint can relieve symptoms of discomfort such as sore throat and sputum.

1. Don’t eat spicy food

Don’t eat spicy, especially young people usually like to eat: spicy hot, hot pot, incense pot, various spicy strips.After "Yang", sore throat is common.

Some people say: The throat is like "cut a knife and swallowed a knife". At this time, it is like "worsening the snow", so it is not recommended to eat this kind of food.

2. Don’t eat greasy food

For those infected with the new crown, barbecue, potato chips, fried chicken and other foods should also be avoided. If you really want to eat, at this time, the patient’s willingness should be the first.

However, for the new crown patients, the greasy food will bring a lot of burden on the stomach and throat, easy to sputum, sore throat, and those high -oil and salt dishes. Try not to eat it.

3. Sweet food

After "Yang", my throat hurts. Why should I avoid sweets?

Experts said: After "Yang", the physical function will decrease, and the speed of gastrointestinal motility will become slower. If you eat some sweets, it may aggravate the symptoms of indigestion.Moreover, if you cough, eating sweets will be more likely to cause cough and sputum.

1. Pay attention to rest

Patients with positive coronary virus should pay attention to rest and try not to stay up late. It is best to sleep for more than 8 hours a day to ensure that sufficient sleep can enhance the immune function of the human body and help the recovery of the disease.

2. Don’t take medicine randomly

Do not use antibiotics after the "Yang", because the treatment of this pair has no effect. The antibiotics here refer to erythromycin, penicillin, amoxylin and cephalosporin.

Because these drugs are antibacterial drugs, they have no effect on the virus, and they will also increase the burden on the body’s kidneys and liver. Abuse can also cause functional damage to the liver and kidneys.

3. If you can’t eat something, don’t eat it

During the infection, the human immune cells are fighting against the virus, and there are very few digestive enzymes. Therefore, it is easy to have no appetite at all.

It is normal for a sick animal to not eat food. This is the instinct of the organism. On the contrary, if you eat some food forcibly, it will also affect the battle of the immune system.

4. Solocent isolation

After diagnosis is positive, it is best to choose a room alone. All rooms have to use alcohol to disinfect it by themselves, and then take some symptoms according to the symptoms.

1. Short gas

The new crown is easy to have shortness of breath, and the breathing frequency exceeds 30 times per minute. It has a real sense of urgency. In poor breathing, physical discomfort, it will feel obviously hypoxic.Make it.

In this case, there may be some damage inside people’s body, and you need to watch a doctor immediately.

2. Low oxygen saturation

In non -exercise state, when inhaling the air by itself, it means that the blood oxygen saturation index is less than 93%, just like the leaves cannot perform photosynthetic effects. The human body cannot accept oxygen, and special instruments need to be relieved.

However, this situation also shows that the lungs can not work normally. It is obvious that the process of turning the shade is not so serious, and it must be going to the hospital.

3. Low blood oxygen concentration

After infection with the new crown, you will be dizzy from time to time, walking on your feet without ground, arterial blood oxygen pressure, oxygen concentration is less than 300mmHg. It feels that the whole body is not my own, the mind is unclear, and even a bit of amnesia.

When this happens, please go to the doctor immediately. It is recommended to do a blood oxygen test. Take a movie and see. The condition is a bit similar to hypoglycemia, but it is even more uncomfortable.

4. Basic clinical symptoms increase

If the body’s response is particularly strong, such as long -term high fever, watching the lung images when filming, the obvious progress of the lesion exceeds ordinary people. The symptoms of "Yang Kang" are more severe than ordinary people.At this time, it is recommended to be admitted for treatment.In addition to self -examination, patients with basic diseases are best to use monitoring equipment to comprehensively monitor the disease.

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