The three most important examinations in the second trimester must be done, remember this best time

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Specific mothers know that the birth of pregnancy is very important, and after pregnancy, most expectant mothers will also do a good job of production, especially in the middle of pregnancy, and fetal movement monitoring in the third trimester.Today, I will share with expectant mothers to share the three most important inspections in the middle of pregnancy. A sharing of pure dry goods, take a closer look ~

The frequency of the second trimester of delivery is once a month. There are three key inspections, namely: Tang’s syndrome screening (expectant mothers under the age of 35), fetal system ultrasound examination (discharge) and 75g oral glucoseExecute test (75GOGTT).

Check the gestational week: 15-20 weeks of pregnancy

Methods: Blood testing mainly depends on three indicators: the concentration of nail protein (abbreviated as AFP), human chorionic gonadotropin (abbreviation: HCG), and free estradiol (abbreviation: UE3).Based on these three indicators, combined with the age of pregnant mothers, the number of pregnancy weeks and the weight of expectant mothers, etc., the danger coefficient of the fetus suffer from this disease is calculated.

Result analysis:

Low risk: Prompt that risk has not increased, not without risk

High risks: It is prompted to increase risk, but it is not confirmed, and a prenatal diagnosis is required.


① If it is a high risk, the first thing to do is not to repeat the screening, but to calculate and check the relevant factors of the gestational week, age, and various medical history again.

② There is also a need for prospective mothers to understand: the results of the screening are "high risk", but the vast majority (more than 90%) fetuses are not innate stupid, but the probability of occurrence is relatively high."Low risk" does not mean that the fetus must not be a congenital fool, but the relatively low probability of occurrence is relatively low.

Check the gestational week: 18-24 weeks of pregnancy

Methods: The main organ of the fetus was checked by ultrasound, and the detection rate was 50%-70%.

What can be screened: brain, congenital spine bifida, congenital heart disease, cleft lip and palate, lack of limbs, digestion, and urinary systems.

PS: One thing to be clear is that because the results of the examination will be affected by factors such as fetal gestational weeks, fetal positions, amniotic fluid conditions, and fatal thickness of expectant mothers.It will not be checked.

Check the gestational week: 24-28 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers with high risk factors of diabetes.Moms with these situations should check in advance: the family history of diabetes, older, obese, suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome, and a history of childbirth.

Method: The normal diet 3 days before the inspection, fasting 8 hours before the inspection, and sitting during the inspection.

① Pump blood glucose once;

② Use a small cup, add 75g of glucose, and connect 200-300 ml of water to dissolve it, and drink it within 5 minutes.

③ From the time of drinking the first time, it is necessary to take 1 hour and 2 hours after drinking sugar water, and take blood once.

Diagnostic criteria:

Empty blood glucose value ≥5.1 mmol/L, blood glucose value ≥10 mmol/L, and 2 hours of blood glucose value ≥8.5 mmol/L. Any time that meets the diagnostic standards can be diagnosed as gestational diabetes.

PS: To avoid being called a "sugar mother", you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

① Diet: Daily diet is mainly light, and the total daily diet must be controlled. You also need to pay attention to the distribution of meals. It is best to follow the principle of eating less meals.Eat more foods containing dietary fiber (such as brown rice, grain rice, increase vegetable intake, and limit fruit intake)

② Exercise: Properly increase exercise. The intensity is suitable for feeling comfortable and not speeding up.

Jingma said: In the early pregnancy, the fetus will be worried about abortion, and the blood HCG will be monitored. The most important thing in the second trimester is some screening of abnormal examination and pregnancy complications.Specific mothers can collect this article and use them as three inspections.Of course, the most hoped for Beijing’s mother is that every expectant mother can pass smoothly!

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