The symptoms of half a month of pregnancy can be easily judged through the following 4 symptoms

Most women who are pregnant for half a month, from the perspective of appearance, are difficult to notice that they are pregnant, and others are even more difficult to distinguish.Because pregnant women who are truly pregnant, they generally have five or six months old.What are the symptoms of half a month of pregnancy?Which symptoms can explain that they are really pregnant?Let’s introduce it to you in detail.

Obstetrics and gynecology experts said that in the early days of pregnancy, many women had menopause, dizziness, drowsiness, vomiting, nausea, and high body temperature.Pay more attention to rest and raise your body.When the following symptoms usually occur, it is often indicated that women are likely to be pregnant. You must pay attention after the husband and wife live, please look at it next.

1. Mentalities.The first symptom of pregnancy is to discontinue menstruation. In the normal menstrual period, the next 10 days and the future menstruation may be pregnant at this time, and it is usually about two weeks of pregnancy.But for women who do not come on time, this cannot be used as a basis for whether to get pregnant.

2. Symptoms similar to a cold occur.Headache, dizziness, high body temperature, loss of appetite, fatigue, etc. For women without experience or first pregnancy, they think they have a cold, and they take cold medicine at will.If there are adverse effects, such symptoms occur, you should go to the hospital for examination, or use early pregnancy test strips to test.

3. Breast pain and sensitivity, the color of the areola becomes darker.This is the obvious physiological phenomenon of pregnancy. There may be many pregnant women who do not pay attention to this, but breast pain is the signal of sending pregnancy to you.At this time, we should wear as little plastic underwear as possible. It is better to wear loose underwear to prevent the discomfort of the breast.

4, frequent urination, pregnancy vomiting.If you feel that you often run to the bathroom recently, either urinating or uncomfortable in the stomach, and want to vomit.Even if you don’t drink much water, you always want to go to the toilet; even if you don’t eat anything, you will always be nauseous.This is because of the results of estrogen and progesterone in the body after pregnancy.It may not have a strong response half a month ago, but over time, this symptom will become more and more serious.

At the time of pregnancy, the body and psychology will change slightly, the more obvious the later.The pregnancy reaction occurs from the beginning of pregnancy. Women who want to determine whether they are pregnant should pay attention to their physical changes.Discover pregnancy as soon as possible and prepare for pregnancy as soon as possible.

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