The swollen legs during pregnancy are too uncomfortable, 5 cope with the tricks, simple and effective, the pregnant mother quickly try

Xiao Chen has been pregnant for more than 7 months, and it is really hard to squeeze the bus with a stomach every day. Sometimes there are too many people in the car to give up.Stimulation from time to time at night.Every time you have to let your husband help to relieve it.

I went to the office to look at the grievances this morning and thought I had encountered something on the way to work. I asked when I asked that my husband did not help him massage the cramps last night.Good.Say Xiao Chen cried again.

In fact, there are many such husbands. Not only do you not be considerate of his wife’s pain, but also suspects that he is disturbing his sleep, it is really angry.

The swollen leg cramp during pregnancy is caused by the poor blood caused by the uterine compression of the lower limbs, and it is also related to the physical condition of the pregnant mother. For example, calcium deficiency can also cause cramps.

However, it is the key to finding a response.

First of all, you must be nutritious in diet. Eat more foods with high calcium content such as deep sea fish and soy products, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement vitamins.If a doctor diagnose calcium deficiency, you need to supplement calcium, but do not excess.

Second: Do more stretching.Pregnant mothers can choose safety sports such as yoga, fitness exercises during pregnancy, which can not only enhance their physical fitness and improve the body’s physical fitness, but also effectively relieve the symptoms of leg swelling and cramps.It should be noted that the amplitude of the action should not be too large. Under the guidance of a professional teacher, we cannot blindly do high difficult movements.

Third: Choose a small ball for travel.The small ball is a high -bomb ETPU material. The soles used in pregnant women’s shoes are the most suitable. The elasticity of the shock absorption is particularly good. The pregnant mother walks like a spring with the soles of the feet.The small ball can also support the bow to prevent the border.The most important thing is that the anti -slip properties of this material are also 5 times that of ordinary shoes.Pregnant mothers can not only relieve the symptoms of leg swelling, but also make travel safer.

Fourth: improve the legs to promote blood flow.When sitting and lying down, the pad raising the leg on the feet will promote the blood flow and make the blood circulation smoother.

Fifth: Soak your feet in warm water before going to bed and massage before going to bed.Although some prospective dads are very reluctant to help pregnant mothers massage to relieve, this is a good way to help pregnant mothers alleviate cramps and swelling.So no matter whether the prospective dad is willing or not, this needs to be done.After all, the child is not a wife alone.

In addition, pregnant mothers do not step on the floor during the day, and the cold floor will also aggravate cramps, and drink enough water to accelerate the cycle during the day.When the legs are spasm, straighten your legs and slowly bent your toes towards the nose, which can effectively relieve it.

The prospective dad must pay more attention to his wife. When your wife needs you most, be the responsibility and obligation of a husband’s due responsibility and obligation.

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