The strange mother -in -law hurt her pregnant daughter -in -law to live in the ICU, just to save a little money!

Recently, a wonderful mother -in -law who will save the ultimate mother -in -law, because she insists not allowing the air conditioner to turn on, and the quasi -mother mother who is 20 weeks will be killed into the ICU to rescue.Why are the hot weather so hot to prevent pregnant women from turning on the air conditioner?

On June 10, the temperature in Guangdong had climbed to zero 38 degrees.Such a high temperature and heat, even normal people have to sweat, not to mention pregnant women who are going to give birth at 20 weeks?In this summer, there is such a mother -in -law who wants to save money and refuses to turn on the air conditioner to cool down, so that pregnant women who live in their family who are pregnant at 20 weeks of pregnancy shackle in high temperature environments, which is severe enough to breathe difficulty.EssenceAfter the unremitting efforts of the doctor, the condition of the pregnant woman was controlled. Fortunately, the fetus was preserved, and there was no other harm to pregnant women.The original words of the doctor said: "The situation of the pregnant woman at the time was very dangerous, but when it was 120 in the evening, the child couldn’t hold it." High -temperature weather is really dangerous, especially for people with weak bodies and being easily injured.

As a result, the cost of the ICU this time does not know the electricity bill that can be paid for several years.The more terrible consequences are almost a dead body.After experiencing this thrilling, the daughter -in -law finally made up her mind: I moved out when I was discharged, and no longer put my life safety into my mother -in -law’s hands.

Save money is a common problem for the elderly, but this disease scores.It’s almost nothing to wear. As long as you can wear it, others will not blame anything.However, the aspects of eating cannot be saved, and the electricity bills under the cool summer cannot be saved, because the daughter -in -law is a 20 -week birth to pregnant women, and it needs a comfortable environment and cool temperature.Pregnant women are not like a normal person, and they have survived in the face of the heat of the heat.She is two people, and the calories in her body are greater than ordinary people.At 38 degrees of high temperature, once it does not cool down in time, major problems will occur.As a mother -in -law, if you want to save money, you can’t save money at this period of 20 weeks of your daughter -in -law.In order to save electricity, my mother -in -law insisted on not allowing her daughter -in -law to turn on the air conditioner.As a result, the cost of the ICU this time does not know the electricity bill that can be paid for several years.The more terrible consequences are almost a dead body.

In order to save one or two yuan of electricity, it finally lost tens of thousands of yuan and also complained.My daughter -in -law will blame you, and my son may not be able to say hello. Alas, no one inside and outside has a tens of thousands of yuan.Many elders’ thoughts are indeed deep -rooted. I feel that turning on air conditioning can cause air conditioning diseases. If the air conditioner is too much money, you can carry it.But pregnant women really can’t mess with.Almost two lives, entering the hospital cost more than the air conditioning, and fortunately rescued.

Any clever elderly will not have the relationship with the daughter -in -law.On the one hand, it is difficult to be a person in the middle.On the other hand, when you are old, you need your son and daughter -in -law to take care of.Even if you do n’t think about yourself, you have to consider this family. The family is happy, and the relationship between mother -in -law and mother -in -law is not in harmony. This family does not have a temperature.Moreover, my mother -in -law can help her son -in -law’s daughter -in -law, help as much as possible, so that their life pressure will be reduced a lot, and the life of the family will be happier.The girls today are not like before, they will revenge, they will not be relieved, you are not good at her, and when you are old, she will not care about you.

In terms of this incident, although the original intention of her mother -in -law was to save money, she also saw that she did not pay attention to her daughter -in -law. The daughter -in -law was not comfortable and high -temperature at 20 weeks, but she was still attached.For that little electricity bill, she eventually hurt her daughter -in -law’s body and her heart.The result was that the two could not live together in the future, maybe her daughter -in -law could no longer forgive her.

The older generation is very different from the consumption view and money view of the young people today.The older generation came over during a period of social turmoil and poverty. They had eaten hard and suffered, and they knew that it was not easy to make money.Because of this, they are often diligent and frugal, save money, and treat each penny as a baby.In fact, my mother -in -law should not live together, and it is beautiful.Different concepts are prone to differences, and contradictions will naturally happen.

The most important thing about the relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law is mutual understanding. As a mother -in -law should consider what kind of environment is needed as a daughter -in -law of a pregnant woman, and what kind of environment is more suitable for them. As the focus of protection, it is necessary to use pregnant women and children as the starting point, rather than the so -called so -called so -called so -called so -called so -called.Save money.Because my mother -in -law does not know how to think in other places, she does not listen to her daughter -in -law’s thoughts, and blindly follows her own thoughts.As a daughter -in -law, you should also tell your own thoughts directly, and you must know how to communicate with your mother -in -law and express what he wants.The so -called unnecessary compliance will only hurt yourself.

Anything or thing in the world has a sinking cost.But if you are too obsessed with careful calculations, you have to pay far exceeding the cost of this cost.The "cleverness" you think has also become wisdom.This is the behavior of the behavior of the mother -in -law of Guangdong. The self -righteousness is considered to be almost irreparable.It is spiritual, and it is also an irreplaceable price.I have read a word: "The most regrettable life is, it is easy to give up, stubbornly, insist on not persistent." Don’t wait for the tragedy to really happen, then you are realized: people’s life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, life, lifeThe most important thing is that health is the most expensive.The small money saved must be replaced with a lot of money.The result is not to save money, but to make the sinking costs get bigger and bigger.

In the end, you will also find that you do n’t know when, your spirit and happiness are also taken away during this meaningless tug of tap.Just like this pair of mother -in -law, they will be separated because of this matter, which may be unforgivable, and it also causes the entire family to reduce the whole family. I do n’t know how to communicate, how to express their dissatisfaction, but to stay away.Once some things happen, it is difficult to recover. Fortunately, pregnant women and children are rescued in a timely manner. If the ending of things is not satisfactory, how can they face it.How will it continue in the future?Therefore, life does not come back, grasp the moment, cherish the fate between mother -in -law and mother -in -law.

Although many frictions in life are unavoidable, when encountering contradictions, more calm, more reflection, and more dependent thinking.Don’t mess with the square inch because of a moment of breath, let alone add fire to your mother -in -law.Learning to solve the problems in life wisdom is the most sensible way of life.

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