The stomach of the expectant mother is "grunt", is the baby talking?4 hidden meanings of pregnant belly must know

"Generally, there is nothing trivial during pregnancy."

As far as pregnant mothers are concerned, all things are important than the health of the fetus, so once you encounter things that make yourself "puzzled" during pregnancy, it is generally somewhat nervous.

For example, after pregnancy, the pregnant belly sometimes makes a "grunt" sound. Some unknown pregnant mothers will worry about whether they have eaten the wrong thing and make the fetus "talk" to protest with himself.

So, is the baby’s "grunt" calling, is the fetus talking?What other pregnant belly is "abnormal"?Pregnant mothers should know 4 hidden meanings of pregnant belly ~


This is what many pregnant mothers encounter in the early pregnancy. Because of the sound of "grunting", the sound of "grunting" with a bad belly, so it is easy to be suspected of being a problem with his diet.

The fetus will not speak normally, so you can only communicate with himself by making a "grunt" sound.

Reason show

In fact, from a professional perspective, this is a "grunt" made by the pregnant mother’s "flatulence".

"During pregnancy, due to changes in body hormone levels, a large number of estrogen hormones rise.

Therefore, the tension of the smooth muscle of the gastrointestinal tract is reduced, causing the gastrointestinal motility to weaken. Finally, due to the extension of the gastric emptying, it is more likely to produce the result of the gastrointestinal flatulence."

At the same time, when the "Guru" sounds due to bloating, will the pregnant mothers feel a little more fart?


In this case during pregnancy, pregnant mothers can use two steps to relieve:

① eat more and eat more;

② Try not to lie down immediately after eating.

For pregnant mothers who are pregnant, it is recommended that the usual diet is best at light.

Under normal circumstances, this phenomenon can be relieved after the placenta is completely formed, which is about three months of pregnancy.


The "falling feeling" of the pregnant belly will unconsciously let the pregnant mother think of the words "abortion" and "premature birth".

Especially in the third trimester, the "falling feeling" will make the pregnant mother doubt whether the baby is about to come out in advance.

Reason show

The feeling of pregnancy during pregnancy is related to many factors, and it is not necessarily a sign of the fetus.For example, there may be two reasons:

1) Diagnosis

If you eat your belly during pregnancy, diarrhea or gastroenteritis diarrhea, the pregnant belly will feel similar to "falling".

2) The uterus is supported

In the process of conceiving in October, the baby’s baby grew up day by day. Correspondingly, the uterus was also bigger step by step.

"After the uterine is enlarged, it will cause pulling the surrounding ligaments, and it will cause squeeze to other organs."

In this way, pregnant mothers will feel the "fall" of the pregnant belly, and they will also feel pain.


Some pathological causes in life can also cause the "falling feeling" of pregnant belly, so pregnant mothers can do it through abnormal conditions such as "persistent falling", "seeing red, abdominal pain, vaginal discharge" and other abnormalities to do it.distinguish.

If these abnormalities are found, it is best to go to the hospital immediately.


The uterus is the living environment of the baby and their activity area.

Sometimes I see that the belly moves is relatively powerful. Although some pregnant mothers know that this is a fetal movement, she can’t help but doubt whether the baby is boxing and flipping his head in his belly.

Reason show

Under normal circumstances, about 18-20 weeks of pregnancy, fetal movement begins, and with the increase of the pregnancy week, the fetal movement is becoming more and more frequent.

"If the pregnant mother is thinner, the abdominal wall is thinner, or the fetus is strong, when the fetal movement is moved, a" little drum bag "will be raised on the belly."

Basically, in the end of pregnancy, for the baby, the narrow environment of the uterus will restrict their developing mature body, so the number of fetal movements will become less and less.


The fetal movement reflects the physical condition of the baby’s baby, which is a way of communication between the baby and the pregnant mother.

Therefore, for the pregnant mother, why not take advantage of this interaction, interact with the baby baby, and increase the intimacy?Of course, you must also develop the habit of counting several fetal movements every day.


At 12-14 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will encounter the situation of "jumping and jump" in their stomachs. People often attribute this situation to "hiccups."

Reason show

"The pregnant belly‘ jump and jump ’is actually the irregular painless contraction of the uterus, which often shows the characteristics of scarcity, painlessness, and asymmetric.”


In this case, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much, relax, pay attention to rest, and wait for it to pass quietly.

The size of the fetus is determined by many factors such as nutrition, development, and genetic during pregnancy.

Although it is said that the fetus is relatively large, it does make the expectant mother’s belly look larger, but the size of the expectant mother’s belly is also affected by the following various factors:

① Affected by fat

After pregnancy, some pregnant mothers have better nutritional supplements, so they will cause too much accumulation of fat.

If the fat accumulates too much in the abdomen, it will make the pregnant belly look larger.

② Affected by amniotic fluid

Amniotic fluid is the living environment of the fetus. If the amount of amniotic fluid is more, the pregnant belly will appear larger, and on the contrary, it will look smaller.

③ Affected by the pelvis

If the pelvis of the pregnant mother is relatively narrow, the pregnant belly will naturally expand forward, and it will look larger;

If the pelvis of pregnant mothers is relatively wide, the pregnant belly does not have to expand forward, it looks smaller;

Therefore, it is accurately that the size of the pregnant mother’s belly does not necessarily imply the size of the fetus.

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