The stomach is uncomfortable. Why do the doctor give me a psychiatric medicine?

Stomach discomfort …

The stomach is uncomfortable. Why do the doctor give me a psychiatric medicine?

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Experts in this review: Zhang Wei, deputy director and chief pharmacist of Beijing Jishui Tan Hospital, Xue Ying, deputy director of the Pharmacy of the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Xue Ying in charge of pharmacist, deputy director and director of Xuanwu Hospital, Jiang Dechun

Some patients with gastrointestinal discomforts may have such experience. The digestive department that had been went first was checked and did not find out problems.Although the problem is solved, it is always wondering how this psychiatric medicine has cured the discomfort of the stomach?

Stomach discomfort is not necessarily a stomach disease

Generally speaking, when there is a problem with the body, the site will be corresponding.For example, stomach discomfort may indicate stomach problems.but it is not the truth.There is also such a disease in clinical clinical.The pain of patients even affects social function. In fact, this is not stomach disease, but a symptom manifestation of physical disorder.

Symptoms of physical disorders may involve any system or organs of the body. They are diverse in specific performance and are not restricted to the stomach. They may also have abnormal skin sensation, chest tightness and dizziness.Because the specific causes or problems that cannot be found through medical methods cannot explain these symptoms, the patients are medical treatment and obsessed with finding specific problems.

Is psychiatric medicine addiction?

Patients with physical disorders are sometimes recommended by doctors in the general hospital to psychiatric specialties, and given a drug treatment plan. After a period of treatment, the condition will gradually improve.However, in the mental department, the patient may not accept the diagnosis of physical disorders at first, and it is also a bit resistant to the treatment of spiritual drugs. It is easy to think of the words "dependence" and "addiction".

The mechanism of psychotropic drugs is to participate in the adjustment of neurotransmitters in the body and restore it to normal levels.Most psychiatric drugs (except phenyl nitrogen drugs) were unable to adapt immediately when the patient’s body was unable to adapt, and some original symptoms appeared.EssenceThe reaction of the drug is usually self -limited. After a few weeks, it will be relieved. Of course, this process can be avoided as long as the speed reduction rate is appropriately reduced.

Is the psychiatric medicine relieving medicine?

Although physical disorders are manifested in various forms of discomfort and even pain, in fact, patients do not have specific physical diseases.In terms of physical disorders, anxiety, depression and other diseases such as diseases, many patients often accompanied anxiety and depression after suffering long -term illness, so doctors usually use antidepressants for patients.Anti-depression drugs to relieve patients’ physical discomfort are mainly related to the adjustment of the two neurotransmitters of the body 5-HT and norepinephrine.The mechanism of inflammatory medicine is completely different.

Precautions for medication

Drug treatment of physical disorders requires some time after a period of time, because the regulation of neurotransmitters requires sufficient amount to change in quality, and the length of time will vary due to individual differences.At this time, it is often necessary to wait patiently to give the drug full time.

Symptoms after the effect of drugs begin to relieve, and some patients may fall into a misunderstanding. They think that physical disorders are the same as colds. The symptoms disappear can stop the medicine. In fact, it is not.The efficacy of drugs needs to adhere to enough time to consolidate, so that our body will return to normal state.If the drug is stopped prematurely, the symptoms of the drug will appear again after the disappearance of the drug, and repeated fluctuations will not be conducive to the treatment of the disease.


The concept of "headache medical head, foot pain and foot" is not applicable to all diseases, and mental illness may also be manifested as physical discomfort.For patients with physical disorders, psychiatric drugs are naturally needed.The treatment of psychiatric drugs is not analgesic, but to improve and regulate the abnormal neurotransal secretion state in the body to relieve the patient’s symptoms. As long as the drug is slowly reduced, the drug reaction can be avoided to avoid more causing more.Discomfort.


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