The sexual relationship with the mother and daughter before and after the man, causing the two to become pregnant.

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It is said that the husband and wife are forest birds, honor and disgrace.But is this really in real life?In fact, there is such a person in Zhangjiajie, Hunan, and killed her husband who got along with each other.

"Please, don’t kill me, I’m really wronged, you give me a chance to make me clear." The man made every effort to ask his wife.

But despite this, he still did not escape the poisonous hand that took away his life.With a heartbreaking scream, the man fell heavily to the ground, and his breathing stopped abruptly.

What exactly is going on?As a husband and wife who are in the same bed, why do they cruelly kill their husbands, what happened between them?Why did the wife do this, and why didn’t her husband resist?Follow my footsteps!

In 1997, a woman quickly walked to the public security branch of Zhangjiajie City, Hunan.The woman stopped in front of the police officer of the Public Security Bureau.

Seeing this, the police thought that the woman had to call the police and asked the woman what help.

"I’m not here to call the police. I was surrendering. I killed people and killed four people. Please kill me," said the woman calmly.

Hearing this, the police froze.What kind of way is this?He killed four people and went to the Public Security Bureau to take the initiative?The police officer said a fog.

But seeing the woman’s serious expression, she understood that she was not playing in trouble, so she grabbed the woman first.

But this sudden scene still puzzled the police.The woman in front of her looked at the age of thirty -five years old. How did she kill four people and why did she go to the police station to take the initiative to commit the case.

This series of questions are all around the police.In order to clarify the ins and outs of the matter, the police took the woman to the interrogation room for interrogation.

Faced with the police’s interrogation, the woman truthfully explained everything she did and the cause of the law of killing others.

The woman’s name is Zhang Min (a pseudonym). At the age of 39, everything that happened just now should start with her ex -husband.

Zhang Min was born in a poor peasant family in Zhangjiajie, Hunan.She is the only child in the family.Although the family conditions are not good, as the only daughter of the family, her parents love her very much, and they want to satisfy any requirements.

On weekdays, the couple saved money and bought a lot of food and wear for their girlfriends. Although the people in the village told them that if Xiaomin was still favored, she might be spoiled.

However, they don’t care, because Xiao Min is their only daughter or a petite girl. The old saying that the poor daughter is rich and raised, and their education method is not wrong. Besides, their daughter is so obedient, even if they grow up, even if they grow up, they grow up. Even if they grow up, they will grow up., Also a filial girl.

The old saying "Children of the poor early."Even if Zhang Min was spoiled by her parents since she was a child, she was not proud of this, because she knew that her family conditions were not good, and the reason why she could live so happy is because her parents paid everything.

Therefore, Zhang Min is still looking forward to the day when he work, because only work can be worthy of his parents’ love for himself.

Later, Zhang Min found a job in a local shoe factory.Although the salary is very low, she is very satisfied.After a month of hard work, Zhang Min successfully made the first bucket of gold in his life.

She took the money she had worked hard to buy a few new clothes for her mother, and then returned home very happy.When my mother saw her daughter’s new clothes I bought for herself, the old couple didn’t mention how happy.

Earlier, the rumors of his daughter’s long -term would not be self -defeating.

After a few years, watching the boss’s not small daughter’s mother realized that her child was reaching a family.Although he was full of reluctance, the old couple knew that she could no longer let her daughter take care of them, and could not delay her daughter for her life because of herself.

Later, under the cooperation of the villagers, Zhang Min met the first husband Wu Zhi (pseudonym).It didn’t take long for the unanimous consent of the two parents, the two soon entered the palace of marriage.

At the beginning, Zhang Min and Wu Zhi felt that others were honest and reliable.Xu Peng after marriage did not disappoint her.In order to make Zhang Min’s life better, Wu Zhi worked from morning to night.Zhang Min is in his eyes.

A few years later, the two gradually had some deposits in their hands.Suddenly one day, his wife Zhang Min told her husband Wu Zhi that it would not work to work for others every night.We cannot do a lifetime for others.Why don’t we do it ourselves?

Her husband Wu Zhi thought about it after hearing it, and felt that his wife Zhang Min said it didn’t make sense.If he wants to get rid of the fate of working, he must let go of his gambling.So after discussion, the two decided to open a small factory with their savings.

After confirming that the two immediately resigned from their original work and put all their minds into this factory.At the beginning, everything was carried out according to their ideas, and it went smoothly.

However, when the product was produced, the two found that they could not be sold to the outside world. There were too few sales channels for their sales, which was not enough to support it.In order to solve this problem, Zhang Min provoked the burden of production, and Wu Zhi was responsible for expanding sales channels.

As the so -called "husband and wife work together, they have more effort", the two have been looking forward to a good life afterwards, and it is day -to -night.

In this way, with the efforts of the couple, the business of the two is also good, and the family is slowly solid.Gradually, the two and the factory had some reputation in the local area.

It is in this case that Zhang Min has a daughter for his love.In the eyes of outsiders, this is called happiness, but Wu Zhi can’t be happy.

Originally, Zhang Min thought that his husband had been thinking about girls, and then he was unhappy, so he enlightened him, the next one must be a daughter.Now I live a little better, and two children are also easy to relax.

But what made her unexpected was that this was not the whole reason for her husband’s displeased.Once the old saying, once people have money, their hearts will change.Wu Zhi has never escaped such an old saying!

Her husband is responsible for sales all year round, so he has seen all kinds of people.When there are more people, he will inevitably give birth to some small buds.Coupled with the wealthy pocket, young girls will inevitably post on Wu Zhi.

Over time, Zhang Min gradually found that her husband was wrong, because whenever she asked for intimate requirements, Wu Zhi always refused for various reasons.

It is said that women’s sixth sense is accurate, and so is Zhang Min.On this day, she secretly picked up her husband’s mobile phone while Wu Zhi was bathing.

Sure enough, she didn’t expect her. After checking the mobile phone, she found that there was a person named "Little Fairy" in his husband’s mobile phone.Through information content, Zhang Min immediately understood why her husband was so indifferent to him.It turned out to be a primary three.

After all, Zhang Min is a businessman. She is not psychological. She can still accept these, but the next content shocked her. After reading the chat records of previous years, Zhang Min found that the two had a child.She couldn’t accept reality, and immediately asked him why he had to support people outside.

In the face of the questioning of his lover, Wu Zhi was not surprised, because he had expected this day, so he told everything about Zhang Min, and Zhang Min cried after hearing.Hardworking all the way, the man he accompanied was such a person.

Zhang Min was unable to accept her husband’s affair, and the two decided to divorce after discussion.Because his husband was wrong, the factory was finally sentenced to Zhang Min.

But despite this, there is no loss for Wu Zhi, because he has invested a lot of business when he has been busy over the years, so even if the factory is not there, he can live a rich life with Primary Three.

After opening it with Wu Zhi, Zhang Min did not depressed. On the contrary, she worked even harder, because from the first day of the divorce, Zhang Min knew that the old saying was right. The man relied on the sow to climb the tree.

At that time, Zhang Min secretly vowed that he must make a lot of money and told Wu Zhi with action that without him, he could live well.

Zhang Min’s daughter Wu Xiaoyan was 19 years old.After the divorce, whether it is life or work, his daughter becomes his most powerful helper.Seeing her daughter so obedient, Zhang Min was also very satisfied with.

But the disaster is not alone. I thought that the two who were about to get rid of the dilemma soon ushered in a tragedy.

Since the factory was sentenced to him, in order to return the factory to the right track, Zhang Min took out his final savings and ordered a lot of raw materials.

Originally, he planned to rely on this raw material to get back to Dongshan, but he did not expect his daughter’s mistake to directly break Zhang Min’s thoughts.

One day, when her daughter was cooking for the workers in the factory, she accidentally lit the raw materials in the factory. The raw materials of flammable materials instantly became a pile of gray.

Seeing this scene, Zhang Min was stunned by her whole person, and instantly felt that the sky collapsed. This was all her savings and efforts.

Wu Xiaoyan also knew how much his mistakes had caused a lot of loss to the family, so he squatted in the corner and cried with his head.

Zhang Min, who calmed down, looked at the burnt raw materials and smiled bitterly for a long time.Now that things have happened, no matter how blame he is, it is useless.

She didn’t understand why it was so unfair to her.The failure of love and career makes her desperate for life, but the child is innocent.What if she just left, what about the child?Therefore, Zhang Min had to bear the debt in the factory alone.

When Zhang Min was in debt trouble, a noble man found her.

His name is Chen Ming (a pseudonym), mainly doing the acquisition business.When he learned that Zhang Min’s raw materials were burned into ashes, he ran over and told her that the good news was to use the ashes of this raw material to plant taro, and the effect would be particularly good.

If Zhang Min said, as he said, he can definitely recover the capital, and it is okay to open the previous factory in the future.

But Zhang Min didn’t think this was a good news, but felt that he came to make fun of her, but after thinking about it, she didn’t choose at all now."But I don’t have money now." Zhang Min said.

When Chen Ming saw that she was because of money, she told her directly that she could lend her 50,000 yuan first, as long as she was planned to sell it to her.

Zhang Min thought about it, and then agreed to Chen Ming’s request. She knew that she had no way.

Maybe God thinks that Zhang Min’s life is too pitiful.With Zhang Min’s efforts, he finally paid off his debt and saved a little.

But after learning that Chen Ming had a wife, Zhang Min could only bury this love in his heart.

At a reception, the two talked about their marriage.Zhang Min did not know Chen Ming’s real marriage.Chen Ming was not happy, and the husband and wife were also famous. They wanted to divorce for a long time. However, his wife kept holding himself, and his wife was just for his own money.

After listening to Chen Ming’s telling, Zhang Min also told Chen Ming about all the misfortunes in his marriage.In this way, the two people with the same illness cherished each other.Under the influence of alcohol, the two of the dried firewood had a relationship.

Then Chen Ming resolutely divorced his wife, and formed a new family with Zhang Min and his daughter Wu Xiaozheng.

In fact, this ending must be the most perfect in the eyes of others, but it is not for their family.

With Chen Ming’s arrival, Wu Xiaozheng had some different thoughts.He began to have a good opinion of the benefactor in front of him, because his parents became like this because of himself, and it was precisely because of Chen Ming’s arrival that he saved the family and saved himself.

It was in this case that Wu Xiaozheng made an irreparable mistake.

On this day, Zhang Min was very anxious because of his hometown, and he had no time to tell Chen Ming.Before leaving, he greeted his daughter and asked her to tell Chen Ming, and then hurriedly drove away.

Although Wu Xiaohan approved on the surface, he did not actually do so.On the contrary, she was lying on her husband’s bed.During the day, Chen Ming returned home drunk and saw that the "wife" on the bed had sexual relationship through alcohol.

But he didn’t know that the people on the bed were not his wife, but his adoptive daughter.It was not until dawn that Chen Ming was completely panicked.He immediately apologized to Wu Xiaoyan and stated that he was not intentional.

Wu Xiaoyan didn’t care because it was voluntary. Later, under Chen Ming’s prayer, she agreed to conceal the matter, but she didn’t know that she was pregnant from that night.

One month later, Zhang Min called and told Chen Ming’s good news.

Chen Ming was very happy after hearing it, and set several meals to celebrate this day.Just as you were happy, Zhang Min found that the daughter next to him was frown.

Under his mother’s question, Wu Xiaozheng told his mother that he had not had menstruation for a month.Zhang Min felt something wrong, but she still had hope that things should not be what she imagined, so she found a pregnancy test stick for Xiaohan.

The pregnancy test stick showed that she was pregnant.Zhang Min was stunned. What’s going on?My daughter is only 20 years old.Later, under the persecution of Zhang Min, her husband confessed everything that morning.

Zhang Min listened to this, it was really stupid.She did not expect that Chen Ming actually did not do such a thing, so she called Chen Ming in the warehouse with an ax.

Chen Ming didn’t know what happened. He thought his wife Zhang Min couldn’t come, so he didn’t think about it.

But as soon as he arrived in the warehouse, Zhang Min hit him with an ax.Chen Ming was startled, and asked why he wanted to do this while running.

When I learned that it was because of Xiao Han, Chen Ming turned to kneel on the ground and explained to Zhang Min.

But how could Zhang Min on the anger listened into her ears? She picked up the ax and knocked on his head. It wasn’t until she had no movement before she chose to stop.

His daughter Xiaohan also regretted it.She held a bottle of pesticides to find her mother and explained to her."It’s all my fault, I’m so abominable." After that, he drank a whole bottle of pesticide.

When Zhang Min was aware of it, it was too late.Although he was sent to the clinic, he died of ineffective treatment.

Later, Zhang Min also regretted it.After the abortion of Chen Ming’s child in her belly, she came to the Public Security Bureau to surrender, which is the scene we started.

Zhang Min created the life of the two corpses, and eventually Zhang Min was sentenced to life imprisonment.

What a unfortunate family.The ex -husband had an affair, and the second marriage killed her husband by himself. The only daughter committed suicide, and her lower body would still spend in prison. It was really sighing.

This case tells us that no matter what happens, we must be calm and do not cause lifelong regrets because of impulse.

This case is over here. What do you think about this? Welcome to discuss in the comment area!

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