The same room on this day is higher than the chance of conception on ovulation day, but most of the couples missed!

The child is the crystallization of the couple’s love. Most husbands and wives will face pregnant babies after they get married.But in real life, some people do not want to get pregnant, but they may be pregnant at once. Some people try their best to conceive their children, but they can’t be pregnant.In fact, pregnancy should also pay attention to people and people, do you know when the same room is easier to get pregnant?Most women will tell you that it is easier to conceive in the same room during ovulation, so there are many days of ovulation during ovulation. What day is it easier to get pregnant in the same room?

What is ovulatory period:

Women are lined with ovulation during ovulation once a month. They are generally in the middle time of two menstruation.For example, the time when the menstruation comes will be reduced for 14 days next time, the time you get is ovulation day. The ovulation date is 5 days before the number of ovulation days, and the next 10 days will be added together.EssenceIn order to increase the surrogacy rate, many women will choose the same room on the day of ovulation.

In fact, the surrogacy rate is higher than the ovulation day, it is this day:

We all know that the easiest time for women to conceive is during ovulation, the closer to the ovulation period, and the chance of conception will be higher.的 Generally speaking, the survival time of sperm is 2-3 days, and the survival time of the eggs is 1-2 days. When the sperm enters the woman’s body, it will take a certain amount of time to find that the eggs are successfully combined into fertilized eggs. Women are generally ovulation ovulation.Ovulation, so the best time to have room should be the day before the ovulation day, which can effectively increase the surrogacy rate.

怀 In addition to choosing the best pregnancy time, what else can I do to get pregnant as soon as possible?Bleak

1. Keep a relaxed mood: If you want to increase the surrogacy rate, try to make the same room in the case of a relaxed and pleasant mood of the husband and wife. This can effectively increase the chance of women’s conception.

2. Keep dietary nutritional balance: The premise of preparing for pregnancy is that both the husband and wife must have a healthy body, so the husband and wife must maintain a reasonable balanced nutrition every day, do not picky eaters, and do not eat.Can effectively ensure the health of the fetus.

3. Do not drink alcohol or smoke: Whether it is a man or a woman, the couple should try to quit smoking and drinking as much as possible during pregnancy, so as to effectively ensure the chance of conception and ensure the health of the fetus.

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