The roots of Shanglu have grown very similar to human ginseng. They are called local ginseng mountain radish. There are 7 great useful uses

The roots of Shanglu have grown very similar to human ginseng. They are called local ginseng mountain radish. There are 7 great useful uses

Ginseng we all know that it is a very high -value plant, rich in nutritional value and very high prices. Only in specific areas can it grow in the northeast place.

Whether in the folk or in a medicinal store, the price of ginseng is very high. It is a good supplement and is very popular with people.

do you know?There is a plant in rural areas, and its roots are very similar to ginseng, so it has a name called Turkin.

Turkish ginseng is not a real ginseng. It is the roots of Lu in the front of the rural house, the wasteland, and the very common plant dealer on the roadside.

Shanglu is a coarse herbal plant with a perennial perennial -born Shanglou business. It will produce tender buds in spring, and it will die in autumn and winter, but its roots still exist.

In the folk, farmers’ friends generally think that this plant is toxic, so I have taught children from an early age. Do not pick this plant to eat without having to pick it up. In fact, it grows in rural areas.Two types of business, one is red rhizome, the other is green rhizomes.Red is indeed toxic and toxic, so don’t pick it up to eat, but the Shanglu of green rhizomes is not toxic.

Most of the plants such as Shanglu grow in Henan, Hubei, Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and other places. They also have a small amount of growth in other provinces. Therefore, the names of each place are different.Seeing swelling, pouring water lotus, golden maiden, pig ears, white hens, etc., do not know what name is it in your hometown?

So what are the value and role of such a minister that is similar to human ginseng to human beings?In this issue, I will share with you the 7 powerful and wonderful uses of Shang Lu. If you need friends, you can dig some.

The first wonderful use of Shanglu, as a green fertilizer

Shanglu will grow tender green stems and leaves in spring, and its stems and leaves are very fat and thick.

In the past rural farming, fertilizers were rarely used, and they were cut in the fields as green fertilizers. Therefore, this kind of business is a kind of plant that is often cut into green fertilizers.

The nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium contained in the tender stems and leaves of Shanglu are very high, and it is easy to rot, and it is also easy to be absorbed by crops.According to relevant information, this kind of Shang Lu dangling green fertilizer fertilizes orange trees, and the yield of orange will increase by about 3%.

Its tender stems and leaves are very good fertilizer after rotting, and the older generation of rural areas has used this method.

The second wonderful use of Shanglu is used as a polyite manganese plant

Now our environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, so people are gradually aware of the pollution of heavy metal in the soil.

Among these heavy metal pollution, there is a kind of manganese that is constantly accumulated in the soil, and it is very difficult to manage, but this kind of business has a significant effect on manganese.Therefore, Shanglu provides some economic and effective methods for the control of heavy metal pollution, which is convenient for humans to find the pollution area of heavy metal manganese faster and more accurate.

The third wonderful use of Shanglu, extract biological pesticides

In this nature, there are always things that are mutually harmonious.

There is a animal called a nail snail in the biological world. It is a kind of pest, but this kind of commercial Lu has a good killing effect on the nail snails, and it is very small to the toxicity of mammals and small pollution.

The fourth wonderful use of Shanglu, soil and water conservation effect

With the frequent activities of humans and some mining on the surface, our soil and soil loss is very serious.

In order to protect the soil and soil from being lost, humans have also adopted a lot of methods. Its most effective way is to protect plants. Because of the growth of plants, its roots are in the soil, which will have a great protective effect on the soil.

The roots of Shanglu are very developed, the roots are thick, the distribution is wide, and the growth is lush. Therefore, it has a good effect of solid earth solid sand and sand. It is often cultivated by people as plants that protect soil and soil.

The fifth wonderful use of Shanglu, boiled water soaking feet

Shanglu also has good medicinal value. The most commonly used in the people is to use its roots to boil water and soak their feet, which has a good improvement effect on people who have troubles on their feet.

The sixth wonderful use of Shanglu, edible

There are two types of Shanglu, one is red rhizomes, and the other is green rhizomes. For this green rhizomes, it can be eaten as wild vegetables.

In the spring, the tender stems and leaves of Shanglu can be used to eat, but it should be noted that this kind of Shang Lu of the red stem pole cannot be eaten and has toxic.

The seventh wonderful use of Shanglu, soaking wine

The roots of this kind of Shanglu are very similar to ginseng. People from the people dug the roots of this kind of business, chop them, and then put them in a clean glass bottle, add some white wine to make wine, soake it for about a month for about a month or soYou can take it directly.

However, everyone should pay attention to that of Shanglu, for those who are spleen, pregnant women cannot eat, and they cannot take it with dog meat and ginger.

Friends, this issue of the value and role of Shanglu will be shared here for friends. If you have such a business in your hometown, you can dig some, but remember to distinguish it clearly that the green stems are green stems.Still red stems, red stems are highly toxic, must not be taken.

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