The Qingming tomb sweeping is almost abortion. Can pregnant women really go to worship ancestors?

In the Qingming season, I believe that many pregnant mothers are distressed whether they should sweep the grave for the ancestors, and they are afraid of something, and they want to do their own minds.

After investigation on, nearly 74%of Baoma chose to "not go to the grave":

Even some Baoma said, "After giving up the fetus," should pregnant women go to the grave to sweep the grave?

For this incident, mothers are divided into three major factions ~

first of all:

After reading the reply of these Bao Ma, Xiaobian was stunned …

Nani?IntersectionThe fetal stop is so serious … It is said that Baoma should go to the hospital to check what is the reason, instead of casually attributed this to because of going to the grave sweeping, right?

Uh … this really can’t blame the ancestor …

The big opening is really different in every place.

This, we still believe in the core values of socialism!

For the "Bingcai Trusted" faction, the mother’s statement, a mother made a domineering response:

Amazing ~ Social and Society ~

This kind of Baoma believes that if you eat it during pregnancy, go to the grave sweeping the grave and go out outdoors. The most important thing is that a family travel is not a big deal.

This treasure mother is filial!But still pay attention to your body ~

In fact, the grave sweeping is also good to breathe outdoors by the way, and it is also a tradition of Qingming.

This kind of Baoma is the reason why a series of pregnant women cannot go to the grave sweeping.

Summary of the editor:

In fact, if you go to the grave to sweep the grave, you still have to vary from person to person. Some of the bodies who are relatively weak, it is recommended not to go.If you have no problem with your body, you need to pay attention to the grave sweeping:

1. Pay attention to the weather clearly, pay attention to anti -slip if it rains; pay attention to sun protection if you come out of the sun and prevent heat stroke;

2. There are more people who worship their ancestors, pay attention to crowded collisions;

3. Avoid standing for too long, you can sit down and rest;

4. Burn paper money and firecrackers are too strong, pay attention to avoid;

5. The sound of firecrackers is noisy, it is better to avoid it;

6. The road surface is uneven, pay attention to the road under your feet to prevent falls;

7. There are many worms in the wild, wearing trousers, long -sleeved jackets, anti -bite;

8. The boat and car are worked, pay attention to bringing good food, water, and replenishing energy in time.

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