The prospective mother -in -law got along for less than two months, the woman was pregnant, but was driven out of the house by the prospective mother -in -law.

After a man and a woman in Lanzhou, Gansu, after a blind date in the cafe, the two sides have a good opinion of each other. After dinner and watching a movie, the two had a relationship on the night of the hotel.The woman was pregnant, and the man was preparing to marry the woman and take her hometown and her parents.I never thought that for less than two months, she was pregnant and was kicked out of the house by her mother -in -law!

Xiaoli, born in a rural family, has dropped out of school and went to work in other places because she usually did not study hard. Xiaoli was born with beauty, but she didn’t find her boyfriend until she was 30 years old. The family was very anxious.

Later, after being introduced by relatives and media people from distant rooms, the other boy was a chicken -raising factory. He was honest and took care of people.Later, Xiaoli didn’t have any hope, just to meet her parents first.

Mr. Wang and Xiaoli met Xiaoli in Lanzhou City. After meeting, Mr. Wang performed very enthusiastic, and his words were very nice. Xiaoli was impressed.Later, after a conversation between the two, I had a simple understanding of each other, and I felt very speculative.Then the two went to eat Western food and watch movies together.Because Mr. Wang was generous, humorous, and knew how to be considerate, Xiaoli was deeply fascinated by the man in front of him.

After watching the movie, I ate some supper and drank some wine. Mr. Wang could only find a hotel in the city.With the help of Jin, she also had sex with Xiaoli.

Later, in the next month, the two people got along well. Later, Xiaoli told Mr. Wang that she was pregnant. Mr. Wang was very excited and asked Xiaoli to quit his job and return to his hometown to keep his fetus and get married.One month after Xiaoli returned to Mr. Wang’s hometown, Mr. Wang came to the hospital to check with Xiaoli at the request of his parents.After the inspection, Mr. Wang left Xiaoli and returned home angrily.

It turned out that after inspection in the hospital, it was found that Xiaoli had been pregnant for 3 months, which means that Xiaoli was pregnant before meeting with Mr. Wang.Xiaoli regretted crying and said that before meeting with Mr. Wang, her ex -boyfriend had a relationship with her. The child in her belly should be from her ex -boyfriend.

Mr. Wang’s parents were unwilling at the time, and directly drove Xiaoli out of the house.

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