The problem of hilarious gods!This issue of the main fight: My girlfriend said that there is a small life in my belly, what should I do?

Hello everyone, I am the editor of the spicy bar Mu Yu, Xiaomu classmate!

Here are some wonderful questions I have received in the background or private message in the recent period, and the more strange reply I have given them!

Here, I sorted them out and edited them, let us laugh together!

Ready Go …

Question of netizens 1:

I’m here to take you a math problem,

By the way, a classmate is called Xiaoming,

He has a lot of candy,

On the first day, he ate 25 lollipops,

The next day, he ate 71 pieces of marshmallow,

On the third day, he ate 3 bowls of 110 sugar beans

Q: On the fourth day, what else do you guess Xiao Ming?

For the question from this netizen, first of all, I personally think that the small amount is good!Intersection

Secondly, I have eaten for four consecutive days. This answer is not obvious. On the fourth day, Xiaoming has diabetes!

Question of netizens 2:

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a year,

I proposed to her a few days ago,

But she told me,

She was still in college a long time ago,

There are small lives in my belly.

After that, she said I hope I don’t mind this matter,

What does she mean?

emmmm ……… first, thank you for your frankness.

Secondly, I don’t think you have to worry about the problem raised by your girlfriend.

Why do you say that?

Because many of us, we have taken medicine for tapeworm when we go to school!I don’t know if you have eaten it!

So, this is normal operation!Don’t mind!Not to mention it!

Believe in love!

Questions of netizens 3:

Brother Spicy!I have encountered a very tricky now


You need to immediately help me with an idea!

That is, I am shit in the toilet now,

But I … no!bring!guard!born!Paper!

I can use it at hand now,

Only this phone that is sending you a message,

And this N95 mask worn on the face,

Hurry up and help me out!what do I do?

Ha ha ha ha!In view of your current situation, please allow me to laugh at a good way for a while …

Alright, after laughing, I think your problem is also simple,

Come!Follow my steps!

First, take off the mask!Wipe … because you can only wipe it with a mask, the phone is not cleaned, so there is no way for this step!

After that, you raise your pants, bring the mask to your face, and walk out!After all, this is for the epidemic prevention and control!We need to have enough awareness of protection!

Questions of netizens 4:

Hello, spicy bar, giving you a challenge that is not difficult!

Can you quickly find a picture that can make a sound?

What?Can sound?

Isn’t it a big catch in the comment area?Such as the following …..

Questions of netizens 5:

Hello, spicy bar fish, I like your style very much.

But this message,

The main reason is because I have one

I have always troubled me for a long time,

I remember when I was very young, I heard my grandmother said,

This man is reincarnation,

Everyone is reincarnated from the soul,

Then I am weird!

In ancient times,

There is no more than so many people in the world now,

If this theory,

Now these people’s souls …

Where did they come from?

Did grandma lie to me when I was a kid?

Um ……. Hello, this netizen, first of all … you are so big!

Secondly, this is indeed my blind spot, so I checked the relevant myths and finally summarized the answer below!

The main contradiction that plagues you is not the problem itself, let alone whether the grandmother is right!But the pattern of your thoughts is small, and you are limited!In other words, the soul cannot just look at the soul of people!

Because you think, isn’t there a saying that the six reincarnation is called, the sixth means, three good ways, three evil ways!The last one of the three evil ways is called beast!Therefore, you can understand that a large number of large groups here are birds and beasts, and livestock and poultry reincarnate!

Isn’t this clear!Of course, this topic is big, and … and … it also explains why there will be some people who do things without moral bottom line now!

Questions of netizens 6:

Ask a question!

If one day, my girlfriend is pregnant,

But the child who was pregnant was her and others!

Not my child,

Because I felt sorry for me, she had to beat it!

And I learned the news,

Persuade her not to fight, and let her give birth,

After that, the child followed my surname,

Let’s raise it together and face it together!

But the day she gave birth to her child,

I suddenly regret it!

And I ran away overnight,

Then I am a crime?Thank you for your answer

Hmm …. Hello, this netizen, for your problem … It belongs to the category of legal consultation, I suggest you ask Teacher Luo Xiang!

However, from the perspective of my personal cognition, I think this should not be a crime!

First of all, when the man’s promise to a woman was almost there!But in the end, I did n’t see how many people could do it!

In addition, since you choose to run ……. then you should find a better reason!For example, … it can be said that he ran away because he was injured by the scum girl, right!

Questions of netizens 7:

Excuse me, how to use Lu Xun’s tone to show that he has no money?

Hello, this netizen, you seem to have seen this problem!

And this answer seems to have said on the Internet. You can first recall the most and most classic words in the "Autumn Night" of Mr. Lu Xun!(When we were writing in that year, this sentence was used by many students!)

Then, "There are two trees in front of my house, one is a jujube tree, and the other is a jujube tree."

Therefore, according to this idea, that is, "My wallet has two sandwiches, one is empty and the other is empty."

Oops ~ This sentence has evoked a lot of memories when going to school!At that time, I asked me to go out on the weekend at the same table. As a result, I replied in this sentence.I have to go to make up the lesson a day. "… There is one more, the World Cup qualifier, my classmates said," Since the start of the game, I played two games, one was lost, and the other was lostHow about "?Remember this sentence, learn to use it quickly!

PS: A picture, dedicated to everyone who moved the brick as me …

Question of netizens 8:

Give you a test, this is a beautiful photo!

The theme is a few sisters in the bedroom

A group photo during military training,

However, of our six sisters

Only one is still single now,

Look at your eyesight, can you guess which one is?

The picture comes from a private message from netizens "May Packing Egg" and "Spicy Bar Muyu"

Hello, this netizen, this question you raised is simply too simple!

Can you see it at a glance? It is definitely the one who wears a short -sleeved camouflage!

You just say right!Intersection

Questions of netizens 9:

Spicy bar wood fish,

My girlfriend just said to me

She saw a saying on the Internet,

That’s our ass

The reason for the left and right structure is long,

Instead of the upper and lower structure!

It’s because we are

Hunting in the original period of the original period,

Still going upstairs in the present society,

The ass of this structure will not be due to exercise

And slamming in the back,

I think she is wrong!

But I have no reverse refutation!

Do you think she is right?

Or if you feel wrong,

Can you give an anti -case?

This netizen, your girlfriend’s theory, obviously can’t stand!

You think, although the buttocks are left and right,

However, we also grow on us, our mouth,

That is the upper and lower structure, but …

When have you seen which great god jumps up or down the stairs, is your mouth applauding?

Alright!That’s the content of this issue!It is not easy to finish. If you think you like it, please leave a big praise!

After all, your encouragement is my biggest motivation to move forward!

If you like this kind of subject, please follow me, I will continue to sort out the strange problems of various background private messages!

I hope my efforts can get a smile for everyone!Make you happy for a moment!

Remarks: All themes of this article are taken from the background private messages and netizens’ comments on the background of the spicy bar Mu Yu on their respective media platforms. If you need to reprint, please indicate the source. Thank you!

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