The principle of "Yellow Emperor’s Canon" talks about the seven days of cold self -healing

Seven -day rhythm

There is still a seven -day rhythm between heaven and earth.The so -called seven -day rhythm is actually a seven -day duplicate period in the process of life. It is the most basic rhythm between heaven and earth.The rhythm of the seventh day is actually very important, because we live in it every day, but we don’t pay much attention.Regarding the rhythm of the seventh day, modern medicine has also given a very sufficient proof.We are now seven days a week, just seven days and seven days, and we live unknowingly, and we do n’t feel the mystery.

The seventh week of the public is set by God, which is based on the birthday of Jesus, 0 years, and started from then.Jesus is God. He must have discovered this seven -day rhythm, so he set a cycle of a cycle of a cycle for seven days a week, so that the future generations will be inherited and will not be messy.Therefore, God is very great, and the ancient sages of foreign countries are still very great.

Let’s observe that this phenomenon in life is actually very, very, very, very much.The doctors in the hospital know that seven days after surgery are the best time.There are also a large number of organ transplant surgery also explained the problem.The most afraid of organ transplantation is the rejection response. After transplantation, the rejection reaction occurs, and it is not easy to survive.The rejection response also has a seven -day rhythm cycle. By seven days, a serious rejection response began to occur. If it is over, a serious rejection reaction will begin to occur in fourteen days. He has such a law.Items

Look at our most common cold, just a week of ourselves, this is a common sense.The textbooks are also written. Generally, the cold does not do any treatment, and after seven days, it will heal.This phenomenon is like this.The reason why the first person has a cold is because of the virus violations, but what are the characteristics of the pathogenic microorganism of the virus itself?Called self -limiting.In other words, seven days later, the virus no longer reproduced and it died automatically.

When I was studying this problem at medical schools at that time, the self -limiting of the virus had been thinking about the self -limitation, why is it this kind of self -limiting?According to the theory of Western medicine, the reason why people are sick is caused by the decline in auto immunity, and at the same time, there are a large number of diseases such as virus bacteria.It is all victory, why did it retract?It stands to reason that it should be chased by victory. It is only right to defeat me until death.

This is actually the contradiction of western medicine, I am afraid it cannot be explained by itself.Because in this theory, there is no concept of seven -day rhythm.Where does the so -called "self -limiting" come from?It is still because the natural and earth naturally has this law, and it will naturally change.The virus naturally disappeared after seven days, which was the result of God’s creation.

Look at the "Treatment of Febrile Diseases" of Chinese medicine.In the "Treatment of Febrile Diseases", there is such a sentence, "Those who heal for more than seven days of headache will do their best."What does that mean?After seven days, the headache is naturally fine.In fact, in these seven days, people’s qi and blood have been followed by, and the circles are over.So when the sun disease appears, it will be fine after seven days.

There are also legends that ancient Egypt had the saying "seven -day divine power" more than 6,000 years ago; in addition, the childbirth time of animals also has very obvious changes in seven -day rhythm: 21 days of eggs hatching chickens, three or seven days;The cat is pregnant for 63 days, seven or ninety -three, nine weeks; the rabbit is 28 days, and the rabbit can be given to 28 days of pregnancy, the surrounding time; tiger, 105 days, fifteen weeks; people are ten months; people are ten months;, 40 weeks, 280 days.Everything, everything between heaven and earth is inseparable from the seven -day rhythm.

There is a very famous doctor in the United States named Harberg. He has done an experiment for 30 years in order to study the rhythm of the seven -day rhythm.This experiment is not easy to tell the truth.How to do it?It is to leave a urine of a subject to test the level of hormones in the urine for 30 years.They signed the contract. How much is the doctor who gives the subject, just let him leave a few times a day, but regarding the diet and rest, you must do it very strictly in accordance with the doctor’s requirements.It is conceivable that this subject is not easy. The 20 -year -old guy is 50 years old. I forgot what the last reason is. The subjects finally violated the rules, and then the experiment ended.After 30 years of urination, they are stored and stored in a Nuo Da ice bank. Through the continuous observation of changes in the hormone secretion level in this person’s urine, the conclusion of the "seven -day rhythm" is finally drawn.Come.Later, he went to the world to give a speech. In the end, the doctor in the United States, Halbeck, was known as the "father of time medicine".

In fact, these things had been in China thousands of years ago, but they never said that they had never said in a lot like Halbeck.We only look at the "Yellow Emperor’s Canon", and we know that it is not only the problem of discovering the seven -day rhythm, but almost all the rhythms are involved.The rhythm of day and night, the rhythm of the four seasons, the twenty -four solar terms, the rhythm of the year, the rhythm of 60 armor, the rhythm of 360 years, and more, and even the rhythm of the call, one suction, are included in the "Five Games and Six Qi"In this science, this knowledge is a very core content of traditional Chinese medicine. Not only does it understand the rhythm, but also the knowledge of the rhythm of the heavens and the earth through the knowledge of the world’s rhythm and the effect of combining the role.

Regarding the rhythm of the seventh day, doctors in the United States are called "Father of Time Medicine", which is ridiculous to the Chinese people.Thousands of years ago in China, I actually understood these, and these basic principles were revealed for a long time.

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This article is excerpted from the series of "The Yellow Emperor’s Canon" series interpretation of "Simple Life, Understanding Life"

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