The pregnant woman suddenly had a stomachache at 30 weeks of pregnancy.

Recently, a pregnant woman in Foshan was pregnant for 30 weeks, and suddenly felt a little pain in her stomach, but she didn’t hurt a while. At first she thought it was tired, so I felt better for a while.But after a while, I felt a little painful. For the baby, there was no loss of being able to be born safely, thinking that I went to the hospital.

The results of the examination at the hospital completely collapsed, and the doctor said that the baby had no fetal heart.It was okay to check everything before, how could it be?So I went to several hospitals as my family, but the result was the same. The ridiculous thing was that the doctor did not know what caused it.Everything that normal babies say that no one can accept it.

In fact, for expectant mothers, it is really important to count the baby’s fetal movement!

Fetal movement is an important symbol of fetal safety in the mother’s body.

Generally, from 7 months of pregnancy, it will be moved by counting.Because in the early pregnancy, the fetal movement was relatively mild, not easy to count.From 28 weeks, fetal movements will become stronger and stronger, but when they are about to give birth, at 37 to 40 weeks, because the fetus is full of the entire uterine cavity, the fetal movement will decrease.Therefore, pregnant mothers must have a good fetal movement record between 28 and 37 weeks.

So when should you count the fetal movement and how to count it?What kind of movement can be counted as a fetal movement?

1. First of all, how can we be counted as a fetal movement?

The movement of the fetus is uncertain, and sometimes kick you, sometimes it has been moving for a long time.If it is a continuous fetal movement, it can only be regarded as one fetal movement; if it is discontinuous, it will be once once.

2. Secondly, when will you count the fetal movement?

Generally, the fetus will move the most frequently after eating, bathing, before going to bed, or listening to music.The correct one should be a few hours in the morning, middle, and evening.But if you do n’t have time to work, you can also count it between 6-10 in the evening.

3. How much is the number of times and the number of fetal movements in the end?

Generally, the number of fetal movements per hour is ≥3 times.If it is less than 3 times or the number of fetal movements is reduced by half, and the fetal movement is suddenly frequent, it should continue for another hour.If so, you need to seek medical treatment in time.


1. When the left side is lying, the fetus moves the most, and the fetal movement is less when standing. It is best to choose the number of lying on the left side;

2. When counting, we must focus on fetal movements. The environment must be quiet, the mind must be concentrated, and the mood must be calm, so that the number of fetal movements is accurate;

3. Count every day at the same time, don’t count it if you think of it.

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