The pregnant woman just confirmed that she was pregnant, and she dreamed at night. After waking up, she opened the quilt and couldn’t calm down.

The woman had never come. She felt strange and went to the hospital to check it. It turned out that she had been pregnant for two months. After the doctor did some basic examinations, the doctor told her the precautions after pregnancy.After leaving the hospital, the woman was so embarrassed that she hurried home and told her husband and mother -in -law to the good news. The family was very happy.

In the evening, her mother -in -law made a large table of big fish and meat to celebrate the good news. One night, the woman’s mother’s mouth could not laugh.In the evening, her husband’s old classmate just came back. She asked her husband to eat supper with several other old classmates, and her husband brought me up.About a place where a well -known local food ate seafood. After a few old classmates met, I boasted that I was beautiful and said that my husband was so blessed. After a supper, everyone was very happy.I ate a lot of seafood and other seafood.

The next day, she didn’t get up until noon.She thought she had a dream and dreamed that her child was born.She was glad to tell her husband that she had a very cute little boy.

The woman was quite happy. When she wanted to look at what the child looked carefully, she suddenly felt wrong. She felt a little stomachache and was awakened by the pain. She quickly opened the quilt!Suddenly unable to calm down, the child was really born!I was at a loss, my tears kept flowing

She hurriedly shouted her mother -in -law, and her mother -in -law heard shouting, and immediately came to the woman’s room. She was frightened to see the scene in front of her. Later, after the doctor learned about the situation, she told her that it was actually her pregnancy.wrong!The child is actually full of full moon, but fortunately, the mother and son are safe in the end!The doctor also reprimanded the woman and said: "There is a big thing to have a child, why not go to the hospital for a check -up on time?Fortunately, children and adults are okay. If something goes wrong, it will be too late. The woman lowered her head ashamed and looked at the child who was sleeping next to him.

Of course, the pain here is really painful, but all kinds of uncomfortable during pregnancy are also very uncomfortable.Have you ever made some episodes when there was a child?The above is today’s content. What do you want to say to welcome the comment area and talk about your opinions

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