The pregnant mother after drinking the ice milk tea stomachache, and was admitted to the hospital to keep the fetus!These foods after pregnancy cannot be eaten

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A few days ago, there was a hot search on Weibo. When a netizen said that when he was eating, the pregnancy colleague asked himself to help him bring a glass of ice milk tea. This netizen was very alert.If you eat the wrong thing when you are pregnant, it is troublesome.

This pregnancy colleague immediately picked up the mobile phone and ordered a glass of ice milk tea himself. I didn’t expect that it didn’t take long after drinking. She was sent to the hospital immediately after drinking. After being taken to the hospital, the doctor asked her to be hospitalized!

This netizen was lingering. Fortunately, he did not have kindly helped the pregnant woman with ice milk tea at first, otherwise something would be involved in something.

Below, a netizen said that he was pregnant for 24 weeks, eating ice cream every day, drinking rock sugar water, and comfortable to eat, because he was so hot in Guangxi!

Another netizen said that he helped his colleagues bring a meat clip. As a result, his colleagues vomited and diarrhea after eating. Later, the doctor went to the hospital to say that he was very weak.Help colleagues with things!

Therefore, the most important thing about the reason why this pregnant mother eats and drinks ice tea is the most important thing about her physical problems.

So the question is, what can we not eat when we are pregnant?

The first category: Do not drink food containing alcoholic

Alcoholic molecules can enter the fetus through the placenta barrier, and the fetus does not have the ability to hangover, so it will hurt the fetal brain.

Therefore, we ca n’t drink when we are pregnant, but it will involve a problem, because many pregnant mothers do n’t know in the early pregnancy. If you drink a small amount of wine in the early pregnancyEnough.

If you drink a lot of wine in the early pregnancy, if you have a problem, you may have problems or flow. If there is no problem, it means that the fetus is a blessing.

Two category: raw food

I saw a pregnant woman traveling to Changsha on the Internet before. When traveling, I liked to eat raw pickled food. She saw a raw pickled seafood at the time. I felt particularly delicious, and then I ate a lot.

I did not expect that after the travel came back, I felt uncomfortable. I had a fever all day long. Later, I went to the hospital to find that she was a parasitic infection. At that time, she was pregnant and her parasitic infection. Many medicines could not be used.The influence, in the end, can only be aborted, because the month is already relatively large.

Therefore, when you are pregnant, you should eat steaks. Do n’t eat ginseng, do n’t drink fresh milk, let alone eat those pickled raw seafood.

It should also be noted that if you eat barbecue, you must cut the grilled meat with a small piece and cook it.Because the parasites in raw foods are likely to cause the fetus to be harmed.

The third category: I have eaten allergic foods before

If the mother is allergic to eating mango before pregnancy, then do not eat mango when pregnant, because severe allergies may cause throat edema and even endanger their lives, so if there is something before the mother is pregnantIf food is allergic, after pregnancy, our bodies are generally more sensitive, and they cannot eat at this time.

The fourth category: I have eaten foods that have gastrointestinal discomfort before

For example, some mothers have diarrhea as soon as they drink ice, or they are easy to diarrhea as soon as they eat a certain vegetable.Notice.

★ Food containing caffeine

For example, coffee, milk tea, these are caffeine. If the pregnant mother is accustomed to drinking coffee every day before pregnancy, then you can consume coffee after pregnancy, but control the daily caffeine intake of 200 mg of 200 mgEssence

Too much intake of caffeine can cause pregnant mothers to be too excited and affect sleep.

Some people find that the mother’s intake of caffeine during pregnancy may cause the fetal growth and development.

★ High sugar food

For example, the lychee in Guangxi is now harvesting, but the pregnant mother who is pregnant does not recommend eating too much lychee, because litchi has a high sugar content, and eating too much may cause our blood sugar to rise. These are natural sugar -containing fruits.Essence

There are many foods that add a lot of sugar, such as milk tea. If you really want to drink milk tea, it is recommended that you choose some sugar, less sugar or sugar, and even make yourself at home.

★ Pickled food

The sodium content of pickled foods will be higher. If the mother has a bad appetite in the early pregnancy, I just want to eat some pickles, then you can eat a small amount, but you should eat as little as possible!

Therefore, dietary taboos during pregnancy should know more as expectant mothers, and they are good for themselves and fetal babies.

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