The pregnant belly becomes larger day by day, but the pregnant mother is thinner every day. The diet balance is not a disguised.

Some time ago I watched the variety show with my girlfriend, that is, the variety show starred by He Wenna, and the two of us just saw a fragment that was forced to eat braised pork.

He Wenna’s nine months of pregnancy, her mother -in -law thought that her child was good, and made He Wenna eat braised pork. Girlfriend said that she had this appetite in 9 months. Moreover, she could not eat foods such as high fat during pregnancy. Isn’t this looking for fat?IntersectionNow from preparing for pregnancy to pregnancy, she is about a science. She talked about herself. She eats like a beggar during pregnancy, and she has almost no fat.

Girlfriends are not showing off, and she also regrets it, because excessive restraint leads to malnutrition of the fetus, she regrets her death.

Many pregnant mothers fall into such questions, and they are not eaten or not.In fact, there is no difference in diet balance and disguise.

01 The pregnant belly becomes larger every day, but the pregnant mother is thin every day

Xiaoyan’s appetite is particularly good after pregnancy. She wants to eat everything. Xiaoyan’s mother -in -law and He Wenna’s mother -in -law are the opposite. She has the absolute right to speak about Xiaoyan’s diet. Xiaoyan wants to eat hot pot rice noodles.It is impossible.

Xiaoyan is a Korean. She especially likes to eat kimchi at home. The mother -in -law does not let me eat, and feels that the salt is high.Xiaoyan’s daily diet and weight loss meal are almost the same. They can’t eat sweet and not greasy. They are stir -fried vegetables every day, and they are not egg milk and beef.High -sugar fruits can’t take a bite. Without a few months, Xiaoyan found that she was getting thinner and thinner, but her belly was particularly obvious.

When Xiaoyan went to the checkup, the doctor said that the child was normal, but Xiaoyan became thinner, so he seemed to be big.

The doctor also made a harsh warning that if the pregnant woman continued to eat it like this, the fetus and the pregnant woman were prone to malnutrition.Fat, sugar and protein and various vitamins are the same important.The calories intake every day are too low, and it is not good for the body. If the pregnant mother wants to eat kimchi, it is not impossible to eat it, just low salt.

It is not good to get weighty and thinner during pregnancy. Excessive diet and excessive indulgence are wrong. Some people often take diet balance as disguise. IndeedIt’s right.

02 What should I avoid during pregnancy?

1) Avoid smoke and alcohol

Both tobacco and alcohol are harmful to the body whether pregnancy or not. Do not touch these two during pregnancy. Second -hand smoke should be far away, which can easily lead to fetal malformation.Alcohol can also affect the development of the fetus.

2) Avoid cold food

Do not eat some unfamiliar foods, such as eggs and seafood. It is likely to contain parasites and bacteria. It is cold in nature and usually eat less, such as crabs.Although no study has proven to cause abortion, it is not advisable to eat more for pregnant women.

3) Molester food

Sometimes when you eat fruits, you can throw it away where you moldy. In fact, the remaining part of the seemingly intact part is actually broken.

The bread or milk for one day, do not eat these things.

Some people feel that they should not eat high sugar, high oil and high oil during pregnancy. Such foods can not eat more whether they are pregnant or not, which is not good for the body.

How should I eat during pregnancy?

① The protein cannot stop

Protein is an important nutritional element that improves immunity and fetal development. The nutrients of protein can be obtained from meat and egg milk, but they do not have to eat greasy food.Many pregnant mothers can’t eat much greasy things.

② Don’t forget to make up for calcium

Ten pregnant mothers have nine calcium deficiency. When you are pregnant, pay attention to the supplement of calcium elements. When you enter the stock cramps, you can eat calcium tablets.

③ Don’t stand it if you want to eat too much

For ten months of pregnancy, don’t bear it if you really want to eat, otherwise it is easy to form a retaliatory diet, you can properly solve it, or change a healthy approach.

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