The pregnancy vomiting is severe, which is related to the physical fitness and status of the individual.

From the birth of life to the birth, especially during the birth period, the baby grows slowly from the small embryo in the mother’s belly, until the formation of the fetus to the birth, each step is a wonderful journey.Although it is wonderful, for mothers, they also suffered a lot of "sins".

Although I enjoy the happiness that is closely connected to my baby’s baby when I am pregnant, I must also endure various discomfort during pregnancy. Among them, "pregnancy vomiting" is the most uncomfortable part of them.So what causes pregnancy?Is the performance of different pregnant women during pregnancy?This is the problem we have to explore.

There are a lot of novice quasi -mothers, because they do not have any experience in pregnancy, so they seem to be careful and even trust the "smart" remarks in the old population.It is roughly if the pregnancy is severe during pregnancy, then the babies born must be clever, so they do not intervene even if they are severe, and eventually endanger their health.

Everyone’s constitution and state are different, and the pregnancy reactions are also different.Some pregnant mothers eat and sleep well throughout pregnancy; some pregnant mothers do not enter the early pregnancy, and they will improve in the middle and late stages; some pregnant mothers even spit from pregnancy to their children’s birth.If you belong to the last type, it will even cause dehydration when you vomit seriously, you need to seek medical treatment to alleviate. Do you have to always listen to the remarks of "make your baby grow well", and do you unwilling to be uncomfortable?

Why are different pregnant women reacted differently?What are the causes of pregnancy?

There are actually many causes of pregnancy, including their own causes and external stimuli.

① The relationship between the secretion of the body and hormone

Everyone’s constitution is strong and weak. It may be good in daily physical conditions. Women who often exercise will have a blessing of strong physique during pregnancy, which can reduce the symptoms of pregnancy.The amount of hormones secreted in different constitution is different. The stable pregnancy response is mild, and the disorder may lead to severe pregnancy vomiting.

② The "Novice Mother" for the first pregnancy

Women who have no pregnancy will resist and reject this increased "object" when they suddenly have a life. Because the body has not adapted to the addition of new life, there will be a more severe "resistance".Vomiting.

③ Pregnant mothers who usually have symptoms of motion sickness

If you are a woman who is usually susceptible to motion sickness in a car, then you will be prepared for severe pregnancy during pregnancy.Because the level on the body is relatively vulnerable, the imbalance of gastrointestinal secretion can easily cause vomiting to be normal.

④ Pregnant women who are pregnant with a babies

With a single pregnant woman, her physical level is naturally different from the pregnant mother who is pregnant.It is very different from others. The larger the number of fetuses in the abdomen, the more will increase the burden on the body of the pregnant mother. The waist and legs will appear difficult to support.

① Stimulation of food and other smell

The sensitivity to the smell during pregnancy will be significantly improved. What I usually eat normally and even feel delicious will express "guilty" to these odors due to hormones.In particular, some flavors of greasy foods will directly lead to pregnancy vomiting.

② The spiritual pressure brought by the surrounding environmental impact

During pregnancy, you cannot guarantee a comfortable mood, and your spirit is highly tight. Make your body tension and you will not be able to withstand the pressure brought by the outside world, and it will also cause vomiting. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the joy of mood during pregnancy.Essence

① Eat more appetizing fruits and nuts

Eat more foods such as walnuts and peanuts, which can not only supplement nutritional ingredients, but also alleviate the nausea of pregnancy; sweet and sour fruits, such as strawberries, grapes, or sour lemon, etc.Pregnancy reaction makes the smell in the mouth fresher.

② The diet is light and not greasy

The smell of greasy foods can easily stimulate pregnant women’s stomach and cause vomiting. Eat less greasy foods. The diet biases lights a light flavor, which can reduce the stimulation of the smell and relieve pregnancy to a certain extent.

③ Guarantee adequate sleep and comfortable mood

Successive sleep can make the pregnant mother’s spirit more abundant, good mental state can also reduce the frequency of pregnancy.And to ensure that comfortable mood is also very important. The feeling of joy is a good state from the inside out, which can transfer attention.It is recommended that pregnant mothers go outdoors and breathe fresh air, or walk around with family and friends to make a better mood.

① Balanced diet, don’t pick eaters

In fact, pregnancy is not required to replenish special supplements. As long as you ensure a balanced diet, the vegetarian is properly matched, and vitamins and protein are enough to replenish.You must not pick up eaters. If the pregnant mother often picks eaters, the baby may lack a long -term lack of elements, which is not good for the health of the pregnant mother itself.

② Use nutritional products to supplement trace elements

Some trace elements that need to be supplemented are more difficult to obtain in food, and they must rely on targeted nutritional products to supplement.For example, folic acid, vitamin and calcium tablets are important elements that must be supplemented during pregnancy.

③ Move your brain during pregnancy, keep running at all times

Pregnant mothers develop intelligence during pregnancy, which will also greatly help the baby’s development.When your brain is running quickly, the baby in the abdomen is also active and growing. The babies who come out in the future may receive the signal of your "transmitting" the past brain, and natural people will be more energetic.

④ Keep your mood happy

It is very important for a pregnant woman. The mood of pregnant mothers is comfortable, and it will be very easy to bring the baby’s state in the stomach.The baby’s baby is closely connected and the pregnant mother has the ability to empathize. If the pregnant mother is tight and uncomfortable, the baby baby will be frowning in his stomach, affecting his emotions and development. In fact, they can all feel that they can feelArrived.

Therefore, the physical fitness of each woman is different from the environmental conditions, and the pregnancy response during pregnancy is very different.Don’t trust any of the scientific basis, to ensure your health, you feel comfortable to be more important. It is the right move to be a pleasant mood during pregnancy.

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