The pregnancy test stick is "one deep and one shallow"?There are three possibilities, the prospective mother is most afraid of it

As a tool for early testing whether you are pregnant, everyone is no stranger to the pregnancy test stick. If there are two bars of the test results, it is basically determined to be pregnant. This is a good news for couples during pregnancy, but the pregnancy test stickAlthough it is accurate, there are very few errors. For example, the display area is indeed two bars, but it is deep and shallow. Is this pregnant?What if it was not?

Xiao Jing from Shijiazhuang encountered this situation. For a few days in a row, she felt that her body was particularly tired, she always wanted to sleep, and she had no appetite. She always wanted to be nauseous. She was worried that she was pregnant.I bought a tribe test stick to test, and the results showed two bars.At first, Xiao Jing felt very happy, but she saw the two bars on the pregnancy test stick deeper and shallow.

After another two or three days, there was some similar blood stains on her underwear, and she went to the hospital for examination.The results showed that Xiao Jing was a biochemical pregnancy and did not succeed in pregnancy. Doctor Xiao Jing went home to pay attention to rest, without much impact.Xiao Jing still hugged hope, and went home to try the pregnancy test stick again. As a result, there was only one bars, so she was so relieved, thinking about raising the body and saying it would be said.

There are two bars on the experimental pregnancy stick, but the situation of shallower may not be able to represent the real pregnancy, and there are three main reasons for this situation.

One is the biochemical pregnancy that we mentioned earlier. The so -called biochemical pregnancy is also known as the loss of early sub -clinical embryo. It refers to the combination of sperm and eggs to develop into fertilized eggs.The development is stopped.Biochemical pregnancy does not affect the next pregnancy, so don’t worry.

Some people don’t understand why the pregnancy test can show two bars?This is because 6 days after the sperm and egg are fertilized, HCG can be generated when the sperm eggs are nourished. After the fertilized eggs, the biochemical indicator of HCG can be detected, so the pregnancy test stick shows two bars.

Another reason is that it is indeed pregnant, but because I have just conceived HCG less, it is precisely earlier for the pregnancy test stick, so it is not obvious.The last reason for this phenomenon we need to focus on. For the expectant mothers who are preparing for pregnancy, they are most afraid of this situation, that is, ectopic pregnancy.

We all know that normal conception should be to bed in the inner wall of the uterus, and then gradually develop into embryos, and then develop into a fetus.The ectopic pregnancy.This requires more attention, because the threat of ectopic pregnancy to women’s health and even life is very serious.

The cause of ectopic pregnancy is mainly due to abnormalities or functional abnormalities in tubal structures. The most common is pelvic inflammation.Because the bacterial retrograde of the reproductive system enters the uterine cavity or the fallopian tube, it will cause inflammatory adhesion inside the fallopian tube, which makes it difficult for fertilized eggs to be output to the uterine cavity, and it will be in bed and development in the outside of the uterine cavity.

It should be noted that if ectopic pregnancy is not discovered in time, once the embryo develops in the fallopian tube, the increase in fallopian tubes can cause major bleeding.

Therefore, once the pregnancy inspection stick tests a deeper and shallow situation, you need to pay attention to the situation of whether it is an ectopic pregnancy in a timely manner to avoid the occurrence of subsequent danger.

As a result, the three shallow situations of the pregnancy test stick are the most dangerous danger of ectopic pregnancy. It is necessary to pay attention to it and need to be cautious. In addition to women, the man actually accounts for a large part of the reason.

We say that women’s inflammation is very likely to cause ectopic pregnancy, but women’s privacy parts have self -regulating function and can keep the bacterial flora normal.Destroy the balance of flora in privacy parts, leading to inflammation.

Another ectopic pregnancy may also be because the male sperm quality is poor and the vitality is not enough. Then even after the combination of fertilized eggs, it belongs to a problem with a problem with the fertilized egg that cannot be entered in the uterine cavity.And men have the habit of smoking and drinking are the most direct bad habits that affect sperm quality, so if you are preparing to ask for children, men need to quit smoking and drinking.

Finally, if the interval between the two tires is relatively short, especially the woman with a cesarean section of the tire, it is very prone to scarring pregnancy in the second pregnancy. ThereforeA sufficient rest period, then consider conception.

For women during pregnancy, when judging whether they are pregnant, they cannot simply rely on pregnancy test sticks. After testing, they should go to the hospital to check blood to determine whether it is normal conception.Pay attention to the body in daily life, maintain the laws of life, and make pregnancy smoother.

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