The pregnancy is vomited, and the pregnancy reaction makes Li Xiang want to give up the birth of Wang Shiling

Speaking of Li Xiang, as the old churros who grew up watching her show, it was lively watching her from a slim goddess to Li Xiang Plus.

The most appearing in the news is not to show off wealth, get fat or daughter Wang Shiling. The three labels seem to be unable to throw it away, and netizens are almost criticized and questioned. In the face of these negative sounds, Li Xiang is still doing it.A family of three collectively gains weight. Eat 70,000 yuan every month. Wang Shiling’s living expenses in one month can be as high as millions. It is understandable that he loves his daughter, but so much love is simply a bone marrow.Recently, Li Xiang’s show also said that the original committee, because Wang Shiling was not easy to get it, she also had this ability to love Wang Shiling so much.

When Li Xiang exposed her pregnancy, her pregnancy response was very powerful. She kept vomiting every day, and even reached the point of vomiting blood. In order to alleviate the symptoms of pregnancy, she ran through all hospitals in Beijing.

Later, every day, she can maintain her life by dripping and losing glucose. Such persistence is very painful. The hard work of pregnancy makes her give up her child’s idea.With the encouragement and support of the family, I persisted.

In addition to the torture of the body, Li Xiang also suffered a lot of pressure in his heart. Because of the first time he was a mother, he had no experience at all. The tension of pregnancy and the fear of childbirth lasted for more than 4 months.

For more than a month in the hospital, Li Xiang suffered from autism. He did not go out of the door. During the period, he would continue to vomit, and he fainted after he vomited.It’s very uncomfortable. If you do n’t eat or drink, you can only cooperate with doctors to take some zinc supplements to relieve pregnancy. Although Li Xiang said so, after giving birth, everyone found that she was fat.

Each pregnant woman has a pregnancy reaction, but the degree of different degrees.Although slight vomiting can cause a slight decrease in weight, it is not a big deal to the body of pregnant women. Even because of the effect of pregnancy hormones, more thyroxine will be synthesized to protect the baby’s brain development.

After 12 weeks of pregnancy, most expectant mothers will be relieved.There are almost few pregnancy reactions such as Li Xiang, and about one of about 200 people. This situation needs to be seek medical treatment in time.

Severe pregnancy vomiting may be due to severe vomiting and hunger that affects the body’s metabolism and acid -base balance, making the urine ketone body positive, and a certain toxicity for the fetus.At this time, there are three main things to do.

1. Supplement water, glucose and vitamins

Treatment in the short term is only to make up for moisture and glucose, and the increase in water in the body will help the ketone body excretion.In addition, some vitamin C, B1 and B6. Vitamin B6 has a certain relief effect.Short -term vomiting does not need to supplement albumin and fat.

Second, fasting

Pregnant women have severe vomiting until they cannot fast, and they can take short -term fasting and let the gastrointestinal tract rest.After pregnancy, you can eat again, starting from liquid and semi -current food, and restore normal diet after adaptation.

Third, stop vomiting

If the above methods are useless, you can use drugs to stop vomiting under the guidance of a doctor.After all, long -term vomiting and hunger are not only harmful to the mother, but also cannot ensure the normal development of the fetus. Timely controlling symptoms is the responsibility of the mother and fetus.

Premier mothers will secrete pregnancy hormones during pregnancy, which can cause mild hyperthyroidism, which is the cause of pregnancy.With the increase in the week of pregnancy, the level of pregnancy hormone has decreased to stabilize, and pregnancy will improve. This time is about 12 weeks of pregnancy.

If vomiting is severe and lasting, expectant mothers need to do some examinations to exclude primary hyperthyroidism and other diseases.

I hope that every expectant mother will give birth to a lively and healthy baby during pregnancy.

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