The pregnancy eorch rash is regarded as "fetal poison" by the older generation. Is this reliable?Gynecologist: NO

[Introduction] Specific parents want their babies to be healthy and healthy after they are born, but many babies begin to develop rash after their birth. The elderly call this rash as "fetal poison". Not only that, the expectant mothers are pregnantFrom time to time, the symptoms of the whole body itchy rash may occur. This phenomenon is often regarded by the older generation as a "fetal poison" reaction.So is pregnancy aduction rash?

Is pregnancy prurites a fetal poison?

In the past, people have listed their skin rash after pregnancy, and their eczema and jaundice on their babies after birth were listed as fetal poison.As soon as the "fetal poison" during pregnancy, the elders at home will be asked to take Chinese medicine for fetal poison.But is this pregnancy norbustion really fetal poison?

There is no such thing as "fetal poison" in the medical community.The practice of removing fetal poison during pregnancy in southern my country is the most popular.Women in the southern region are more prone to rash after pregnancy. This rash is usually accompanied by itching. If the expectant mother occurs during pregnancy, the baby is likely to affect the skin of the skin after birth.Surgery may cause the baby’s skin to yellow jaundice.

In fact, expectant mothers in the southern region are prone to this phenomenon is related to the climate and diet during the southern region.The southern climate is humid and humid, and the water quality is more hot than other areas. During pregnancy, the baby can take sufficient nutrition for the baby to help them grow and develop. Many women can make up for their diet without restraint.Like to eat spicy and fried foods, it is a hot and humid climate. In addition, improper diet will increase the heat in the expectant mother’s body, resulting in rash.

How to treat pregnancy rash

From the perspective of Chinese medicine in my country, it is actually a phenomenon caused by the heat in the body during pregnancy.If the physical fitness is hot, if you cannot adjust it in time, in addition to being troubled by herself, it will also affect the fetus.So how to treat pregnancy prurites?

Since the quasi -mother’s constitution is hot, the so -called "fetal poison" will be produced, then starting from the conditioning constitution.During the pregnancy, the nutritional balance is required, and it is not necessary to make up special supplements.Specific mothers with heavy tastes should change their tastes in a timely manner. The diet is as light as possible. It is easy to exacerbate the hot and hot foods that are hot and hot in the body.Pay attention to eating more crude fiber foods to accelerate gastrointestinal motility and keep the stool unobstructed. If the pruritus rash is particularly serious, you can consult a doctor and use the drug to relieve itching correctly under the guidance of the doctor.

If the expectant mother is caused by allergies, it is necessary to find allergens. As long as you avoid contact with allergens, you will slowly recover.

There is also a situation that expectant mothers need to pay attention to. During pregnancy, bile stasis can also cause symptoms of itching of expectant mothers, especially hands and feet.This situation must be seek medical treatment in time, and the disease is properly treated according to the doctor’s guidance.

Is it itchy for pregnant women?

After many women are pregnant in my country, they will eat more foods that can go to "fetal poison" in the late pregnancy, such as goose eggs, corn beards, mung beans, and even many people will take some security recipes that have not been verified.This is to avoid problems such as rash and eczema after the baby is born.There are many mothers who heard that if there is pruritipory rash on pregnant women, it will indicate that there will be a boy. Is this true?

There is no scientific basis for itching on pregnancy.There are many reasons during pregnancy that causes itching of expectant mothers.It is related to the changes in hormones, diet, climate, and a minority pathogenic reasons for pregnant women.During pregnancy, too high hormone levels in expectant mothers will affect the metabolism of bile, and bile acid and gallbladder salt will increase simultaneously, causing itching of the skin.About 15%of expectant mothers will be affected by the increase in estrogen, leading to pregnancy skin disease, which is also a cause of itching of expectant mothers.

Specific mothers may also have skin herpes during pregnancy. Due to improper diet, the climate and humidity make the expectant mothers metabolize and sweat.

It can be seen that the statement of pregnant women’s eorch rash is not reliable. The baby’s gender is a probability event determined by the father chromosome, which has nothing to do with pruritus rash.

Is the red dot on a pregnant woman a fetal poison?

Many expectant mothers will grow red dots on the skin during pregnancy. It is not particularly serious to say that red dots seem to be particularly serious, but the itching it brings to expectant mothers makes the expectant mother embarrassed.Medicine itching can affect the fetus.The expectant mother is very confused about this. Will these red spots grow on her body be fetal poison?

"Fetal poisoning" is only a name circulating in the folk in my country. It is not impossible to call this phenomenon "fetal poison", but expectant mothers must not blindly go to fetal poison, especially if you can’t take some unknown remedies. The skin of pregnant women’s skin should find the reason from a scientific perspective.Pregnant women’s skin rises red dots, the first may be the poisoning rash of pregnancy.This rash is more likely to appear among the short fat moms. It likes to occur at the same time as the emergence of stretch marks. The cause of the elevation rash of pregnancy is mostly caused by the imbalance of the expectant mother’s hormonal secretion.harm.

Red dots may also be a pimples dermatitis during pregnancy.However, the probability of this kind of skin inflammation is extremely low, and the precise cause of the disease is unclear, but it may cause risk of abortion, dead tires, and a disease that cannot be careless.

About 15%of expectant mothers have itching during pregnancy due to pregnancy skin disease.Pregnancy skin disease can cause itching throughout the body.Specific mothers who are usually 6 to 7 months pregnant are prone to pregnancy skin disease.There is only one symptom of pregnancy skin symptoms, and there will be no change on the surface of the skin. Its appearance is related to the amount of estrogen secretion of excessive estrogen during pregnancy and will not endanger the fetus.

Pregnancy rash is also the cause of red dots in the skin of expectant mothers.Women who are pregnant at 4 to 9 months are prone to pregnancy rash.This rash is good at the limbs, and the red dot is like mosquito bites, which will not affect the growth and development of the fetus.

Can pregnancy adorths heal itself?

For a long time, the pregnancy eorch rash has been regarded as a symbol of fetal poison in expectant mothers. It has always been the practice of eating goose eggs for fetal poison in the folk. Therefore, many elders will ask expectant mothers to eat a large number of goose eggs to achieve the purpose of fetal poison.Eating goose eggs is beneficial for mothers and fetuses, but if you eat too much, a large amount of protein will increase uric acid content, increase the kidney burden on the mothers, and even cause gout.And the ingredients in goose eggs are similar to eggs. Eating more goose eggs to remove fetal poison is not correct.So can expectations of expectant mother heal itself?

Pregnancy Nurgery rash is divided into two types: early hairstyle and late hairstyle.The third and fourth month of pregnancy occurred in pregnancy.Elyching rash can be seen in the trunk limbs, and its distribution is symmetrical, and the shape is similar to urticaria.A few days to ten days after the occurrence of prurites will disappear, but a new round of pruritus rash is likely to occur again.If itching and scratching prelutrings, causing crusting, it will cause pigmentation, or the pigment loss of the removal part.

The pruritus rash that appears in the last two months of pregnancy is a delayed pregnancy pruritus.The late -haired pregnancy prurites are similar to the shape of the premature pregnancy prelutr when they first appear, and the form of gradually developing into a poly shaped erythema, itching is more severe.T -hairstyle pregnancy can disappear 2 to 3 weeks after childbirth. After disappearing, it will be a pigmentation, but after a period of time, pigmentation will slowly retreat.

Therefore, pregnancy can heal self -healing, but must wait until the end of the pregnancy.Specific mothers with severe condition ask for help in time to avoid letting prelutracks interfere with pregnancy during pregnancy.

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